7 Fixes for Can’t Close Access Database or Access Won’t Close Issue

While working in the Access database, it is common to encounter various errors or issues due to some unforeseen reasons. Access won’t close or can’t close Access database is one of the most frequent problems faced by users. This issue can occur in any MS Access version and can be frustrating, as it may prevent you from closing/exiting the application or executing other vital tasks.

However, in this post, I will show you how you can easily fix can’t close Access database problem in a hassle-free manner.

So, let’s get started…

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Quick Fixes:

But have you ever thought why such things happen? Why all of a sudden your Access database doesn’t shut down even when everything is going perfectly fine?

Let’s find the answer to this question first…!

What Are Reasons For Access Won’t Close Issue?

Some most common reason behind Access database doesn’t shut down includes:

  • Corruption Of Access Database:

Corruption of a complete Access database file or any specific report can cause it to crash at the time of launching. In such a situation neither you can close your Access database nor you can perform any activity on it.

  • Process MSACCESS.EXE Got Hanged:

The presence of erroneous code in the Access report leads the process MSACCESS.EXE to get hanged. This is also one of the major reasons why Access won’t close after opening.

  • Confliction With Anti-Virus Program:

MS Access application conflict with the anti-virus program is also one of the prime reasons. However, the Access database not responding while you are attempting to close it.

Now that you know what’s actually making a problem with closing the Access database application. So it’s time to move on to our next section i.e how to fixMicrosoft Access keeps won’t close” issue.

How to Fix the Microsoft Can’t Close Access Database Problem?

Here I have listed down some best applicable fixes to fix cannot close Access database issue. Let’s start with the simplest one….!

Fix 1- Prevent Confliction of Anti-Virus Program

Sometimes, it happens that enabled antivirus software on the PC conflicts with other programs and causes various unexpected issues including the Access database not being shut down.

Therefore, ensure to disable the anti-virus program before you work in the Access database. But after finishing up all the work in the database don’t forget to turn on the anti-virus.

Fix 2- Decompile And Recompile Access Database

In this method, you have to first decompile your Access database and after that recompile it again. Follow the steps to perform this task:

  • Create the shortcut that will load your Access database with “/decompile” switch.
  • After making a double tap on the shortcut, press the Shift button. This will skip the auto-run process and will take you directly to the navigation window.
  • Once your Access database gets loaded tap to the button “Compact and Repair”.
  • Keep the shift button pressed as the database gets reloaded.
  • It’s time to compile the code and then save it

After performing these steps, check whether the Access won’t close problem still persists or it is resolved now.

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Fix 3- Unhide The Hidden Close Button

There is a huge possibility that your access database close button is disabled. Mainly such a task is performed to prevent a user from closing up the Access database accidentally without saving. MS Access offers the creation of different types of events on the reports and forms for easy handling of the database.

If the tab is kept hidden then on the Access application you won’t get the Close button (X). In that case, you have to create your own “CLOSE” button for closing up the objects. Don’t forget to, instruct your user to press the CTRL+F4 button to close Access database.

If you want to close Access database form but it’s not closing then put the following ‘OnClick’ event in VBA:

myOKtoClose =  MsgBox “Use the Form -> Close option to close this form” Me.Visible = True End If End Sub

After applying this event in VBA, when you tap to close the Access Applications before that the active form will get closed. If the Access database fails to close the form due to this technique then Access won’t close by itself.

Fix 4- Check Your System’s Memory Usage

If you are experiencing this Access can’t shut down problem in some particular PC then the reason can be the low memory issue.

You can also use the memory usage checker app meanwhile your Access database usage. This kind of tool also helps you to establish stability in your PC by preventing unnecessary load in your PC.

Fix 5- Remove Binary Data from Reports

If you are facing this Access won’t close the problem in the single report. In that case, chances are high that your Access database has some corrupt binary data. So you need to remove that binary data from your report. Here is how it is to be done:

  • Save your problem by showing the report in the text format.
  • Now your report in the Notepad
  • You have to delete the “Checksum=” line and remove the binary data.

Search all the line that starts with the words “Parameter = Begin” and ends with the word “End”. You have to delete all lines from Begin to the End.

Besides that, you have to delete parameters such as PrtMip, PrtDevNames, NameMap, PrtDevModeW, PrtDevNamesW, PrtDevMode, etc.

  • Scroll through the complete file and look for the VBA code. If it’s there just delete it.
  • After that save your file and then load your report back within your Access database through the Application.LoadFromText option
  • Now execute the decompile process. After that follow the Compact & Repair process followed with the Recompile option.
  • Try to reopen your Access report and hopefully, this time everything works fine.

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Fix 6- Remove OLE Object Fields

Sometimes such types of problems are caused due to the presence of images or OLE object fields within the database. For storing the image data, it’s better to store the filename and then save your actual image onto the standard location.

After completing this, you need to rebuild the complete database from scratch level. Though it will consume lots of time at the same time, it will give your Access database a fresh start.

Fix 7- Repair Access Database

If all the aforementioned techniques fail to work or if you don’t have that much time to perform a manual solution.

In that case, repairing your Access database using a reliable tool like Access Repair N Recovery is a great option. This tool helps you to fix can’t close Access database issue and its associated problems.

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You can completely rely on this software. You can also try the free trial version of this software before making a purchase. this tool very efficiently repairs and recover MDB/ACCDB file easily.

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Final Thoughts

All the above-listed fixes will surely help you to fix Access won’t close problem so try them carefully and accordingly.

As a bonus tip, I always recommend you all keep a proper backup of your Access database. Apart from that also try to avoid using complex reports or forms in your database.

Try it, if you are dealing with such…!

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