How To Save A Database As A Template In Access 2016?

In access you can create a database from an existing template. However if you need a custom template then you can create your own. You can even save an entire database as a template, save part of a database as an application part or save a field or set of fields as a data type. A database template (.accdt) is a file that you can use to create new database. An application part template (.accdt) are like database templates, however you can use them to add elements to an existing database. A database template is a file that you can use to create new fields and filed combinations. After you create a template file, you can share it with others also.

Here in this tutorial you will get to know how you can save your database as template and how to use it.

Steps To Save A Database As A Template In Access 2016


Open the database of which you want to create the template. Then tap to the File option which is in the top left corner, to open the file menu.


Select save as from the left menu then template from the Save Database As pane. Click to the Save As button.


Specify these below mentioned things in the Create New Template from this database dialog box.

Name: give any name to your template file. The template file is get saved with an extension .accdt.

enter a text as a description. That appears in the tooltip.

Select the user template to have it appear under Application Parts.

Icon: Select an icon to display for the template or application part. Click Browse to select it.

Preview: Select a bigger size image to display for the template in the start and new screen or backstage view. You can browse for more images.

Primary Table:
Select a table to use as the primary table for the application part this table relates the application part to other tables in the database.

Instantiation Form:
Make selection for the form that open by default when the template database gets open.

Application Part:
Select to save the database as an application part, clear to save the database as database template.

Include Data in Template:
By default the database will get saved without data but if you want to include the data then select Include All Data in Package.


Click ok to create the template. The template file is gets saved in the default access template folder.

Default templates folder. C:\Users\user name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates\Access.


At last access will through a message that the template has been created. So click ok.

How To Use The Template?

Now that you have known how to save your database as a template, you must also need to know that from where you have to select your template when creating database from it.


Open the database that you want to create the template from. Now tap to the File option from the top left corner of access window to open the File menu.


Click New from the left menu.


Click Personal to display your personal templates. Here you find the listing of your personal template. So you can choose the template you would like to use.


Once you have used the template it will probably appears in the list of templates on the screen. In that case, you can select it directly from this screen.


Enter a name for your new database and click create. Your new database will be created based on the template.