How To Convert MDB Access Database File Format To ACCDB


Do you have a database that was created a long time ago; it is most likely in one of the old access MDB file format? And now you need to use your older version Access database file to the newer .accdb file format of Access 2007 and later. Because opening such older format file in newer version of your Access database throws error like “Unrecognized Database Format” followed by the file path and .mdb extension with no options other than OK. (more…)

How To Fix “Microsoft Jet Database Engine Stopped The Process….” Error

access microsoft jet engine stopped the process error


This blog mainly approaches to explain what steps you should take to resolve “Microsoft Jet Database Engine Stopped The Process…” Error as it make your Access .mdb or .accdb files to get corrupt. It also summarizes the manual techniques to rectify database in case of such errors. This tutorial also discuss the 3 most common error messages  returned by the Microsoft Jet database engine  that indicates some form of database corruption along with their fixes. So, let’s get started….!


How To Fix “MS Access is Not Responding “ Error In Access 2010/2013/2016?

fixes to resolve access is not responding error

Are you also struggling hard to fix Access is not responding error message in your Access 2010/2013 or 2016 application? This can be the most sarcastic situation as it will make situation worse and hamper your office work significantly.  You must have made several attempts to fix this issue but all go wasted.

Well, if so is the situation, it is the right time to take some powerful measures to remove the error immediately. (more…)