How To Create A Database From A Template In Access 2016

Wants to make your own database in access 2016 but not having any idea what things you need to do?

Starting from a template is the easiest way to get up and running quickly with MS Access. This process allows you to pull the database design work initially performed by someone else and then customize it to well match your needs. If you want to organize and manage your data with access but just don't want to waste your precious time in creating a database from scratch then making use of desktop database template is the wisest option to go with.

This tutorial is mainly intended for those MS Access 2016 users who want to create Microsoft Access database using a template.

What Is An Access Template?

Access template is a readymade database that contains all the tables, forms, reports, queries, macros and relationship that you need to start working. The templates are basically designed to provide complete end to end database solutions that save much of your time and effort enabling you to start using your database right away. After making a data base using access template, you can customize the database in better way as per your requirement, just as if you had built the database from scratch.

Steps To Create A Database From A Template In Access 2016


Click to the File option in the top left corner of Access to open the File menu. Or you can also open Access at the Welcome screen


Make a selection for the template as per your need from the list of templates OR just use the search feature to search through the full list of templates.


Select a template to take review of it.


In order to describe how the template is to be used Preview of the template will appear along with the additional information.


If it won't look suitable then you can close the info box and try another template.


Once you get the right template you will get the option of File Name. Here assign name to your database.


Now click to the Create option and this will create the database on the template you have chosen.


You can now use this database as it is or you can modify as per your need.