How To Repair Access Database From Command Line?

Does your Access database deny to get open? Or are you unable to perform any activity on it? Usually, this problem arises due to the occurrence of corruption issues in your Access database.

You can repair Access database corruption issue with manual solutions. In many of my previous blogs I have discussed so many manual fixes to solve MS Access corruption issue, you can try that too.

Today, in this post I going to discuss one very unique way of fixing the corrupt Access Database issue i.e by using the command line.

The main purpose of writing this piece of Blog is to introduce you all with some new manual fixes. Other than the monotonous fixes we all know and generally tries off.

Let’s know how to repair Access Database from Command-Line.

Don’t worry I will also share some other alternative fixes to repair Access database corruption issue for sure.

Best Software To Repair Corrupt Access Database

For fixing up any severe Access database corruption issue you must try the Access Database Repair Tool.  Try this reliable utility tool to repair corrupt Access database (mdb/accdb) files.

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It also works great for the recovery of deleted objects and records from Access database files without making any changes in its original structure.

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If you are having any doubt whether the tool will work in your case or not then you can try its trial version.

Access Database Repair Tool software comes with Free trial version and 30 days money-back guarantee offer.  The software gives a preview of all the recoverable items of your corrupted access database. So, after making complete research you can easily approach to buy this software.

Steps To Use Access Database Repair Freeware Tool

How Command Line Can Fix Access Database Issue?

Command-line or command prompt works as a text interface for handling, viewing and manipulating files on your PC. This application accepts command from the user and then passes to directly the computer OS for its correct execution.

Using the command line, users can easily perform any task which they normally do in the Windows GUI interface. However, there are many tasks that can be done more quickly by using commands in the command line. Command-line easily navigates all your documents and folders from your PC.

In the same way, by using the right command in the command prompt you can make your Access database error-free.

How To Repair Corrupt Access Database From Command Line? 

In this section, we will discuss about two methods to repair corrupt Access database from command line.

Method 1: Repair Access Database From Command Line ‘/Compact’ Option

In this method of fixing the corrupt Access database issue, you need to use some commands in your system command prompt or Command Line tool. This method is ideal for compacting and repairing corrupt MS Access database files.  So, if your database is not working properly due to oversized Access database or any corruption issue then it can be easily fixed with this method.

Steps To Repair Access Database File From The Command Line

Follow the below steps to repair corrupt Access database from Command Line carefully. As this can generate more problems for you if not carried out in the right way.

  • Go to your system Start menu, in the Search box you have to type “command” or “cmd”

  • After then from the appearing list of menu, put your mouse cursor on the Command Prompt Now make a right-click on it and choose the option Run as administrator.

Repair Access Database From Command Line

  • In your opened command prompt or Command Line application, type this command:

msaccess <path to database file >\<database file name> /compact

Note: you need to enter the actual path of your Access database file and name of your database file respectively in the<path to database file > and <database file name> section of the above-given command.

This way your access database file is compacted and repaired without performing any lengthy procedure.

Method 2: Repair Access Database From Command Line ‘/Decompile’ Option

You all must be familiar with other Access command-line options like /nostartup, /cmd, But very few Access database users know about the “/decompile” command-line option.

Through this, you can start your MS Access application in a special way. After the opening of the database, this option also allows you to save all your VBA modules in text format.

Decompile Option actually works with your database module objects and handles the entire code present behind your reports and forms.

So you must try to repair Access database from command line ‘decompile’ option.

Steps To Repair Corrupt Access Database With Command-Line ‘Decompile’ Option:

To decompile your Access database application, perform the following steps:

  • Press Windows + R button from your keyboard. This will open the Run window on your system screen.
  • Now in the Run window “Open” text box area, you have to type “msaccess/decompile” text. After then holding the shift key pressed click on the OK button.

Repair Access Database From Command Line 3

  • Doing this will prevent the execution of processes like autoexec macro and start-up forms. Ultimately this won’t allow your Access database to execute such codes that starts compiling of any module.
  • Again Restart your MS Access application.
  • Open any of your database, and any module. After then choose the DEBUG Compile Project Name option
  • After the compiling of the Access database, you need to close your module. Now return back to the MS Access window.
  • Run the Compact and Repair Access database inbuilt tool.

You can see the difference that your MS Access application will work flawlessly than usual.

At this point, I want to clear this out….!

If even after trying the above fixes of repairing Access database from command line, the problem persists in your database then it means that your database is severely got corrupted.

So for that, I suggest you try the next solution.

The Bottom Line:

Undoubtedly with the manual fixes, you can easily rectify many types of MS access corruptions and other errors. But in the case of severe MS Access corruption, it’s better to go with a guaranteed solution like Access Database Repair Tool.

Like I always say, if you have proper backup then you don’t need to make any of these efforts. You can easily restore Access database from your backup file.

So if you don’t keep any backup or not having a habit of it then start making it now. As this work as a great reliever in the tough situation of data loss.

tip Still having issues? Fix them with this Access repair tool:

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