How To Group A Report In Access 2016?

Grouped report in access is also known as 'summary report' that displays information that is grouped by a particular field. Below here in this post we will create a report from and then group it by one of the fields displayed in the report.

Steps To Group A Report In Access 2016


From the left Navigation Pane, select the table of which you want to make the report on.

Now click Report on the Ribbon from the Create tab.


Report will appear, having all the fields from the table. It appears in Layout View, which is a view that enables editing.

In order to group the report, right click on the field you want to group it and select Group on FieldName where FieldName is the name of the field that the report should be grouped by.


Report will immediately switch to being grouped by the selected field. The field is get shifted to the leftmost part of the report and the entire records will be grouped by that field.

Reformatting the Report

You can do some light reformatting to make the report look more presentable. Here are some common format changes.


If you don't want the border to appear around every field in your report, you can remove it. Select for the field/s that you wants to remove the border from.

Now click Shape Outline from the Format tab on the ribbon and select Transparent from the contextual menu.


Alternative colors on a grouped report can reduce the clarity of the grouped field. You will find that the grouped field shares its alternating color.

This will reduce the "grouped" look and confuse the reader as to which fields are actually grouped.


In order to remove the alternating colors, select the report Detail section in Design View. After then click Alternate Row Color from the Format tab on the ribbon. Select No Color from the contextual menu.

You can apply same thing for the grouped field.


Now see the report in print preview as this will display the report without the alternating colors.