How To Remove A Password From A Database In Access 2016?

The longer the access database is used the greater sense it makes to reset it with a new password. Well the problem is also when you forget database password in MS access 2016 at that time the very first thought that comes in your mind is that removing the forgotten password so that you can regain access to the protected database file. To make this task easily and without putting effort, read this tutorial as this will give you the clear idea on how to remove password from Access 2016 database. Just follow down the steps mentioned below.

Steps to Remove A Password From A Database In Access 2016


It’s important to open source database in exclusive mode before removing of the password. So, Open the MS Access application and select “File” and then choose “open” from the toolbar menu.


Press the down arrow present next to the “Open” located beside the File Name text box, and then selects "Open Exclusive" option.


Enter the password and click OK.


Click File in the top left of Access to open up the file menu.


Click to the Decrypt Database button from the Info menu.


Enter the password and click Ok.
This time the password has been removed from the database.