How To Password Protect A Database In Access 2016?

Encrypting database means making your Access database password protected by this you are actually protecting your sensitive data from prying eyes.

Users attempting to open the database without the correct password will be denied access. Additionally, users attempting to directly access the database’s ACCDB file will not be able to view any of the data contained within it, as the encryption obscures the data from viewing up by those who are entering the incorrect password. So, here is how you can password protect an Access database.

Steps To Password Protect A Database In Access 2016


Click Windows Start button and then in the start menu click Access 2016 to open Microsoft access 2016 app.


Click on Open Other Files.


Select Open tab and click Browse.


In the Open dialog, select for the target database file you want to encrypt. Then click the drop down right next to the open button and select Open Exclusive to open the database file in Exclusive Mode.


After the Access database file gets open in exclusive mode, click File > Info tab and click Encrypt with Password option.


In the pop-up Set Database Password dialog, type a password and type it again to verify and then click OK.

Then the database file is encrypted and password is required each time you attempt to open the database.