8 Top Fixes For Access Unrecognized Database Format Error (3343)

Worried about why all of sudden your Access database starts throwing unrecognized database format error?

Or looking for some easy fixes to troubleshoot this annoying Access Error 3343Unrecognized Database Format?

You will get an answer to all your queries regarding the Access Unrecognized Database Format error in this post.

As the post contains complete detail about Access Error 3343 and the best fixes to resolve Unrecognized Database Format error.

What Is Access Unrecognized Database Format Error?

During the accessibility of the Access MDB/ACCDB file in version 2007/2010/ 2013/2016/2019. Usually, it is seen that users get stuck and receive such Access Database error 3343 due to certain reasons. 

This Access Runtime error 3343 – unrecognized database format also refers to frxque32.mdb file. As it is seen when the frxque32.mdb file got corrupted it will throw such type of unrecognized database format error.

Before moving on to the manual fixes to resolve “Access Error code 3343”. Let’s explore the reasons which cause this MS Access error 3343 unrecognized databases.

Error Detail:

Error code: Access Runtime error 3343

Name: Unrecognized database format

Screenshot of the error:

unrecognized database format

What Are The Causes Of Unrecognized Database Format Error?

identify access database corruption causes

Have a look over some of the root causes of Access Unrecognized Database Format Error.

Reason #1

The very first reason is opening the latest version Access database file into some older version database.

Reason #2

Chances are also that your Access database file is somehow got corrupted.

Reason 3#

Maybe you are not using the MS Office service pack which is not the latest. Or it’s not been updated for so long.

Reasons #4

  • Software or hardware issues
  • Virus Attack
  • oversizing of the Access database file
  • Presence of some Bad sectors on the hard drive where your MS Access file resides.
  • Malfunctioning of the Microsoft Office suite.
  • If splitting of the Access database done in an improper way

How To Fix Access 3343 – Unrecognized Database Format Error?

Fix Access 3343 - Unrecognized Database Format Error

In this section, we will discuss the 5 different ways to fix Unrecognized Database Format (3343) Error.

1: Import Corrupt Database Into New MS Access Database

2: Try to Open MS Access Database File in Older Versions

3: Troubleshoot frxque32.mdb File Issue

4: Using Compact And Repair Inbuilt Utility Tool

5: Try The Backup Option

6: Automatic Solution To Fix Access Unrecognized Database Format Error

7: Assign Adequate Permissions To Access The Database

8: Avoid Using Access 2016 Along With The Visual Studio 2012

Let’s know about each of these fixes one by one in detail…!

Fix- 1: Import Corrupt Database Into New MS Access Database

Try importation of corrupt Access database into a new Access 2010 database file by following these steps:

  • First of all, open your MS Access application and create a new database file. Hit the create option to make a new file in the right side section of the panel.
  • In the new database file windows, hit to the External Tab option from the above ribbon.


  • Tap to the Access option as by pressing to this option you can easily import of your Access database.
  • This will open up a new window named Get External Data – Access Database.

  • So, tap to the browse button and make the selection of your corrupt/damaged Access database file to import.
  • Browse and choose access database file in File Open dialog box. Tap to the Open option to confirm your selection.
  • After then, hit the OK for further continuation of the process.
  • Make a selection for the objects in Import Objects dialog box and again press the OK option.
  • Complete your selected objects to get imported successfully. Press save import steps box and hit to the close


Fix–2: Try To Open MS Access Database File In Older Versions

The error unrecognized database format usually happens when the user tries to open the Access 2019/2016/2013 database file in older Access database versions like 2007/2010 etc, In such case, the user gets error 3343 unrecognized database format.

This happens because the newer Access 2019/2016/2013 database version files make use of the latest indexed process which is incompatible with Access older version like 2007/2010/2002 etc.


To get rid of this unrecognized database format issue in Access 2013, first, assure the following settings are executed well:

File>Options>General>Creating Database>New Database sort order

Also assure that General>Legacy settings are followed, as the Access 2010 will not open with the “General” format.

Users also need to convert the 2013 database to the 2010 database file. By making use of Access 2013 and after the successful alteration of the database, open the database in a previous version like Access 2010.

Please Note: It is recommended not to keep two different versions of MS Access on the same database file, as there are ample chances of Access file corruption.

Fix–3: Troubleshoot frxque32.mdb File Issue

  • First of all you need to uninstall the frxque32.mdb file and install a new one.
  • After then rename the frxque32.mdb file present in the sysdata folder with the name “frxque32.old”.
  • Now from the local hard drive search for the frxque32.tpl file.
  • It’s time to copy frxque32.tpl file within sysdata folder.
  • Tap to the “yes” option for swapping the existing frxque32.tpl file with the new one.
  • After then rename frxque32.tpl file by assigning name frxque32.mdb.
  • In the end, restart your PC to save up all the changes.

Fix–4: Using Compact And Repair Inbuilt Utility Tool

If the error 3343 unrecognized database format is occurring due to oversizing of the database or due to some minor issues of the database. Then you must run the Compact and repair the inbuilt utility tool of the Access database.

This manual method is the first and best step to troubleshoot minor Access database corruption issues and for reducing Access file size safely and securely.

Well, you can read more about the efficiency of this free Access database inbuilt tool on this article: Things That Compact And Repair Access Database Tool  Can Do…!

Here is the complete step to use Compact and repair utility tool for fixing up runtime error 3343:

1: firstly you need to open up your MS Access program.

2: After then make a hit on the Database Tools tab.

3: now press the Compact and Repair Database option.

Compact and Repair Database in Access 2010

4: in the opened Database to Compact From the dialog box, make a search for your problem encountering the MS Access database file. So, make the selection of such files and then hit the compact option.

compact and repair 5

5:  it’s time to create a new database in Compact Database Into dialog box. So, assign a name to your file and then press the Save option.

compact and repair 4

After this, the inbuilt utility tool compacts the database and starts repairing queries, indexes, tables, and other data that is available in the database. This is the best way to repair errors in the access database but in some cases, this fails also. So in this case you can make use of the automatic solution to repair errors in the Access database.


Before attempting to try this inbuilt tool, it’s recommended to take a proper backup of your database file. Also, make sure that no other user is currently been using the same database file on which you are performing a compact and repair method.

Fix 5: Try The Backup Option

Backup access database

Another very common reason behind “unrecognized database format error” is a corruption of the Access database. Though corruption is a common issue this is not something that can’t be repaired.

HELPFUL ARTICLE: 5 Ways To Backup And Restore Access Database In 2007/2010/2013/2016?

If your database gets corrupted then you can recover the stored data in the Access database easily with a valid backup. But if you are not having the updated and proper backup then, in that case, move to our next solution i.e making use of the Access repair & recovery tool.

Fix 6: Automatic Solution To Fix Access Unrecognized Database Format Error…!

Access Repair & Recovery is one such software that is particularly designed to repair corrupt or damaged MS Access database files. This software comes with a powerful algorithm that scans even severely corrupted Access database files. 


  • You can easily restore corrupted or damaged indexes, queries, tables, and other data.
  • Easily fix all types of major or minor and major database problems and errors.  
  • Supports almost all versions of MS Access 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000 and Windows operating system such as Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2003.
  • Its interactive GUI works great to easily operate and repair Access database without making any changes in its original structure. 
  • A free trial version is available that you can install to check the features and reliability of the software.

Features of MS Access Database Repair & Recovery Tool

Below find out the key features of the Access Repair & Recovery:

Features of MS Access Database Repair & Recovery Tool

  • Provide Complete Access Database Repair –

It completely repairs corrupted and fixes error issue in your Access database. It repairs both damaged MDB and ACCDB files of MS Access database and recovers them with ease.

  • Offer option to select or search corrupt Access database file

This tool provides the option to select or find corrupt Access Database files that are stored on your computer hard drive. There are three options to add files they are “Select Files”, “Select Folder” or “Find File”.

  • Preview Option after Scanning

After scanning the software allows you to see a preview of the recovered database files in the main interface of the software. For tables, the software shows the preview of the “table data” and “column information” in two columns in the right pane of the tool.

  • Restore Deleted Records –

It also has the option to restore a deleted record in the database. But in order to recover deleted records, you need to select “’Scan for deleted records” at the base while you choose the database for repair.

  • Recover all Access Database Objects

This tool repairs and recover all Access database objects that include Tables, Forms, Queries, Linked Table, Modules, Macros, Table Data, Indexes, and so on.

  • Fixes all Common Corruption Errors

MS Access database throws many minor and major error messages. But with the help of this tool, one can easily fix all such common error messages of the MS Access database.

  • Allow user to save repaired files at desired location

As and when your Access files get repaired this tool offer two options to save repaired files. It allows you to either select the default location or you can select the desired location to save the file.

  • Support Different languages

This tool has the capability to restore Access database in different languages such as in English, French, and German.

Steps to Recover Corrupted or Damaged MS Access Database

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Fix 7: Assign Adequate Permissions To Access The Database

Upgrade of the Windows server from Windows 2003 to Windows 2008 R2 also leads to generate this Access unrecognized database format error. After upgrading the windows server only the domain administrator can open the MS Access database. If any other user tries to open their access database file on the same server then they will surely receive “Unrecognized Database Format, database is corrupt or in an inconsistent state” error.


  • If domain admin with complete access authority can open the Access database on Windows server, the issue is specifically with the permission assigned to the domain or to the folder where Access database is mainly located.

Assigning complete permission on the network share will work superbly in resolving the Access Unrecognized Database Format error.

  • If you are still getting the same issue then assign the Local Admin rights to entire users present on that specific server.
  • Lastly, check the custom permissions on the database which displays the ‘unrecognized database format’ error.

As a primary check, make sure that the domain administrator must ensure the following points:

  • Users must be logged in within the domain where your Access database is placed.
  • Users must have local or custom admin rights for accessing the database as per the requirement.

Fix 8: Avoid Using Access 2016 Along With The Visual Studio 2012

Another reason behind the occurrence of unrecognized database errors is when the user tries to use the Access 2016 database meanwhile working with Visual Studio 2012.

Well, the sequence of events must be in the following way:

  1. The user chooses the Dataset database model and the Database source type.
  2. The software will ask you for which Access database connection you want to use. If the user hits the “New User”, and selects the Microsoft Access Database File (suppose in this case, OLE DB is selected).
  3. After that, the applications make confirmation of database connection type which the user wants to use. This time user has to select “New Connection.”
  4. Now select the file name “Microsoft Access Database File (OLE DB)”.
  5. After displaying up the filename user will choose the appropriate file like “xyz.accdb”
  6. Now the user has to check the connection by hitting the Test Connection, this leads to generate an “unrecognized database format error.

In such a case, the problem arises mainly due to the difference created on line provider by the Microsoft Ace OLE DB version or line provider.

So by installing the upgraded version within the server explorer will surely fix the issue


In the above case, we need to upgrade Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.4.0 to Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0.

For updating, you need to connect the Access 2016 database with the help of the below steps:

  • Add new Data source and hit Database>
  • Now go to the New Connection and hit the Microsoft Access Database File.
  • Choose ACCDB file.
  • Hit the Advanced option to modify the provider’s name.
  • Hit the OK button for adding up the connection windows. Also to test the connection and make verification of it.

Note: Earlier version won’t support database ACCDB file format. So you need to have the Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0 and not Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0.

5 Simple Tips to Prevent MS Access Database Corruption

Prevent MS Access Database Corruption

Do you have the fear that your Access Database can also get corrupt? If “yes” then follow the below 5 effective tips to avoid MS Access Database corruption:

1# Split your database

The most important thing you can do to avoid Access corruption is to split your database into “front-end” and “back-end”. The front-end stores the forms, reports, and data access a page while back-end has tables containing your data. You can place a copy of your front-end database of each system on the local hard drive and link back the table that is stored on the file server. By doing so fewer data will be dragged from the network and there will be fewer chances of corruption. Besides this, your database will run fast and you can also make changes to the front-end while still using live data.

2# Never leave the database open

It is suggested because the most backup program automatically starts to take backup even if they are open and hence most of the users leave the database open. But this is not the correct way, it will only increase the chances of corruption and therefore it is requested that you must close your application even during your lunchtime.

3# Exit the database properly

It is always suggested that you must close the database or any application properly. If you forcefully close the database by using Ctrl-Alt-Delete/End Task then it can create a problem and may corrupt your Access database. It is always suggested that you must finish your task and then exit the application by using the File>Exit Menu option.

4# Must keep updated drivers of your device

The outdated driver of your device can create corruption, hence you must try to keep them updated as much possible. As per Microsoft, almost 80% of Windows users face this problem. So, when so many users report problem & bugs with drivers, the company update them quickly. So, it is also your job to check whether the update has been released or not and must keep the device driver updated always.

5# Compact and repair regularly

This is the inbuilt utility that comes with the Access application. You must perform this feature in a regular interval of time to enhance performance and to avoid the corruption of the Access database. You can set this function to perform automatically to compact and repair your entire database daily or weekly.


Through the above post, you must have got enough idea to get rid of MS Access error 3343. Try all the fixes mentioned above to troubleshoot “unrecognized database format error”.

Do share your experiences with us whether the above fixes worked for you or not…!.

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