Top 10 Smart Ways To Prevent Access Database Corruption


Do you also have such fear that your MS Access Database may get corrupt? In that case it’s important to have knowledge of what things you can do to avoid such database corruption issue. In today’s topic we will discuss about the smartest ways to prevent Access Database corruption.

Ways To Prevent Access Database Corruption:

You should try to keep the things away which imparts to the corruption of the Access Database. Below here is how you can prevent the Microsoft Access Database from being corrupt. 

1# Don’t Leave Your Database Unnecessarily Opened:

Whenever the access database is opened the backup product make a back-up copy the data.  The operation start executing on itself leading to chances of Access database corruption. Well it’s the reason why it is suggested to keep the application properly closed when they are not in use.

2#Avoid Using MAC And Windows On Same Network:

Avoid Using MAC And Windows On Same Network

Chances of corruption also gets higher when the both the window and Mac operating system user available on the same network. Over the closed loop or while transferring the graphic file and their printing take place at that time  MAC application create large amount of traffic.

In order to speed up the task in closed network you should keep MAC and Windows users separately. Permit the administrative workstations for connecting the server along with a shared database using the local switches.

3#Be Careful While Using Database On A Wireless Networks:

Most of the time it is seen that using Wi-Fi multiple clients could suddenly cut off the connections. This later on the reason for the corruption when someone is accesses it simultaneously. When users are only reading the database then sudden interruption is not a big deal but in case of writing, it’s the big matter. So try to avoid using the Wi-Fi as much as possible.

4#Regularly Utilize Compact and Repair Applications:

Every Access Database user should utilize the Compact And Repair feature to reduce the size of access database. Even though the deletions of data take place, it doesn’t affect the complete size of the database. 

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Compacting the database regularly, if you are splitting the data onto a separate back end. Apart from this, in order to prevent Access Database corruption Windows 10 clients can also make use of visual basic code to set file compacting after certain time duration.

5#Split MDB or ACCDB Files:

split mdb or accdb file

User should split the Access Database into front end and back end as it’s the best way to prevent your access database from getting stuck to corruption issue. The front-end database must contain forms, reports, queries and code modules. Whereas, the back-end must contains the tables with the user’s.

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Front-end should be installed in local drive of each machine. Whereas, the back-end must be stored in network drive. Portioning of the database is quiet beneficial when the application is to be used for multiple clients. Through this technique accessibility of the access database will get easier. And along with that chances of Access Database Corruption Windows 10 will also gets low.

6# Utilize Decent Network Cards: 

Don’t use unbranded motherboard as they are made of poor quality plastic and silicones chips. As this leads to corruption of files which is stored in the hard drive by intermittent network loss.

So it’s better to always make use of some good quality branded network cards. Match manufactures of all NICs with networking elements. Possibly use the same brand as switches and hubs to prevent corruption of access database or other system application.

7#Keep Updated With Latest Drivers: 

Only updating the device drivers are not enough, you need to update each application with their recent editions. It’s common that a system manufacturer pay less attention on the device drivers. From research it is found that 80% of system crashes are arises due to lack of maintenance of device components. It must be responsibility of each user to keep drivers updated in order to stay away from bugs and problems.

8#Change the Suspected Network Element: 

It is seen wire get bent or disconnected if an individual stretches the cable tightly. So to avoid such riskier situation it is advised to use switches instead of hubs for easy network. Switched network is a best topology network with several advantages. One the biggest advantage is that the network speed gets faster by using Collision Domain Concept. In this concept breakdown of LAN leading to occurrence of fewer collisions happens.

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9# Defragment the Network Hard Drives: 

Size of the Access Database files increase with the regular use of file. This leads to cause problem with hard drive. Disk occupied with complete storage space leads to fragment more rapidly.  But this can minimized up to 25% by freeing up the space on drive.  It’s better if you defragment your system drives as this helps a lot in avoiding this disastrous situation.

10#Terminate the Connection When Not in Use: 

This particular tip is important when users connect to ADO or DAO within an Access database. It will take just one click to close the connection but leaving it as it is will make your database to easily get corrupt.

Things To Consider While Trying To Prevent MS Access Database Corruption

Here are some quick tips to implement to prevent Access Database corruption.

  • Prevent error occurred that arises due to hardware failure. So, keep checking for all attached equipment and hard drives on a regular basis.
  • Never run your access database on inherently volatile networks (Wi-fi/Bluetooth).
  • Prevent your Access Database from multi-user access as much as you can, if not then split it into front-end and back-end to minimize the risk of  Access Database corruption.
  • Don’t use unnecessary 3rd party software or plug-in.

Now the question arises what if ms access database get corrupted somehow? How to resolve the corruption issue and retrieve the data from the corrupted data? What method should be applied to repair corrupt access database?

Best Recommended Option To Resolve Access Database Corruption:

After trying the above preventive measures one can easily reduce the risk of Access database corruption Windows 10 but if in case the database is already get corrupted then what option left for you. Well not to worry because at that also you have the option of Access Database Recovery.

At that time for the recovery of your corrupted Access Database file it’s better to go with the recommended and most trusted option i.e Access Repair And Recovery software. This is all-in one Windows based software performs seamless Access Recovery in just no time and recovers your crucial data from corrupted MS access database files.

Salient Features Of Access Recovery Tool:

  • Repairs corrupt MDB and ACCDB files of MS Access.
  • Supports recovery of large OLE and MEMO data and restores BLOB data.
  • Also corrects header corruption and data misalignment like issues.
  • Easily retrieves all the data and file objects from corrupt database files.
  • Does recovery of the corrupt files in two modes: Standard and Advanced Mode.
  • Option of preview is also there in the software which faculties the users to take a view of the recovered item before saving them.
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, 2003, XP and 2000.
  • It does recovery from any older or newer version of MS Access Database like 97, 98, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, and the latest, 2016.


Nobody intentionally corrupts their Access Database but still it prone to corruption. From the above post you must have acquire knowledge on how to prevent your Access Database from getting stuck into corruption issue and it if is already in such situation then how to restore data from corrupt Access Database. 

So, from now onwards, before sending your data to some data repairing firm or calling Microsoft expert user could repair their database file by themselves.

Top 10 Smart Ways To Prevent Access Database Corruption…!