[Infographic] Top 5 Manual Methods To Repair MS Access Database Files

Microsoft Access is Database Management System (DBMS) which is one of the popular and worldwide used applications that is used by small, mid-sized and big organization as well as by individual for personal use. It is a relational database that is developed by Microsoft and it is incorporate in MS Office Applications Suite.

However, MS Access Database is a piece of applications and its stored files MDB and ACCDB are just a computer files. So, just like any other computer applications and files, Access Database files are also prone to corruptions. There could be several known and unknown reasons behind the corruption that is explained in this infographics.

Fortunately, there are also a few solutions that you can follow to fix your corrupted, damaged or inaccessible Microsoft Access Database (.mdb and .accdb) files. Below in the infographics find out the top 5 manual methods as well one automatic methods to fix Access database corruptions and recover their data.


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