How to Fix Microsoft Access Not Showing Tabs/Missing Tabs Issue?

Fixes To Resolve Microsoft Access NOT Showing Tabs Mystery

If Microsoft Access not showing tabs as predictable, it could be due to various reasons. MS Access uses the tabs to organize or manage different parts of an application, like Tables, Queries, Reports, Forms, and more. However, if these tabs are not visible or missing, it can impact the ability to navigate & use the software efficiently. Therefore, it is important to know how to show tabs in Access to work in the software smoothly again.

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9 Methods to Fix Microsoft Access Error 7960 Successfully

In this write-up, we will discuss one of the most annoying errors encountered by MS Access users- Access error 7960. Also, we will discuss why this error occurs and how to get rid of it. Before proceeding further, let’s see how the error actually looks like:

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Access Database Repair Tool Freeware for Corrupted Databases

Free Download Access Database Repair N Recovery Tool

In this optimized post, you will learn how to repair corrupt Access database files using the advanced Access Database Repair Tool freeware & built-in tool Compact and Repair. Also, you will know the common causes of database corruption and preventive tips to minimize corruption in your Access databases.

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10 Ways to Fix Microsoft Access Database Won’t Open Issue

microsoft access database won't open

It is quite common to encounter “Microsoft Access database won’t open” problem when trying to access the database. It might happen due to various reasons like insufficient permissions, corrupt databases, etc. Regardless of the reason, the issue can be fixed with less effort.

In this optimized article, you are going to learn 10 workarounds to fix unable to open Access database successfully along with the major factors behind this issue.

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3 Ways to Repair & Recover Access Table with Damaged Definition

Recover Access Table with Damaged Definition

When the MS Access Database gets corrupted or one of the Access tables lost its definition then all of the saved records will also be deleted. In such instances, you can import the deleted table definition from backup files, recreate a new table, or use an advanced Access Repair and Recovery Software to recover Access table with damaged definition.

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12 Quick Ways To Speed Up Slow Running Access Database

12 Quick Ways To Speed Up Slow Running Access Database

Is your MS Access Database running slow from the last few days? Or does it taking a long time to get loaded or to perform any task?

If you are dealing with such problems then it’s important for you to know the underlying causes of Access database slowdown. Specifically, you need to know how to troubleshoot the root causes of the slow-running Access database.

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7 Ways To Fix MS Access Problems After Upgrading Windows 10

fix MS Access Problems After Upgrading Windows 10

Are you facing several Microsoft Access problems after upgrading Windows 10? Well, I am talking about problems like Can’t open Access database in Windows 10, Access files get corrupted after upgrade to Windows 10, Access crashes after Windows 10 upgrade, Access 2013 not working after Windows 10 upgrade, and many more.

If you are also getting any of the above-listed problems, then read this post very carefully.  This tutorial is specifically written to provide the best fixes to resolve any type of Microsoft Access problem after upgrading Windows 10.

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How To Repair Access Database From Command Line?

How To Repair Access Database From Command Line

Does your Access database deny to get open? Or are you unable to perform any activity on it? Usually, this problem arises due to the occurrence of corruption issues in your Access database.

You can repair Access database corruption issue with manual solutions. In many of my previous blogs I have discussed so many manual fixes to solve MS Access corruption issue, you can try that too.

Today, in this post I going to discuss one very unique way of fixing the corrupt Access Database issue i.e by using the command line.

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MS Access Database Repair – Fix Corrupted ACCDB & MDB Files

Massive Guide On Corrupt/Damaged Access Database Repair

Microsoft Access is Microsoft’s proprietary Database Management System (DBMS) which is being preferred by many corporates and individuals because of the ease of use and easy to grasp interface that it offers.  However, Access database files i.e. (.ACCDB & .MDB) at times get corrupt due to numerous reasons that make the database inaccessible. In order to access those data, you need to repair corrupt Access database using Access Database Repair software or other ways.

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