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This tutorial walks through the process of learning to create form in Access 2010/2013/2016/2019 application. Well there are several ways to create forms in MS Access and this post points you to some of the common ways.

What Is Access Form?

Forms in access are an easier way to view or get the items off which you are searching for.  As Form are such objects through which you or other user can add, edit or display stored data in Access database. If your access database is going to be used on multiple users’ network then designed forms are very much important for efficiency and data entry accuracy.

Types Of Forms In MS Access

Mainly there are two types of form in MS Access, here they are:

Bound Forms

  • Bound forms are actually connected to some underlying data source such as table, query, or SQL statement.
  • Forms are filled out or used to enter or edit data in a database.
  • Bound form typically those type of form which user uses to enter, view or edit data in database.

Unbound Forms

  • These forms are not connected to any underlying record or data source.
  • Unbound forms can be a dialog boxes, switch boards, or navigation forms.
  • Unbound forms are mainly used to navigate or interact with the database at large, as opposed to the data itself.

Access allows you to create different types of form using the criteria of these two form types. So, learn what are those different types of form that you can make in your Access database.

Having clear idea of different types of forms in MS Access will surely gonna help you to choose the right type of form as per your need. so, let’s get’s started:

Data Entry Form

Data Entry Form comes under the bound form type. So, you can use type of form if you want that the changes done in form also changes your Access database data. This form type allows you to have end user type in some specific information like different name or address. It’s a great choice to allow your customers to feed their information or change it later.

Record Display Form

Record display form is also a bound form type which displays spreadsheet data as per the specified criteria.

Suppose, in a doctor can use this record display form for extracting data about his patient just by entering the patient’s name or health issue etc. from their Access database.

You can also make Record display form which will show several records.

Switchboards Form

switchboard form comes under the type of unbound form. So, when you make any changes in your data in switchboards form then it won’t appear in your Access database data. By using Switchboards Form type you can make a create menus for your database. This form type is high in use because by using this form you can quickly access data of any other form which is linked to your database.

Dialog Box Form

Just like the above form, dialog box form is also unbound form type. so, any changes in the dialog box form doesn’t get reflected in your database data. This type of form is used to show result of searches performed by any end users. Sometime it is also used by end users to choose specific condition for data retrieval.

Well Dialog Box Form is a good choice when anyone wants to make database form which is easy to access for end users. So, that any end user can easily retrieve data from the database they want.

How To Create Form In Access Database?

Create Different Type Of Form In Access Database

In this section we will  discuss about how to create different types of form in Access database.

1#Create a blank form in Access

2#Create A Form From An Existing Table Or Query In Access

3#Create A Split Form

4#Create A Multiple Items Form

5#Create A Navigation Form In Access

Let’s know how to create a form in Access by discussing each of these MS Access form styles briefly.

1#Create a blank form in Access

Learn how to create a blank form in Access Database 2007/2010/2013/2016::

  • In order to create a form with no control or any pre-formatted elements. Go to the create tab, and hit Blank Form option.
  • After then the access will open the blank form in layout view and display the field list pane.
  • In the field list pane, tap to the plus sign (+) next to the table or table that contain the field which you want to place on your form.
  • In order to add a field in the form, make a double tap or drag it onto the form. You can add several fields at once, for this just press and hold down the CTRL button and click several fields, and drag them to the form at the same time.

You can learn about Access application features following this link:

For Normal Access Course – http://shrsl.com/mts7

For Advanced Access Course – http://shrsl.com/mts8


You can make modification in the ordering of the tables in the field list pane as per the part of form currently been selected. If you are not able to add field to the form, select different portion of the form and then try adding the field again.

  • Make use of the control’s group on the form layout tools tab in order to add a logo, title, page numbers, or the date and time to the form.
  • To add wider variety of control to the form, tap to the design and use the tools in the Controls group.

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2#Create A Form From An Existing Table Or Query In Access:

In Access its quiet easy to create a form from any table in your database. Any form which you make from table will let you view the data that is already in that table and add new data. After creation of the form, you can easily do editing by adding additional fields and design controls like combo boxes.

create form using table 1

Steps To create a form:

  1. From the navigation pane, select the table of which you want to create the form. You don’t need to open the table.
  2. Make selection for the create tab, locate the form group and hit the Form command.
  3. This will create and open your form in layout view.
  4. Now it’s time o save the form. For this you just need to click save command button on the Quick Access Toolbar. Assign name for the form and click to the OK option.

create form using table 2

3#Create A Split Form

Split form is type of form with the help of which you can see the same data in two different views simultaneously. Out of which one part of form is displayed in form view while the other part displays in datasheet view. But the two view are actually synchronized, so when you select a field in one view, it will automatically get selected in other view. You can make changes in either any of the view.

Create a Split Form 1

Using the split form you can enjoy the benefits of two forms in one. For example use the datasheet portion to locate records and form potion to edit records.

Steps To Create A Split Form:

  1. Go to the Navigation pane.
  2. Now tap to the table or query on which you wants to place your form.
  3. Click to the Create tab.
  4. Hit the Split Form option in the Forms group. This will create a split form in your access database.

Create a Split Form 2

4#Create A Multiple Items Form

Use the multiple item buttons on the form tab to create a form that displays multiple records.

creat multiple items form 1

To create a multiple items form:

  1. Firstly you need to open up your Navigation pane.
  2. After then click the table or query on which you wants to place your form.
  3. Hit the Create tab option.
  4. Tap multiple items in the form group. As this will creates a multiple items form.

creat multiple items form 2

 Tip:  A view is a way through which nay user can take a look at an Access Object. A form has three views: Form view, Layout view, and Design view.

You can edit, view or enter data in any of the view whether it is layout view, form view or design view.

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5#Create A Navigation Form In Access

In Access Navigation form is actually a type of form which contains a Navigation Control. It’s a great addition to any database, but creating navigation is very important if you want to publish your database to the web because Access Navigation is not display in a browser.

  • Firstly open the database in which you want to add a navigation form.
  • Now on the create tab, in the forms group, hit the navigation option and make selection for the style of navigation form that you want to choose.
  • This will creates the Access form and now you can add the Navigation Control to it and display the form in Layout view.

Wrap Up:

Now you must have acquired the knowledge on how to create form in Access. But still if you face any other problem regarding this then do share with us in our comment section.

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