How To Do A Mail Merge In Access 2016?

Mail Merge - A great way to put your Access data to work. Microsoft Office Access, offers such mail merge wizard with the help of which you can set up a mail merge process that uses a query or table in Access Database as the data source for form letters, email messages, mailing labels, envelops or directories.

So, let's learn how to use mail merge in Access 2016.

Steps To Do Mail Merge In Access 2016


Choose for the table or query which contains the list of names and addresses.

From the External Data Tab on the ribbon go to the Import And Link Group and after then click to the Word Merge option.


Make selection for the option whether you want to Link The Data To An Existing Document or wants to Create A New Document.

Here we are selecting the Create A New Document option and then link the data to it.


Now open the Microsoft word application and click on the Microsoft word button in the taskbar to open word.


Make selection for the document type that you like to work on.

Here, in the shown example we are doing a mail merge so that we can put names and addresses on envelopes. So, hit the Envelopes option from the Mail Merge wizard at the right side of your screen. Now tap to the Next: Starting document


Now choose the Change Document Layout and then click the Envelope Options to open the Envelope Options dialog box.

At last tap to the OK option.


Here the use of the current document is selected and the envelope is now appearing in relative proportions to the size that you selected. Make a check whether it looks correct or not and click Next: Select recipients to continue.


Now you need to make selection for the recipients. However, word recognizes that you are already using the table from access. So, Use An Existing List option is now been selected with the details listed below.

Make sure that it looks good and then tap to the Next: Arrange your envelope to continue.


Tap to the envelope where the address block should be kept. After then tap to the Address block... from the Mail Merge Wizard.


Make use of this dialog box to find how the fields are to be displayed in the envelope.

As per the design of your database, you may be able to select Insert recipient's name in this format and Insert postal address. If in case the envelope preview is blank you need to match the fields. To match the fields, tap to the Match Fields... option.


Basically this dialog box is to match the fields that appear on the envelope, with the fields from the database.

So use drop-down list to select a field from your database that matches the field on the left. At last tap to the OK option once you have matched the fields that you need.


Envelope preview will display an address from the list, so check that it appears perfectly. Make use of the little arrows to step through the list if you need to.

Now you see that insert postal address is been selected. So click ok to continue further.


Dialog box is now closed and now you back at the Arrange Your Envelope step.

Now you will see that <> is now displayed on the envelope where the address appears. Tap Next: Preview your envelopes to continue.


Preview option will display the actual names and addresses from our database, exactly as they will appear when they are mailed out. Using the little arrow buttons you can navigate through the list to see the arrangement of the records.

If everything seems perfect then click Next: Complete the merge.


Now your mail merge is completely ready to get produced. At last click to the Print option to print the envelopes