How To Create A Blank Form In Access 2016?

Wants to create a blank form in your access 2016 but without using the form wizard or form command? If yes then you are at the right place as in this post we will discuss about how to create a form using the blank form option in Access 2016.

Form creation for your database can make entering data more convenient. When you create a form you can design it in a way that works great with your database and makes sense to you. Here, you will also learn how to create and modify forms. You will also learn how to use form options like design controls and Form properties to make sure your form works exactly the way you want.

Steps To Create A Blank Form In Access 2016


Go to the Create tab and click Blank Form on the ribbon.


Blank Form

A blank form appears in which you can add form elements.

Well the form appears in the layout view. In this view editing can be done. You can also switch to Design View for more controlled editing and Form View to see how it looks to the user.

Beside the form field list appears. This helps you to add fields to the form.


To Add Fields

Blank form is of no use so you need to add some fields to use it. In the field list pane you will get to see the list of tables in the database. Expanding a table will show up its fields. You can add any field by navigating through the tables.

Make a double tap on a field in the field list pane to add that field to the form.


Form Formatting

Once you have added all the fields you need, you can modify the form in other ways. To make your form more attractive you can add some catchy color. Another very important task you need to do is to touch up the labels so that they appear clearer.

Bold The Labels

To change the labels use bold text, select them and click the bold option from the Format tab in the ribbon.

Open The Property Sheet

Property sheet provides you with complete control over adjusting the properties for each element on the form. You can specify things like colors, size, data source, etc. So to open the property sheet:

Click Property sheet from the design tab in the ribbon.

Background Color

To change the background color of the form, select the form and change the appropriate property in the Property Sheet.

Change the background color by using the Back Color property. From the color picker you can also preset theme color.

Text Color

To change the text color use Fore Color on the property sheet.

You can do many more things as there are various options so explore more options.


Save The Form

Now it’s time to save your form so that it can be used later on.

1. Make a right click on the form's tab and select save from the contextual menu.

2. Assign a name for the form and click ok. .

3. After the form gets saved, it will appear in the left navigation pane under Forms. To make more changes you can right click on the form from the navigation pane and select layout view or design view as needed.