How To Compact And Repair A Access Database Manually

You might have heard about the Access in-built tool i.e Compact And Repair Utility Tool. But do you know how to operate it manually. If no then, let's take a quick overview on the steps that should be followed in order to use this Access Database automatic repair utility.

Steps To Compact And Repair A Database Manually

Note: Before you start with process, it is suggested that you must keep the backup of your database files that you are going to compact and repair.


Step 1: Open Access, but do not open database. Click on File.


Step 2: Point the cursor to Info and then click on Compact and Repair Database.


Step 3: Now in the Database to Compact From dialog box, browse and select the database that you want to compact and repair.

Note: Make sure that nobody is using the database file, or else the compact and repair utility will fail.