How To Find Duplicate Records In Access 2016?

MS Access has an interesting feature called Database Documenter which is basically used to display and print all properties of an object or selected objects. Documenter creates a report which contains detailed data for each selected objects and then opens the report in print preview. If you don’t know how to use it, and then follow this tutorial steps and learn how to use the database documenter.

Steps To Use The Database Documenter In Access 2016


From the Database Tools tab in the ribbon, click Databse Documenter.


Select the objects to documents and then click Ok to make the report.


Report that is displayed is ready to be printed, exported or emailed.

Report Customization

The default report contains so much information for your needs. E.g. You might need to print a table’s properties or its relationship or its permissions.

You can also customize the report using the options…. button in the database documenter.


To view the relevant object group in the database documenter, click options….


Unselect if any un-necessary option is been selected. The options in the dialog box will change, depending on the tab that you have open in the database documenter.


Tap to the ok option to generate the report.


New report contains information about the selected items only.