How To Display Object Dependencies In Access 2016

An Object Dependencies is one such feature of Access that allows you to see which database objects rely on other objects.

This option is really very helpful at the time of deletion of any object. As by taking help of this, before deleting any object from the databse, you must check out that if any other objects are dependent on it. If there is any dependent object present in it then you need to remove the references to the object before deleting it up.

Object Dependencies is also very helpful when planning for the design changes and future enhancements of the database. As by this feature you can easily know how each object will be affected by any future design change.

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Here is the complete step on how to display the objectís dependencies.


Firstly you need to open the object which you want to check. After then from the Database Tools tab click Object Dependencies on the ribbon.


This will open up the object dependencies pane in which complete list of all objects and dependencies are shown.

Well there are two options for viewing dependencies.

  • Objects that depend on me
  • Objects that I depend on

  • From these two options, first one is the default option. It shows all objects that depend on the current object. Means, for the one you are viewing the dependencies.


Tap to the Objects that I depend on option to see all objects on which the current object depends.


Expand any object to view any further of its dependencies. Access will show up to 4 levels of dependencies for an object.

If any object having no dependencies then the text none will be appeared.


You can tap to any object listed under the Object Dependencies pane to see that object.