fix ms access error 3045

The MS Access error 3045 generally appears when you try to open the database files whereas another user or instance of Access has already opened up. It may happen when the other user made some modification or changes in the database like editing modules that put the database in exclusive mode or they might open the database in the exclusive mode.

Error Message

You may encounter this error message while trying to opening the database:

Could not use [Database Name]; file already in use.

Other causes for this error.

However the exclusive mode may not be the case. The error also occurs when user does not created any right to the folder where database is located and tries to open the database or the Microsoft Jet database engine cannot create the locking information file. If there is no right created by user and tries to open the database exclusively or if a corresponding .laccdb file or .ldb file does not exist.

Another cause of this error applies on MDB file. A conflict may appear if two instance of MS Access are using different system MDW files where the appeared database to be exclusively locked by other instance. The error also occurs if DAO or another copy of Access may have the database opened by another MDW file. This usually comes from an added instance of a VBA Add-in, of Microsoft Access, MS Access library reference or Add-in, or other program like .NET, VB6 etc. that are connected to the database.

Fix MS Access error 3045

In order to fix this error you have to make sure that every instance positioned to the same MDW file. This is most probably defined when you are opening a different database programmatically within your VBA code or you used shortcut to launch the MS Access.

You can also use MS Access Repair and Recovery software to fix this error that helps you to repair and recover any damaged, corrupted or inaccessible database. With the help of this tool you can easily fix any kind of MS Access error. This tool is not only fixes errors but also fixes the .mdb or .acccdb files and recovers the data from your corrupted MS Access database.  You can also restore the indexes, tables, queries and relation by using this tool.

Steps to fix MS Access error 3045

Step 1: Download and install the software. After installing, select the corrupt Access file for repairing.


Step 2: This software will give you the list of all searched file in a drive. Select the file you want to repair and click on “Repair” button.


Step 3: The recovering process is get started and you see the log report for analysis.


Step 4: Once the recovering process is get over, click on “OK” button to see the preview of the file database objects.


Step 5: You can now preview the repaired file.


Step 6: By default, the software will save the repaired database to the location where the corrupted database was saved but with the new name. You can also select the desired location to save repaired database.


Step 7: Your saving is in process.


Step 8: Saving completed.


How to Fix Microsoft Access Error 3045