4 Quick Fixes To Recover Overwritten Access Database File

In this current digital era, issues like data loss is quiet common occurrence. When such things happen, you only need to approach for the Recovery solution.

Though there are several data recovery software available today but still it’s a quiet tedious task to perform. No doubt by making use of ideal recovery software, you can easily get back lost Access database file. But the point needs to be considered here is that lost/deleted Access Database should not get overwritten.

If you are having a query regarding how to recover overwritten Access database file, then your search will surely gonna end here.

What’s This Overwritten Access Database File?

Confronting issue in the Access database is always too annoying. But how often are you encounter this Access database file disappearing issue is also very important to track? Because generally it is seen that after such Access Database missing File mystery, your database asks for overwriting of the previous Access database file.

You may catch this pop-up message while trying to open the accidentally deleted/lost/corrupted Access database.

Mainly there are two causes which imparts to such overwritten Access database file error message.

  • When you are trying to open up your database file in previous version database application.
  • Secondly when your database file is somehow got corrupted.

What are the Common Factors Responsible For Missing/Disappeared Access Database?

Factors Responsible For Missing/Disappeared Access Database

Behind the accdb /mdb file disappearance, several factors are blamable. Due to such corruption, lots of errors like Database or jet engine error occurs and makes the database inaccessible. However, some common reasons behind missing Access database file includes:

Sudden shutdown– Access database can have poor response because of unexpected shutdown. Due to this problem, it is instructed to exit the open database properly. Even hard disk failure also lead to database corruption many times.

MDB file issue– Many times the MDB file is the issue for corruption. Especially when MDB file is saved in different program then it becomes difficult to restore it.

Defective networking hardware– If some fault is there in the networking device then the database can act improperly. This fault can be anywhere like network cables, hubs, interface cards etc. This issue can be resolved by replacing networking hardware.

Jet engine issue– If several non-compatible jet engines run in one network then it can lead to an error. And it’s not easy to recover the database from such error.

Fault in Network Connection – Access Database located on the server and when you try to access the database from another system through network links and if there is some connection issue then it becomes inaccessible. While accessing the database if there is any fault in network connection, then accessing the database remotely can make it corrupted.

All such are the aspect which leads to access database corruption. Though these common reasons are responsible for affecting the performance of database, but many time users make silly mistakes with their database and later on have to face trouble. So, here are some of the common mistakes to avoid for both users and developers.

How To Recover An Overwritten Access Database (Mdb/Accdb) File?

How To Recover An Overwritten Access Database (Mdb/Accdb) File

Method 1# Compact and Repair Database 

It’s is also seen that sometime Access database data missing issue can easily been resolved with compact and repair database.  With the usage, Access database file gets too large in size which at the end undergoes to Access databases file damage.

To compress such type of oversized Access databases or to repair/restore damaged Access database file. Try this in-built repair tool feature of Access database as it is free solution. So, you must try it once before approaching for anything other option to recover overwritten Access database file.

Here are the following steps to get back disappeared Access database.

1. Run your Access database application, but don’t open the corrupt Access database.

2. From the task bar, tap to the database tools tab.

3. you will get the Compact and Repair Database option here. Tap on it to open the Database to Compact From dialog box.

4. in the opened “Database to Compact From” dialog box, choose the corrupt access database and choose it. Now it’s time to hit the Compact button.

5. From the “Compact Database Into” dialog box, assign the location. And make a new database file in which you can compact your corrupt Access database. After then hit to the save option.

Important note:

Before performing any action make sure that nobody else is using same access data base in which you are applying Compact and Repair process.

Method 2# Make Use Of The Import Feature

Generally, it is seen that Access database disappeared issue can easily be resolved with the method of importation. Basically, in this method corrupted database is imported to new Access database. it is the best option for Access database recovery Here is the following step to import corrupt Access Database.

  • First of all, open your MS Access application and create new database file. Hit the create option to make a new file in right side section of the panel.
  • In the new database file windows, hit to the External Tab option from the above ribbon.
  • Tap to the Access option as by pressing to this option you can easily import of your Access database.
  • This will open up a new window named with Get External Data – Access Database.
  • So, tap to the browse button and make selection of your corrupt/damaged Access database file to import.
  • Browse and choose access database file in File Open dialog box. Tap to the Open option to confirm your selection.
  • After then, hit to the OK for further continuation of the process.
  • Make selection for the objects in Import Objects dialog box and again press the OK option.
  • Complete of your selected objects get imported successfully. Press save import steps box and hit to the close

Method 3# Restore Objects In A Database

In order to restore overwritten Access database one or more objects, you need to import the objects from your backup database which contains object that you need to restore back.


If your database is having any links to the objects you are trying to restore; then it’s quiet tough to perform the restoration of Access database to correct location.  

  1. Firstly, you need to open up your database into which you need to keep your restored objects.
  2. For restoring the missing object, you don’t have to follow the steps up to point number 3. For replacing an object which contains some bad or missing data. Or else when the object has somehow stopped working properly. Try the following steps:
    1. for preserving the current object, you need to compare it with your restored version after completion of the restoring process.

Now it’s time to rename object before the process of restoration. Suppose if need to restore your damaged access database form named Checkout, then in that case rename your damaged form by assigning Checkout_bad name.

  1. Delete Access database object which you need to replace. But do this task of deletion very carefully. Because when you do so it may be linked with some other objects in the database.
  1. Hit to the External Data, and then from the Import & Link group, tap to the Access
  2. Now in the Get External Data-Access Database dialog box. Hit to the Browse option to search for the backup database, and then hit the Open.
  3. Choose the Import tables, queries, forms, reports, macros, and modules into the current database, and then hit to the OK
  4. Now from the Import Objects dialog box, hit to the tab which corresponds to type of object you need to restore. Suppose you wants to restore table, tap to the Tables
  5. To make selection of it, tap to the object.
  6. For restoring more objects, repeat from point number 6 and 7 up to you have made selection of all objects which you want to restore.
  7. For checking out the import option before perfuming the task of importing the objects. Now in the opened import object dialog box, hit to options button.
  8. After the proper selection of objects and import setting options. Hit on the OK tab to restore the objects.

How To Recover Deleted Access File Or Restore A File That Was Overwritten?

For this you just need to try the Access Database Repair N Recovery software. Access repair and recovery solution is capable of repairing damaged/lost MS Access (MDB/ACCDB) files. No matter whether this incident arises in any of the Access Database 2003/2007/2010/2013/2016 version.

Making use of this software tool is the best option as it is the high end user friendly software that repairs damaged Access database accdb/mdb safely and securely. Moreover, it incorporates several features that are as follows:

  • Restores form and modules even though it is password encrypted.
  • Recover linked tables, modules, forms, tables, indexes, reports, queries, relations, deleted records, and macros.
  • Provides ‘Find’ feature to search for objects in the repaired database.
  • Supports MS Access 2010/2013/2016 and other older versions.
  • Works well with all OS VERSION 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, 2003 & XP.

Is It Possible To Prevent Missing/ Disappearing Of Access Database File Data?

Is It Possible To Prevent Missing/ Disappear Access Database File Data

If your database frequently encounter sudden Access database disappeared file issue. Then it’s important to make a habit of keeping proper backup of Access database. That’s why it’s always recommended to backup Access database as prevention is better than cure.

While keeping backup of your Access database, it actually saves and closes object that are previously not open in Design View.  After then it saves the copy of your Access database file with the name and location you assign.

Firstly, open the access database of which you need to create backup copy and perform the following steps:

  • Tap to the File tab in your opened Access Database application page. After then hit to the Save As option.

Prevent Missing/ Disappearing Of Access Database File Data

  • Within the File Types option, hit to the Save Database As.

Prevent Missing/ Disappearing Of Access Database File Data 2

  • Under the Advanced option, tap to the Back Up Database, and then hit to the Save As.
  • Now in the Save As dialog box, within the File name box, assign name to your Access database backup. Later on, you can make modification in its name whenever you want to do. But the name taken by default includes both name of your original database file and date when you make the backup.


While restoring Access database data or objects from backup., it’s quite helpful to use the default file name so that you can get easy idea of when the backup was created.

  • At last choose for the file type, you want your access database backup file to get saved in. This is to be done from the list of Save as type, and then hit to the Save


After reading the complete post now you must have got enough knowledge on how to recover data from overwritten Access Database. As, in this article, we have already discussed about the common reasons for missing/deleted/disappeared Access database file. So, try the manual fixes to resolve Access database overwritten issue but if it fails you should use the professional recommended access database repair and recovery software.

Also make a habit of keeping regular backup of your Access database data to prevent data loss.

4 Quick Fixes To Recover Overwritten Access Database File


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