How To Make MS Access Database Executable

Wants to make your MS Access database as an executable-only file for better security reason? Well it’s a good idea…! As this, inhibits users to perform any kind of modification in your Access database design without compromising any functionality required by users.

To know how to perform this convert Access to executable file or how to make MS Access database executable just go through this complete post.

Practical Scenario:

How do I create  an executable only version of a database created in access 2016 (.accde file) running Office365plus.  I am an old access programmer and have been retired for over 10 years.  I am donating my time to create an Access application to automate management of emergency response teams dues to the extreme flooding in south Louisiana.

In my old version of Access 2007 there was a menu option to create a run-time version of the database.  Is there something like that in Access 2016.  If so, I can’t seem to find it.

Greatful for you help.  Thanks


Like the above mentioned scenario if you are also willing to make MS Access database executable then just check out this complete tutorial.

What’s The Need To Make MS Access Database Executable?

What’s The Need To Make MS Access Database Executable

Well if you are planning to share your Access database to multiple users then save it as an executable–only file, is the best way to approach for.

Because an Access database executable file is such database application which gets saved with complete Visual Basic Access (VBA) code complied. MS Access complied binary file gets saved with the .accde extension.  This binary file doesn’t contain any VBA source code. So, user can’t do any changes in the objects design such as reports, macros, forms in an .accde file.

Whereas in non-complied or normal Access database, users are completely free to make any changes in VBA source code and to modify Access database objects.

How To Convert Access Database To exe (Executable-Only)File ?

Convert Access Database to Executable-Only File

Now it’s time to learn how to make MS Access database executable having file format .accde. But before stepping into this, you need to split Access database.  As this helps you to share your Access database’s font-end to users, keeping the central back –end which store all your data completely secure.

Steps To Convert Access Database (accdb) to Exe

Follow the steps very carefully to make or convert Access database (accdb) to exe:

Step 1: Make sure you have opened the front-end of your database. Tap to the file tab which is present at the left corner of your Access Database application page. Tapping to this will open of the file menu page in your screen.

Make MS Access Database Executable

Step 2: Now choose the Save As option present on the left menu. After opening of Save Database As window, choose ACCDE and tap to the Save As option.

Make MS Access Database Executable 2

Steps 3: It’s time to save your Access database executable file. So, for this assign a name to your file and choose the path for the ACCDE file. At last hit on the Save option.

Make MS Access Database Executable 3

How To Open Access Database Executable File?

After saving up your Access database file in ACCDE format it’s time to test Access database exe file.

For this just open your Access executable file in the file explorer. Alternatively you can also open this executable file from Access application file menu.  And try to make change in your forms, report or macro.

Meanwhile this, you may get security warning. This warning message appears because your Access executable file is opened from a non-trusted location.

  • If you are getting such security warnings then click to the Open After opening of your Access database. try editing of your Access database object in the design view.

Make MS Access Database Executable 4

  • Now from left navigation pane, make  right click on macro, form, report to get it’s contextual menu. You will notice that design view option will appear in gray color and disabled to respond.

Make MS Access Database Executable 5

So it’s clear that you have successfully Convert Access Database to exe.

Note: even in Access executable file users can easily do editing of queries. Users can’t do editing in Access database table as it is present in the back end of the database.

How To Remove Access Database Executable File Security Warning?

As we have already discussed about security warning message that comes when you tries to open Access database executable file. To remove these warning messages simply tap to the open option appearing in the security warning pop-up box. You need to do this each time when you open the file. After then only your Access database exe file gets open.

Alternative method to remove security warning altogether is:

  • Open your Access executable file and go to the File options from menu. After then choose Options from file menu.

Make MS Access Database Executable 6

  • This will open up the Access Options dialogue box; from here you have to choose Trust Center.
  • After then tap to the Trust Center Settings….

Make MS Access Database Executable 7

  • From the left side menu options, choose the trusted locations. And then hit to the add new location…in the main window.

Make MS Access Database Executable 8

  • In the Add the New Location option, you need to Enter or browse the location from where you will open up your executable file.
  • Tap to the Ok option.

Make MS Access Database Executable 9


While performing this you need to be careful about the location which are added as trusted location. Instead of setting complete Document Folder as trusted location, it’s better to make sub-folder or some dedicated folder for trusted Access Database.

Well folder such as document folder is default location for files. This contains hundreds of files from different sources including the downloaded file from internet. Choosing folder like this as a trusted location has higher risk as compared to smaller, sub-folder as a trusted location.

How To Overcome Access Database Corruption Glitches?

Well most of time it is seen that due to multiple accessing of Access database leads to corruption issue. To deal with such case you need to try the Access database repair and recovery solution. As it is the best professional recommended option to repair corrupt/damaged Access database.

With this efficient access database repair program, you can easily repair your corrupt MS Access database in healthy format without affecting any of it’s MDB and Accdb files. It also works to recover deleted Tables, Queries, Indexes and Macros etc. safely and securely from the corrupted MS access database file without any error.

Wrap up:

Now as you know how to make Access database executable-only file or convert accdb to exe. So, you can freely distribute several of your MS Access application logic files to different of your users as they can’t perform any modification work on it.

How To Make MS Access Database Executable .accde File ?