Fix MS Access Error 3218 “Could Not Update” ERROR

Is your access database is showing frequent error message regarding “Could Not Update Record Locking“Error? Looking for some instant fixes to solve this?

If yes then you are at the right place as this tutorial is written with the main prospective of providing user with solution to fix this particular Access Error 3218. So let’s fix it….!

We know that MS Access plays very important role in maintain a large amount of data in a sequential way, it is the very important application for small to mid-sized enterprises and also used by many individual business owners for maintaining and running their valuable information. But sometime because of any minor or major corruption you cannot access the stored information from the access database, this is very dangerous situation for anyone because MS Access database corruption may harm its owner financially.

About MS Access “Could Not Update” Record Locking Errors

MS Access Database could not update, record locking issue occurs in situation when two different users tries to change the same record and at the same time in MS Access 2007/2010/2013/2016 database.

There are lots of reasons available that may affect the components of accdb file and damaged it, once it gets corrupted then it display error message like:

  • Error 3218 “Could not update; currently locked.”
  • Error 3197 “The database engine stopped the process because you and another user are attempting to change the same data at the same time.”
  • Error 3260 “Couldn’t update; currently locked by user <name> on machine <name>.”

Error 3218

Don’t ignore any types of Access error because it can corrupt your database permanently, when you get error message from your MS Access file then immediate apply best recommended manual procedure to fix the occurred issue. Well, in this article complete guide to fix MS Access error is given, apply them to make your database healthy.

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Symptoms Of Access Run-Time Error 3218

The circumstances in which this particular Access record locking issue occurs is usually encounters at the time of simultaneously editing of single database by multiple user. At that time user encounters following error message.

Could not update; currently locked.

Additionally after making changes in multi-valued field on form you move towards the table without saving the changes, the value is not updated. At that time when you try to modify the multi-valued field in table, you will receive the following error:

Could not update; currently locked by another session on this machine.

Causes Of Access Error  3218 “Could not update; currently locked.”

MS Access run-time error 3218 occurs because of the attachment or multi-valued fields that use the pessimistic locking feature. This puts lock on the fields until the record is committed.

You can make use of the record locks property to determine how records are locked and what happens when multi-users tries to edit same record at the same time.

So, when you set the records lock property to edited record, a page of record is locked as whenever more than one user starts editing any fields in the record. This record page seems locked until the user moves to another record. Therefore, record can be edited only by a single user in one go. This feature is known as pessimistic locking. 


  • Due to damaged components of database application.
  • When user tries to modify the record which has been locked by a user.
  • Because of executing two or more instances of the Microsoft Access application on the same PC.
  • The software is using page record locking and has gone beyond the 4K limit.
  • The back-end software exists on a Novell Server and the utmost record locks have been go beyond.

Steps To Fix Access Runtime Error  3218 Manually

To fix this Could Not Update Currently Locked MS Access error, commit the  changes that you have done :

Method 1: Save the record

  1. Tap to the Home tab.
  2. Go to the Records, and click to the Save option.

Method 2: Refresh the record

  1. Tap to the Home tab.
  2. Within the Records, click Refresh All, and then click Refresh All or Refresh.

Method 3: Quick Fixes To Resolve Access Record Locking Error

  • Make or Split the database into a Back-end and Front-end
  • Place the Front-end software to every users local computer
  • Allocate a Front-end MDE instead of an MDB
  • Don’t requisite data entry forms to a multi-table query
  • Reorganize tables to decrease the size of the records particularly Memo and OLE fields.
  • Avoid run update queries on records that the users are at present modifying.

Method 4: To fix corruption issue:

  • Repair the Back-end data file and Front-end application.
  • Use the JetComp to restore a damaged database.
  • De-compile the Front-end software to avoid corruptions.
  • You can also create a new blank database and import objects from the obtainable database into the new one.

Other Way To Fix This Error: Using Access Database Recovery Tool

You can get rid of this run-time error  3218 with the help of above given solution but sometime the above discussed method doesn’t work. If you are unable to fix access database manually then it is sure that database components gets damaged very badly. In this case you need a third party application like MS Access Database Repair tool, such tool can easily fix any types of access error without need of any previous created backup. This tool is very easy to use so that you cannot need any extra knowledge to fix MS Access error. You can easily restore corrupted MDB file and all objects with the help of this tool. So Apply it and gets back your inaccessible important data with ease.

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Step by Step Guide to Fix Error 3218 “Could Not Update” Record Locking Errors In MS Access

Step By Step Guide To Fix MS Access Error 3218 “Could Not Update”Record Locking Errors