Top 5 Fixes To Resolve MS Access “The Database Is Required To Be Repaired Or It’s Not A Database File” Error

MS Access “The Database Is Required To Be Repaired Or It’s Not A Database File” Error


This particular blog summarizes information regarding one of the very commonly encountered MS Access database error i.e “the database is required to be repaired or it’s not a Database file”. It also describes the best fixes to resolve this MS Access Error 2239 along with the reasons that causes this error to come up. Other than this you will also get to know about the alternative solution to securely recover data objects.

Access database corruption and inaccessibility can be a sarcastic situation for developers as well as normal users of MS Access. These situations commonly encountered when user encounters MS Access errors. Well there are so many reasons that affect integrity of Access data and leads top corruption issue.

In similar way Access database throws error like:

Error code : MS Access Error 2239

Error name: The database is required to be repaired or it’s not a Database file

What Causes MS Access Error 2239?

This particular ms access error “The database is required to be repaired or it’s not a Database file“ occurs when jet engine is not able to identify its structure and definition. This happens due to some corruption issue encountered in the data of the table or its definition.

Reasons For Access File Inaccessibility

In order to get the correct solution it’s important to know the actual reasons behind occurrence of Access error 2239. If you are unable to access your MS Access Database file and your database frequently showing “The database is required to be repaired or it’s not a Database file“ errors then the chances are also that file has turned corrupt.  As corruption is frequently a recurring issue that makes the ACCDB/MDB file data inaccessible. In that case it becomes very important to retrieve data from the corrupt ACCDB/MDB file adopting the manual solution first.

Here are the most common reasons that lead to ACCDB or MDB file inaccessibility:

  • Inconsistencies and conflicts in system Hardware or software.
  • File got damaged due to excessive storage of large volume data.
  • Accidental deletion of access database data or storage media format.
  • Structure or header of ACCDB /MDB file is somehow got damaged.
  • May be database is restored from invalid backup.
  • Incompatibility of file that where created in Access 2003 or previous versions.

Fixes To Resolve Access Error 2239: The Database Is Required To Be Repaired Or It’s Not A Database File

Though MS Access in conjunction with the JET Engine tries to fix small error and issue automatically but errors like “The database is required to be repaired or it’s not a Database file“ needs manual recovery.

Hera is some best fixes to resolve “The database is required to be repaired” error, so just give it a try:

Solution 1: Convert Access MDB File to ACCDB

Access offers manual procedures that help in exportation of the data from previous

MDB file versions to the latest ACCDB file to get the easy access to the incorporated content.  To get started, first of all close entire of the opened access database file.  Just follow these steps to know how this is to be done.

  1. First of all open MS Access and tap to the File tab and hit Open 
  2. In open dialog box , browse for the Access MDB file that needs to converted to ACCDB file format.
  1. On the File tab, hit to the Save And Publish
  2. On the File tab, click on Save & Publish.
  3. Within the Database File Types, tap to the Access Database (*.accdb).
  4. After then press the Next option, at last tap to the Save As

If any access database objects are open at this point then the application will prompt message box to close it. So close it first and then proceed.  

Tap to yes option to close the object or tap to the NO option if you want to cancel the entire conversion process. Access will ask you to save the changes made recently.

  1. Assign a name to the converted file in the file name field and click on to the Save option.

This will create the copy of the original database and meanwhile this original one will automatically gets closed.

Solution 2: Use the Compact and Repair Database Option

Access database handling problems usually increases with the growth of the database size. But don’t get worried as Access offers an in-built utility i.e Compact and Repair Database tool to handle such complex situation.

 So, just try this inbuilt utility tool to fix Access Error 2239

  1. Open MS Access application
  2. Go to File Menu and click Info button
  3. Select “Compact & Repair” option
  4. Browse for the corrupt file or enter the file name you want to repair.

Solution 3: Try Manual Export

Open the corrupted database and manually export all the elements of MS Access like tables, forms, queries, reports etc. to a newly formed database. Follow the below given steps to manually export the MS Access elements:

  1. Open MS Access application
  2. Go to the External Data tab and click More from the Export group, and click Access Database
  3. Specify the destination in the File name box and click OK
  4. The Export dialog box will appear. Provide a new name for the element you are transferring and click OK

Solution 4: Edit Windows Registry 

This procedure is not for novice users as the changes are irreversible. Here are the following steps to manually do this:

  1. Hit the start button and in the search box type regedit.
  2. This will open the Registry editor on screen. After then select the MS Access key.
  3. Open the file menu and select to the Export
  4. Now make selection for the destination folder from the Save inlist
  5. Provide name for the backup file in File Name text box and name of preferred branch in Export range At last hit to the Save option.

Solution 5: Rely on Professional Access Recovery Tools

If in case above mentioned solution might not be powerful enough to tackle severe Access Database unexpected error i.e “The database is required to be repaired or it’s not a Database file” then also you need to worry. As still you have the option to retrieve back your Access Database Data without any loss. Just try the Access Repair N Recovery Tool to get rid of the MS Access Error 2239.  


This tool is designed specifically to deal with any of the Access Database issues and error whether it is encountered due to corruption issue or any other reason.

Wrap up:

Hopefully all the mentioned solution of this blog will resolve your Access Database Error “The database is required to be repaired or it’s not a Database file”. Do share your opinion regarding this if you have other issue then also you can ask in our comment section.

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