How To Fix Access Database Won’t Save Changes Issue?


In today’s topic, we will discuss how to troubleshoot the Access Database Won’t Save Changes Issue whether it is encountered in Access 2003/2007/2010/2013/2016.

Mostly it is seen that user faces this Access Database not saving changes issue in two situations either while saving the design changes or while making any updation to the form or report.

Practical Scenario:

“I am not able to save any changes to an Access Form. It comes up with “”Do you want to save changes”” and I say “Yes”, it doesn’t do anything. I have to hit No to get out of this. I have tried to repair and compact database but with no use. I also tried to export the form to a new database but it comes up with naming conflict error.”

If you too facing a similar issue in your Access Database then don’t go anywhere just goes through this post. As it contains the complete solution for all your Access Database won’t save changes issue. So, just go through it….!

What Issues Occur At The Time Of Saving Access Database And How To Fix It?

Issue 1: Microsoft Access Can’t Save Design Changes

Resolve Access 2003/2007/2010/2013/2016 Database Won't Save Changes Issue

MS Access application won’t allow you to save an offline copy of a design, unlike desktop databases. If you get disconnected to the server connection at the time of designing the access application, you won’t notify until try to save your work. At which point you will get an error.

In order to save changes click to the OK option and leave Access open while trying to attempt to restore the connection.  Once your connection is restored save your changes.

Note: if in the case won’t be able to restore your connection without closing Access, then you will lose all the design changes that you have done since the last time you saved.


This issue commonly encountered at the time of customizing a toolbar or when you try to open a Microsoft Office Access 2003-specific object like form, report, macro, and module.  This shows the following error messages to your computer screen.

You do not have exclusive access to the database at this time. If you proceed to make changes, you may not be able to save them later.

If you are trying to save design changes that you have made to an Access 2003 database form, module, macro, report. Then it will show the following error message:

Microsoft Office Access can’t save design changes or save to a new database object because another user has the file open. To save your design changes or to save to a new object, you must have exclusive access to the file.

While trying to save new data access page, you will get the following error message:

A link to this data access page could not be created because the database cannot be exclusively locked. 

To create the link later, open the page by selecting ‘Edit web page that already exists’, and then save.


You can’t create or modify data access pages in Microsoft Office Access 2007.


The main causes behind the occurrence of this Access Won’t Save Design Changes issue are:

  • Open a form, report, macro, module, or command bar in the design view.
  • Try saving the design changes to the object type.
  • when trying to save design changes to new page links and other users accessing the same database that you are using.

How To Fix Access Can’t Save Design Changes?

In order to save design changes to object type in your respective Access Database must have an exclusive lock on the database.  If multiple users are designing on the same database then you must implement source code control by using the Microsoft Visual SourceSafe Add-In for Access 2003.

Apart from that, you can distribute local working copies of the database to each user.

Issue 2: Access Form Or Report Does Not Display All Of The Data


This problem of Access form or report does not display all data that occurs at the time of the creation of an Access form or report. And also when you apply a filter before saving it for the first time after then save it while the filter is still in effect, the filter can’t be turned off. A form or report will always show a filtered view of the underlying table or query.


It’s a new feature designed to easily create permanently filtered forms and reports. Microsoft Office Access 2007 accomplishes this by incorporating a filter into the object’s design if that filter is in effect when the object is first if that filter is in effect when the object is first saved.

How To Fix Access Form Or Report Does Not Display Issue?

If you don’t need a filter that applied to a newly-created form or report to get permanent then you need to remove the filter before saving the object for the first time.

But if in case you have created a form or report and saving it for the first time mainly when it is in a filtered state. Later on, you have decided that you don’t want the filter to be permanent, you can edit the object’s Record Source property just by following the below-mentioned steps.

Remove A Permanent Filter From A Form Or Report

  1. From the navigation pane, right-click the form or report.
  2. After then click on the shortcut menu click to the Design View. This will open the object in Design View.
  3. If the property sheet is not appearing then press F4 to display it.
  4. Tap to the object’s Record Source property box, after then click to the. This will open the Query Designer, with the Object’s Recordset Query displayed.
  5. For the filtered fields and criteria check in the query design grid. In the following figure, there is one filtered field, Company Name, and a single criterion, Contoso, Ltd.
  6. The select column that contains a filtered field just by tapping the gray bar which is present just above the Field row in the query design grid.
  7. After then hit the DELETE option to remove off the filtered field and its criterion.
  8. For each filtered field that you want to remove from the object’s design, you need to repeat steps 5 and 6.
  9. Close the query designer when you are prompted to save the changes made to the SQL statement and update the property.
  10. At last click to the Yes option.

Now you have removed the permanent filter from your form or report.


If you remove the permanent filter from a form or report following the above steps then it doesn’t preclude you from using the same Access filter on this object again in the future. It only removes it from the object’s design so that you can view all the records contained in the table or query by default.

How To Recover Unsaved MS Access data?

Sometimes the issue of not saving also arises when your Access database file already got corrupted. So in that case you need to use reliable third-party repair tools like Access Database Recovery And Recovery Tool.

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It’s a perfect software to fix this Access form not showing data issues as it helps you to repair and recover any damaged, corrupted, or inaccessible database. With the help of this tool, you can easily fix any kind of MS Access error.

This tool is not only fixed errors but also fixes the .mdb or .acccdb files and recovers the data from your corrupted MS Access database.  You can also restore the indexes, tables, queries, and relations by using this tool.

Wrap Up:

At last, I want to conclude that always keep an updated backup of all your MS Access data. So that whenever you get stuck into such situation of Access won’t save changes like issues, you have the option to get back your data up to some extent at least.

Good Luck…!

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