Fix Ms Access Issues With MS Office Diagnose and Repair

Are you encountering issue while handling up your Access 2007/2010/2013/2016 documents? If yes, then why don’t you just give it a try to MS Office Diagnose and Repair  inbuilt utility tool. Well in this tutorial we are going to discuss about this only.

Being MS Office users you must be familiar with the fact that there are some circumstances occurs when applications act unstable or crash for no apparent reason.

Suppose you are working with your Access database files and all of a sudden it starts showing errors or crashing like issues. Well this issue can happen with anyone but do you have any idea how to repair ms access 2010/2013/2016 documents. Stucking in such situation is really a troublesome situation for any Access user but anyhow the important thing is how to Repair MS Office. A great way to start Troubleshooting MS Access issue is by using the Microsoft Office inbuilt Tool.

This tutorial is completely dedicated to provide you exactly the info about the free of cost repair tool offered by various version of Microsoft Office. By making use of which you can easily fix up your damaged Access 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 database documents.

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What’s the issue?

MS Office is classy software that strongly integrated into windows. If you are facing any issue while running any of the MS office application, you can’t manually delete the office folder from Program Files when it fails to uninstall. If you are taking such step then you are actually more damaging the windows operating system than fixing it. To repair damaged Microsoft office application like MS Access, the safest way is to use the hidden repair function that is built-in to the program.


Sometime the hiccup may not be in the Office Suit but it may be reason caused by the computer system itself. It could be the issue generated by faulty RAM or a problem in the hard disk drive. Or maybe the reason of your laziness to install one of the released services packs.

Since Microsoft office always comes with the new updates, the method to launch the repair functionality can different for each of it’s version.

So let’s start conquering…!  How to Repair Ms Access 2007/2010/2013/2016 database Issues With MS Office inbuilt Diagnose and Repair tool.

Fix Microsoft Office Problems with MS Office Diagnose and Repair 

Repair Microsoft Office 2007

Ms OFFICE 2007 offers a dedicated tool named “Microsoft Office Diagnostics” which is perfect to automatically check out any corruption issue occurred in files and registry settings related to Office 2007. Other than this it also works on diagnose disk, memory, update, compatibility problems etc . and finally approach for well known solutions. You just need to run the  OFFDIAG.EXE file in anyone of the following 3 ways:

  1. a) Run the “Microsoft Office Diagnostics” shortcut from the Start Menu.
  2. b) Run EXE directly from C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\OFFICE12\
  3. c) From any of the Office Applications by pressing Alt+F+ I After this go to Resources and tap the Diagnose button to run Microsoft Office Diagnostics.

Repair Microsoft Office 2007

Fix Corrupt Access Files With Repair Microsoft Office 2010

With the arrival of the Microsoft office 2010 the MS Office Diagnostics tool has been removed. In order to start the repair for Microsoft Office 2010, just go to the

Control Panel > Programs and Features > select Microsoft Office 2010

Fix Corrupt Access Files With Repair Microsoft Office 2010

And tap to the change button. Select the Repair radio button and at last press to the continue option.

If you are not getting the Microsoft Office 2010 listed in the Programs And Features then you can press the installation menu with the Repair option by running the Setup.exe file and run it as administrator.

“C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\OFFICE14\Office Setup Controller\Setup.exe”

Repair Microsoft Office 2013

In order to trigger the options to repair your Office programs, go to Control Panel > Programs and Features > select the Microsoft Office 2013 > click to Change button. if you have installed Microsoft Office 2013 suit from the traditional MSI method then you will see a window much similar to Office 2010 above.

However, if the ms office 2013 is installed using Click-To-Run, then you can get the 2 options which are the quick repair and online repair tool.

Repair Microsoft Office 2013

Quick repair is useful to quickly fix most issues when the system doesn’t have internet connection. This is always been the first choice before choosing the second “Online Repair” option. The second one i.e the online repair option , is basically a reinstall  and will take quite time taking task to get completed because it re-downloads the installation file which are of few 100 MB in size.

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Alternatively, you can enter the command line below in command prompt or the Run window (WIN+R) just to bring up the repair Office 2013 dialog box.

For 32-bit (x86) Office 2013 installed in 32-bit Windows using Click-To-Run:

“C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office 15\ClientX86\OfficeClickToRun.exe” scenario=Repair platform=x86 culture=en-us

For 32-bit (x86) Office 2013 installed in 64-bit Windows using Click-To-Run:

“C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office 15\ClientX64\OfficeClickToRun.exe” scenario=Repair platform=x86 culture=en-us

For 64-bit (x64) Office 2013 installed in 64-bit Windows using Click-To-Run:

“C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office 15\ClientX64\OfficeClickToRun.exe” scenario=Repair platform=x64 culture=en-us

For Office 2013 installed using traditional MSI method:

“C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\OFFICE15\Office Setup Controller\Setup.exe”

Repair Microsoft Office 2016

The step to repair MS office 2016 suit is almost same as that of Microsoft Office 2013.  Simply follow the steps above but be sure to select Microsoft Office 2016 from the Programs And Features list. The appearance gives the feeling that Microsoft has finally set up their mind to standardize the step to launch the repair Office tool.

Alternative way To Fix Damaged/Corrupted Access Database File:

If the in-built utility fails to fix the corruption then in that case you must take help of MS Access Repair and recovery tool. It is one of the widely and popularly used software that is particularly designed to repair corrupt .accdb file and safely recover the data from the corrupt MS Access database. It comes with user friendly interface and anyone can operate it easily. The tool works on almost all versions of Windows OS such as Windows 10/8.1/8.1/XP/Vista, etc.

How To Fix Ms Access 2007/2010/2013/2016 Issues With MS Office Diagnose and Repair