Learn How To Create A Table In Datasheet View In Access 2016

After creating database, you needs to store your data and for this you needs to use Tables. A table is well organized structures that hold information. It consists of fields of information into which you enter the “records” of the table. A filed is a single column within a table, consisting of one category of information. Record is an organized collection of related fields that describe a single item, contained in a row within a table.

As other databse objects depends so heavily on tables, you should always start your design of a database by creating all if its table and then by creating any other object. Before approaching towards table creation, carefully consider your requirements and determine all the tables that you require.

Well there are mainly two ways to view a table in access to add data to the table: Design View And Datasheet View.

In design view you can view all the fields along with their data types and descriptions. The records of information added to the database are not viewable. Whereas, in Datasheet view you can display the records in a table where one row means one record. The column headers are the fields you have defined for the database. Here in this section we learn how to create tables in Access 2016. So, let’s start creating table in datasheet view.

Steps To Create A Table In Datasheet View In Access 2016


From the create tab click table option from the ribbon. This will open a blank table.


Click to Add option to add a new field. In order to select the data type, right click to add and select short text from the combo box. This combo box lists the data type that you can assign to your field.


After assigning the data type to your field, Access will highlights the column header so that you can name the field. So enter a name for the field.
Repeat step 2-3 for as many fields that you need to add.


When you create a new table, access will automatically adds a new field named with ID and AutoNumber data type. So you can rename it as if you want.

To do this make a right click in the field and select Rename Field. Access will highlight the field name for you to rename it. Enter a new name as required.


After setting up all these things, it’s time to save it. So to save the table right-click on the table's tab and select Save.


Enter a name with which you want to save the table and then click OK.


Now you will see that your table is get added to the list of tables in the left navigation pane.