Fixes To Resolve MS Access Database Corruption Issue


This blog emphasizes on how to fix Access Database .mdb or .accdb file corruption issue. So, have a look over some quick fixes regarding corrupt Access Database 2010/2013/2016.

What Is Access Database Corruption?

Access database corruption is such a sarcastic condition that occurs when your database lost some of its functionality or data. And this issue usually gets originated when there is an error in database’s underlying binary file format.

Well Access Jet Database Engine has such power to automatically fix minor Access database corruption, rises while performing normal tasks of reading and writing data to tables, without even letting the user’s know about this.

Small database corruptions are quiet common to occur. Many times you won’t even know and problem is automatically get fix. However, if corruption is not automatically fixed by Access and continues to persist then it will get spread more and gradually the problem get worse.

What Makes MS Access Database Vulnerable?

What Makes MS Access Database Vulnerable

Generally MS Access database are saved in .mdb/.accdb files formats and the database which is created with MS Access save user data in tables. However MS Access database is used to store different information in private organization and Government departments like number of students in schools, annual crop production in a region etc.

Just like other system files this application is also having great chances of database corruption. Have a look over the root causes which make your Access Database vulnerable.

Hardware issue:

If your system hardware contains any bad sector or less space than it will definitely interrupts the functioning of Access Database. So, it is advised to update your system and free up sufficient space.

Improper System Shutdown: 

Accidental system shutdown results to data loss situation from Access database. To avoid this, users should arrange for power backup while working on the system. Making arrangements of such ensure safety of your files.

Virus issue: 

We all know that how much virus/Malware hampers the functioning of Access Database.  To tackle such situation it’s better to install updated anti-virus in the system.

Frequently Adding/Delete data from the Memo field: 

Sometime editing of data from the memo fields causes issue in Access Database files.  For avoiding this issue user needs to be careful while managing data in demo field.

Multiple Users Access Database:

Access database (mdb/accdb) files also get corrupted when  Access Database is shared On Network For Multi-User Access.  As there is some user limitation in Access Database, so it will be better not to cross that limitation.

The issue in network and plug-ins:

If there is some network issue then there are much chances of severe corruption. So, just check it out whether your network connection and plug-in are properly established.

When Access Database Corruption Strikes?

identify access database corruption causes

When Access Database corruption strikes, disaster occurs. It may give warning and prompt the users to run compact and repair database in built utility tool. But before approaching for such it’s recommended to make a backup copy of the corrupted mdb/accdb file.

But if case the compact and repair tool fails to repair corrupt access database then you may need to use alternate method of recovery. So, to know what other ways are available to troubleshoot Access database corruption issue; just check further sections of this post.

Generally the networking administrators saves the sensitive access database on access server so that it can avoid its unauthorized access. But sometimes MDB/ACCDB files may get corruption issues because of several factors like damaged networking cable, due to virus attack, corrupt storage media etc.

If you too are encountering the same issue then undoubtedly try out these mentioned solution in this post. As these mentioned solutions will surely fixes up your MS Access Database Corruption Issue.

How To Identify Access Database Corruption?

Identify Access Database Corruption

Well MS Access database gets damaged because of several reasons after then it displays several error messages on desktop screen. One can easily identify the Access Database MDB/ACCDB file Corruption through occurrence of these errors. 

  • “Unexpected database corruption in MS Access Database”
  • “Error Converting a Database with a Large Number of Forms That Have Modules”
  • “Invalid Page Fault in Microsoft Access”
  • “Project in This Database Is Corrupt”
  • “Unrecognized Database Format”
  • “Xyz Index is not an index in this table”
  • “Database is in an unexpected state; Microsoft Access can’t open it”
  • “The Microsoft Jet Database Engine could not find object” Unexpected error 35012 (opening file) (possibly network related corruption)
  • This object needs a newer version of the Microsoft Jet database module (Check you have the latest service packs installed before assuming corruption)
  • Operation failed – too many indexes – reduce the number and try again
  • Access crashes (Invalid Page Fault/GPF) when opening the database
  • The instruction at “0x????????” referenced memory at “0x????????”. The memory could not be ‘written’ (remove any Access plug-ins before assuming corruption)
  • The Visual Basic for Applications Project in this database Is Corrupt
  • The Microsoft Jet Database Engine could not find object Msys*/databases.  Make sure the object exists and that you spell its name correctly and the path name correctly
  • Could not find field ‘***’
  • Invalid Bookmark
  • Access starts losing table records randomly
  • #DELETED# appears in tables when multi-user access is not used

How To Repair Corrupt Access Database Manually?

Repair Corrupt Access Database Manually

Method 1:

When MDB files of system gets corrupted or damaged because of MS Access program, then you should re-install MS Office suite on hard drive. You should uninstall old copy of MS Office Suite from your system before applying this. Therefore to uninstall MS office suite from your system, you should follow the below mentioned steps:

  • First go to start>settings> control panel
  • Hit on “Add or remove programs
  • After that select MS Office version from software list
  • Then hit right button on “remove

When the old copy of MS Office is removed, re-install it from an installation CD or from other drives. By doing this will help you to fix some corruption issues of MDB/ACCDB files.

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Method 2:

However Microsoft Corporation has includedCompact and repair Database utility to repair small corruption errors of MDB files. Some of the steps are mentioned below that can be used:

  • First open MS Access application window
  • Then hit on Access icon which is on the right window side
  • After that open manage> compact and repair database

compact and repair

  • Then select access database file for repair
  • At last hit on “compact” button to begin database recovery

Method 3:

This process attempts to create a new file  and import the data from the corrupted database. To do this follow done these steps:

  • Start Microsoft Access.
  • Select for a Blank Access Database and click OK.
  • Assign a new name to your database and choose a file location, after then click to Create
  • Now click on the File menu, go to Get External Data and select Import.
  • Locate and select your corrupted database and click to the Import option
  • If in case you don’t receive any import object window than this process can’t recover your access database otherwise, continue.
  • Click to the Tables tab at the top of the Import Object Window and click Select All. Do the same thing for other 6 tabs also in the window. At last click the OK button when done.

import data from corrupt access database

After completing all these, the data from corrupted database should now be in the files that you have just created.

However compact and repair database recovers indexes, tables and hyperlinks successfully from damaged MDB files. But it fails to extract forms, stored procedures and modules from corrupt MS Access database. With the help of it, you can easily restore macros, forms and modules only from backup of access database files. But if you don’t have any backup folder then you should use third party tool to get back all the deleted files.

Go With The Most Appropriate Solution: MS Access Repair & Recovery

Repair Corrupt/Damaged/Lost MS Access Database Files

So to get back the files, make use MS Access Repair & Recovery Tool which is used to repair MDB/ACCDB files. This repair tool is very powerful which ensures fast and perfect retrieval of objects from corrupt Access database.

With the help of this software, one can easily repair several corrupt access databases in single click. It displays all the recovered database objects which include tables, indexes, primary keys, fields, date formats, macros, modules and forms in a tree structure. It supports MS Access 95, 97, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 etc and also compatible with all versions of MS Windows.

Steps To Fix Access Database Corruption Issues


So, now you know how to fix corrupt access database. First check out the manual fixes suggested to repair corrupt Access database. If those fixes fails to fix your issue, then without any worry just try the third party software solution.

4 Quick Fixes To Resolve MS Access Database Corruption Issue…!