resolve Access Reference Issues

Knowing reference issues needs proper understanding of how libraries are referenced within Access database and what is required to install it on target system devoid of breaking references.

Well this tutorial is written with the main prospective of providing the best fixes on how to resolve references issues of MS Access database. If you are facing such missing reference error in your access database then read the complete guide which is mainly on how to fix MS Access Database missing references.

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This article is summary of following topics:

  • Viewing Access database
  • Fixing MS Visual Basic Applications references within Access
  • Understanding reference error issues

How To Resolve Reference Issues In An Access Database

1. View MS Access Database References

To look into current database references:

  1. Open database.
  2. Press ALT+F11 to begin Visual Basic Editor.
  3. On Tools menu, press References.


2. Resolving Visual Basic References in Access

Access loads applicable file (such as, type of library, control library or object library) for every reference, as per information that’s shown in References box. If Access can’t locate file, Access operates following methods to situate file:

  1. Access verifies to see whether referenced file is presently loaded within memory.
  2. If file isn’t loaded into storage, Access verifies that RefLibPaths registry key survives. If key subsists, Access appears for named value that’s similar name as reference. If there’s equivalent, Access loads reference from path that’s named points of value.
  3. Access finds for referenced file within subsequent spots, in this classification:

a. Folder of Application (location of Msaccess.exe file).

b. Present folder that you observe if you hit Open on menu of File.

c. The Winnt or Windows folder where OS files are functioning.

d. The System folder beneath Windows or Winnt folder.

e. The folders in PATH environment inconsistent that’s unswervingly accessible by OS.

  1. If Access can’t uncover file, a reference error takes place.

3. Understand Reference Error Messages

Fix Reference Issues

There are numerous messages that communicate to misplaced file or to file that has dissimilar description from version that’s utilized in database. In majority of situations, you search MS Knowledge Base for article regarding precise error note, and you can resolute error by following steps within article. In few circumstances, an addiction file is not appropriately coordinated with primary file.

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The following list portrays some of reference error messages that you might take delivery of. On the other hand, note that list doesn’t comprise of all probable reference error notes.

  • “Method MethodName of Object ObjectName Failed”

Characteristically, you perhaps obtain this error if there’s issue with programming library, such as, an unacceptable Data Access Object (DAO) dynamic-link library (DLL) file. You can hunt MS Knowledge Base for piece that defines a variety of shapes of error message.

  • “Function is un-available in Usage expression”

You might collect error message if difficulty with programming type library occurs, or if code doesn’t particularly call for accurate library and file is recorded at inferior priority in reference list than file that encloses same name of function –for instance, if DAO code is utilized with ActiveX Data Object (ADO) library scheduled at superior priority than DAO library. You might even get error message if form or statement comprise of an ActiveX control.

  • “Can’t find project or library”

You may receive this error if Access can’t find file within reference list. Often file is observed as Missing in dialog box of Reference. At times file exists on development PC but not on target system.

  • “Variable not defined” or “User-defined type not defined”

You may come across one of error messages if you make use of User-Level Security Wizard to protect database that references libraries apart from libraries that’s involved by default. Suppose, reference libraries existed in unprotected database aren’t automatically formulated in new, open database.


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  • “Run-time error 5,” “Invalid process argument or call,” “The library that comprise of icon isn’t referenced by existing project,” or “The library which have this symbol is referenced by current project, so logo is not defined”

You may receive this error messages if there’s reference to database, a type library, or object library that’s termed as Missing.

  • “ActiveX component cannot create object” 

This error message doesn’t unavoidably mean that ActiveX control is occupied. For instance, one potential cause is DAO, which is ActiveX constituent, can’t generate object since DAO Automation Server fails to begin. Recurrently, cause is that DLLs providing referenced functionality for program aren’t recorded or imperfectly registered. For further details regarding this error, click article number beneath to view article in MS Knowledge Base:

244264 INFO: Troubleshooting Error 429 When Automating Office Applications

Although this article is printed from Visual Basic viewpoint, it wraps several of causes for error.

Fully automatic solution to fix MS Access Database missing references

If the above mentioned solution do not help you to fix MS Access database  reference error then second most appropriate solution would be to make use of a professional third part application and Access Repair And Recovery Tool is best option for this purpose.

Steps To Resolve Missing Or Broken Reference

How to fix Access Database missing references, libraries, and objects on Windows OS