Access 3343 Unrecognized Database Format

It is just inevitable that you would not come across any errors while you are working with Access. While using your access database you might have rendered through the very common Access 3343 unrecognized database format error code and the files do not belong to the Access database, this is the most common error, also known as error 3343.

You can also view the screenshot of this error below:


You must be thinking that what could be the actual reason for such type of error Access “Unrecognized Database Format”? The possible reasons for the occurrence of this error are due to the following reasons.

Reasons Along With Their Solution To Fix Access Error 3343

Reason 1: MS-Access Versions

This generally happens if you are trying to open the database in Access 2007, which is actually created with Access 2010. In such cases you might get an Access Error 3343 Unrecognized Database Format.

How it can be fixed?

You must make sure to carry out the following settings:

Make sure that the General -> legacy settings must be followed strictly. The main reason is that you cannot open the database in the ‘General’ format by using Access 2007.

In order to access the database the database file format of Access 2007 then in that case the user has to convert the 2010 database to Access 2007, with the help of Access 2010. After the database is converted, then you can view the database by using an previous version of Access as Access 2007.

Reason 2: Chances Of Database Corruption

There are chances that your database has become corrupt. The database of MS-Access is a single large file in order to track the reason of the database corruption, and then it has to be traced from the origin of database corruption. Users generally tend to split it in two different files from one big file. So in case if any failure occurs in any of the section then it may lead to network disconnection or system crash, and the entire database can become corrupt.

How it can be fixed?

There are different nebulous issues which is responsible for the corruption of the database. However, from the backup it is possible to store the data conveniently on your Access database.

Use Inbuilt Repair Utility

The inbuilt repair tool of MS-Access can be used by following the settings mentioned below:

After the database is compacted by the inbuilt Access utility, then it would repair the queries, indexes, corrupt tables that are in the database. However, some objects like reports, forms, etc cannot be repaired by using this in built utility software. The users should also keep in mind that the utility software can compact and repair the database only if it can be opened otherwise it is not possible.

Other Alternative Option To Fix Access Unrecognized Database Format Error 

If by following the above mentions ways do not fix your problem, and then you can fix it by using MS Access Repair tool. It is professional software for fixing your corrupt, damaged or inaccessible database. It can easily restore your corrupt tables, indexes, queries and relations. You can also recover the password protected forms or modules and many more.

Steps to fix the Error 3343:

Fixes To Resolve Access 3343 Unrecognized Database Format Error