Recover Corrupted/Deleted Report Of Access

Are you unable to operate your Access Database reports? Or somehow the report of your Access Database just gets deleted or corrupted? Well if you are struggling with any of this situation then this blog will surely seems useful to you.

However, database files are often plagued by corruption, which can pose a threat to the extremely vital data present in them. MS Access is no different and often faces corruption. This article is helpful for Microsoft Access database repair and you understand the reasons behind MS Access database corruption and the ways in which it can be resolved.

Access Database Report

 Ms access include a number of distinct features , including a Form mode to input data ; Table mode to view all the database information in rows and columns;  Report Mode represents a easiest way to answer specific questions using the information  in the entire database.

Access Reports offer a way to extract and represent a specific subset of the information from a vast database. Reports is what Microsoft access includes for us to see the data in better way, like for presentation, printable formats, and managements reports or sometime even in simple summary of what is represented on the table.

Access Database Report Corruption:

Access Database Report Corruption:

Occasionally, a Microsoft Access Database might encounter corruption.  If you search for the reasons of Access database corruption then you will find that there are several things that may leave your Access Database file damaged/ corrupted.

The symptom of the corrupted database can range from #deleted appearing in certain records to you being unable to open one of the objects in the database or Unable To Open The Access Database File completely.

This tutorial will describe the best manual and automatic solution to repair corrupted Access Database Reports. This post also provides information about the ways to restore back your deleted access reports.

Reasons Behind The Corruption Of The Access Database Reports

Here are the main reasons that lead to the corruption of the Access Database Reports:

  • Multiple user of the same database have different Jet service packs and updates installed, small differences in the MDB file format and file locking mechanisms leads to Access Database corruption.
  • Interrupted write operation
  • Frequent editing of data in the memo field increase the chances of Access database report corruption.
  • Faulty networking hardware
  • Opening and saving the .mdb/.accdb file in another program
  • Few bug in Access and Jet software sometime themselves responsible for corruption.

Manual Steps To Recover Corrupted Report Of Access 2007/2010 / 2013/2016 Database

In order to restore database items or the entire database, you must have a backup copy of your database.

Method 1: Using The Back-Up

Steps To Recover Corrupted Report Of Access 2007/2010 / 2013/2016 Database

Restore An Entire Database

In case of restoring the complete database, you need to replace your damaged/missing or corrupted database file with a backup of the entire database.

  • If the database file is damaged one or has a data problems then delete the damaged file and replace the damaged file with the backup.
  • But if the database file is missing then copy the backup to the location where the database should be.

Restore Part Of A Database

In order to restore Access database objects, you need to import the object from the backup into the database which contains the object that you needs to restore. Well you can restore more than one object in one time.

  1. First of all open the database that you need to restore an object.
  2. For restoring the missing object like accidentally deleted table, skip to step 3. But if you want to replace an object which has a bad or missing data or has stopped working then you must follow these steps.
    • In order to preserve the current object —

For example: to compare it with restored version after you restore. You need to rename the object before restoring it.  Suppose you want to restore a damaged Form having name Checkout then you can assign the name of the damaged form to Checkout_bad.

  • Just delete the object that you wish to replace.
  1. From the External Data tab, in the Import group, tap to the Access.
  2. Now from the Get External Data dialog box, hit the Browse option to locate the backup database.
  3. Tap to the Import tables, reports, macros, queries, forms and modules into the current database, and then hit the OK option.
  4. Now in the Import Objects dialog box, hit the tab that corresponds to the type of objects which you need to restore. e.g.:  In case of restoring the table, just click to Tables tab.
  1. To select the object just make a click on it.
  2. To restore more objects, just repeat the steps 6 and 7 until you select all the objects that you want to restore.
  3. If you need to make adjustments to the import options. In the Import Objects dialog box, tap to the Options button to take a review of these options right before the importation of your objects.
  4. After completing the selection procedure of your objects and setting options, click ok to restore the objects.

Method 2 : LDB File Deletion

unlock access database

LDB file are the lock information file of the access database. The file is generated whenever any user generates the Access Database. It has the same name as that of the Access Database file but have different file extension i.e .ldb. The deletions of such LDB files are important because sometime excessive LDB file results to corruption of Access database.

How To Recover Corrupted Records From MS Access Database?

To recover the corrupted or deleted records from the access database, one can make use of the recommended and most suited option i.e Access Repair And Recovery tool. It is the best opted tool to recover any type of corrupted or deleted access database objects.

Besides that, the software perfectly recovers inaccessible MDB and ACCDB files from corrupt or damaged MS Access databases. Have a look at some of its highlighted features.

  • Does easy retrieval of MDB and ACCDB files from corrupt Access databases.
  • Accurately restores the complete table structure and key internal data structures like primary keys, auto-number and field sizes.
  • Recover OLE data, table relationships, Memo data, and original date format
  • Allows preview of recovered data before saving in the desired location.
  • Also does recovery from the password-protected Access database files.
  • Well Support for entire MS Access database versions including, 2016/2013/2010/2007/2003/XP/2000/97/95.

Concluding Lines:

Now that you know about Access Database Reports Corruption, its reason and solution, so do give them a try before rushing for the repair and recovery software. This may save your time and money. However, if this command line fails to do any needful for you, then make use of the professional Access Database Recovery software. As these tools repair corrupt forms, reports and any other database objects and restore your entire database.

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