How To Fix Access Database 3151 Error – ODBC Connection Failed

Fix Access Database 3151 Error ODBC CONNECTION FALIED ERROR

Frequently encountering Microsoft Access runtime error – ODBC connection failed? Don’t know why this error is coming every time when trying to use the ODBC connection to connect to Microsoft Access or how to fix it?

No need to worry…! because this post will help you in providing answers to all your queries regarding Access error 3151 ODBC connection to failed error.

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Short Information On ODBC Data Sources

ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) is one such protocol that is mainly used to connect MS Access database to any other external data sources like Microsoft SQL Server. On the other hand, ODBC Data Source is a combination of source data and the connection information which is needed to access that particular data. Here are a few examples of Data Source: SQL Server, a spreadsheet, Oracle RDBMS, and text file.

Whereas an example of connection information comprises server location, database name, login ID, password, various ODBC driver options which defines how to get connected to data sources. Well, such information can be achieved from the database administrator to which you want to get connected.

In Access, ODBC data sources are used to connect data sources external to Access that doesn’t contain any built-in drivers.

In that case, for the connection of the data source, you must attempt the following procedures.

  • Appropriate installation of the ODBC driver on the system, which is having the data source.
  • You need to define the data source name (DSN) by making use of the ODBC Data Source Administrator. In order to store information about the connection in the Microsoft Windows registry or a DSN file. Or connection string in VB code to transfer the connection information directly to ODBC Driver Manager.

About Access 3151 Odbc Connection Failed Error

Odbc Connection Failed Error is a very common claimed error message by several of the access database users. It is observed that this type of ODBC Connection issue generally arises when some changes are done in SQL servers with a new name, IP and DSN; or the creation of a new ODBC and modification done in link tables. You may get success in updating the tables to the new SQL server but soon when you try to run a form to update. You will receive the run time error 3151 ODBC connection failed.

So all in all the error 3151 ODBC connection to failed comes when the user is using the ODBC connection to connect to Microsoft Access.  Here is the following error that pop-up in your screen

‘[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] ODBC–connection to failed’ or DMS-E-GENERAL, A general exception has occurred during operation ‘asynchronous open.’

Access 3151 Odbc Connection Failed Error

How To Fix Access Runtime Error 3151- ODBC Connection To Failed?

To fix Access database ODBC–Connection To Failed error here are the best possible fixes mentioned. Let’s see what the first method says:

Method 1: Fix “With SQL Server Authentication” Option

At the time of the creation of an ODBC connection to the SQL server, make the selection of the login ID and password given by the user.  Make conformation of the same thing in Microsoft Access, where System Data Source and Machine Data Source is been used to create the ODBC connection.

Here is how to perform this procedure –

  1. Open your Access Database and go to the File menu, tap to the Get external data, and then Link tables options.
  2. Now from the File Types list, choose the ODBC database.
  3. Hit the Machine Data Source option.
  4. Tap to the New option.
  5. Choose the System Data Source and select the Next option.
  6. Now hit the SQL Server option. After that tap to the Next and then finish option.
  7. Assign a name for ODBC connection and SQL Server in the given text boxes.
  8. Hit the next option and make a check over the “With SQL Server authentication using a login id and password entered by the user” option.
  9. Hit the Next and select the appropriate database.
  10. Click Next and Finish. At this time you may test the ODBC connection to SQL Server.
  11. Click OK more than a few times until you come back to the SQL Server login page.
  12. Enter the login ID and password to the SQL server database and hit the OK option.
  13. Now, select the Save Password checkbox.

After trying out the above fixes now you must have overcome the issue of ODBC Connection for an Access Database. but if in case it won’t get success then approach for the second one.

Method 2: Set Up An ODBC Connection For An Access Database

It’s important to perfectly set up the ODBC connection for the Access database. So, just check out whether you have done it correctly or not. This will also help you in learning how to set up an ODBC connection for Access Database with form error.

1. On your Windows desktop tap to the Start >Settings >Control Panel > open the Administrative Tools control panel.

2. After the opening of the Administrative Tools window make double-click on the Data Sources (ODBC).

3. Now In the ODBC Data Source Administrator dialog box, hit the Add.

4. After that in opened the Create New Data Source dialog box, hit the Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb), and then to the Finish

5. For assigning the data source name to enter Parcel_Owners, in the ODBC Microsoft Access Setup dialog

6. Also, enter its description like “Parcel owner information.”

7. In the same dialog box under the Database option, click the Select.

8. After this Select Database dialog box will get open on your screen, search for the sample files, and choose the Assessor.mdb file. You need to specify the database for the data sources.

9. Tap to the OK option in all the opened Select Database, ODBC Microsoft Access Setup, and ODBC Data Source Administrator dialog boxes.

10. After completing this entire task, close the Administrative Tools control panel.

This is how you can fix the following Access Error 3151- ODBC–Connection To Failed just by following these simple steps.

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Hopefully, the aforementioned manual tricks will troubleshoot the Access Error 3151- ODBC Connection Failed error.

So, try them out and do share your experiences with us in our comment section. But apart from this error if you have queries about any other Access database related error or issue then ask in our comment section.

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