Fix Microsoft Office Error code 30015-4 (5)

Unable to install office 2016 due to “Access denied to installation source “ error in your respective Windows 10/8/7 PC? Well, if yes, then don’t go anywhere as this tutorial will help in resolving this issue easily and instantly. 

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When you are installing MS Office 2016 you may face error Access denied to installation source while installing it in your PC. The main problem is actually the frequent appearance of this error message, which crashes the installer to go beyond.

Access denied to installation source

Sorry, we ran into a problem accessing a required file. Please check that the installation source has the correct permissions, then try again.

Error Code: 30015-4 (5)

Access Denied To Installation Source

Office 2016 comes with Click To Run technology feature with online installer and once the installer crashed, you need to restart installation from scratch. Also there is no such guarantee that the error won’t counter if you start installing again. So you need to fix the issue first and then, again re-install it.


As per the “Access denied to installation source” error here either the installation source or the directory to which installation is being done is culprit. Before approaching for any troubleshooting step, check that is your system is completely installed with latest windows update. Then try these solutions  to fix Microsoft Office Error code 30015-4 (5) in Windows 10/8/7.

Symptoms of Error Code 30015-4 (5)

  • You will get Access denied to installation source error message while installing / updating/ repairing office. The error may look like “Error Code 30015-4 (5) Access denied to installation source.
  • Sudden your system performance will get degraded.
  • Ms Office suit freezes frequently.

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Cause of 30015-4 (5) Error Code

  • May be the Ms Office core files somehow get corrupted.
  • Incompatible Internet proxy configuration
  • Junk store location is infected with active threat

Manual Fixes For Access Denied To Installation Source. Error Code 30015-4 (5)

Access Denied To Installation SourceMethod 1:

Remove the previous office installation along with their traces. Here is how you can do this.

Uninstall Office without leaving traces using Microsoft Fixit

Method 2:

You can also check the setup file, if you are having this issue while making office installation and you got ISO image file from MSDN subscription. This can be easily verified by plugging the installation media to another machine and now check that if the setup runs perfect or not.

Method 3:

Remove third party software, especially the security suite that you have installed on your PC. If you are unable to perform the above mentioned step 3 then try this:

Run msconfig command. Switch to service tab, check Hide all Microsoft services. Then disable all remaining services by un-checking them and reboot and try to reinstall it.

Method 4:

Also check out the permission mentioned on the installation folder. For this, go to C:\Program Files (x86)or C:\Program Files and make a right tap on Microsoft Office folder there, select Properties.

Now go to the Security tab and be sure that ALL APPLICATIONS PACKAGES have Full Control here. If the option of full control is not checked then make it checked. Click ApplyOK.

Method 5: Uninstall Program From Control Panel

  1. Uninstall the Antivirus from your system and restart your computer.
  2. After the computer restarts, Open the task manager, and check whether any of the following processes are running:
    • setup*.exe
    • firstrun.exe
    • appvshnotify.exe
    • integratedoffice.exe

If any of the following is running then right click each one and then select End Task to make them inactive.

  1. Uninstall the MS Office from your PC from the Control Panel and then Program and Features and select MS Office and select uninstall.
  2. Then you have to delete all downloaded files of Office under Downloads
  3. Now go to My Computer > C:/ > Program Files or Program Files(x86) > Here you will see Microsoft Office 15. Delete the entire folder, if you are unable to delete press SKIP or Cancel.
  4. Then go to REGEDIT. Press CTRL + F – and type Office15
  5. On the registry you will see Office tree. Delete the entire folder. Delete the 15.0 folder
  6. You have to repeat this step till you see ‘Finish searching through the registry’ on the screen.
  7. Then delete all the temp files from the RUN command and type %temp% and press enter.
  8. Then type CMD and ipconfig /flushdns and restart your system.
  9. Now reinstall the Office 2016 again.

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Method 6: SFC Scan To Fix Error Code 30015-4 (5)  

MS Office error code 30015-4 (5) also encounters in case of system file errors or corruption. When this error occurs due to system file corruption, it can easily get fixed through the SFC scan. SFC scan or system file checking scan is process of in which corrupt copy is either get replaced/repaired using the cached copy of the file from the directory.

SFC Scan To Fix Error Code 30015-4 (5)  

Here is the complete step on how to perform this SFC scan:

Step 1: just open the command prompt in administrative privileges.

Step 2. Type “ sfc /scannow “ and tap to the Enter button..

Step 3. This will start the scanning process automatically.

Step 4. Until the scanning gets complete don’t close the command prompt until the scan gets completed.

Step 5. After then try installing or updating the MS Office application and check whether the error code 30015-4 (5) is fixed or not.

Method 7: Delete the Office registry sub keys

Access denied to installation source error code 30015-4 (5) usually occurs due to registry corruption or some due to key value errors. The complete MS office program stops working if a single key value get corrupted.

So to fix Error code 30015-4 (5) is necessary to repair the registry keys and rebuilt the string values. It our recommendation that keep complete backup of the registry repair as registry is highly sensitive element of the whole computer system.

Follow the steps to repair registry:

Step 1. First of all Open registry editor.

Step 2. After then make deletion of the pre-installed or older registry key because of which installation of latest version or update is get stopped.

Step 3. Search for the below keys and delete it.









Delete the Office registry sub keys

Step 5. After then Change the DWORD values in below keys from 0 to 1 in Office common registry folder.





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7 Best Fixes For Microsoft Office Error code 30015-4 (5)-Access Denied To Installation Source Error