How to Fix “Your Microsoft Access Database Contains Missing Broken Reference” Error?

Access Database Contains Missing Broken Reference

You may experience the error message “your Microsoft Access database contains missing broken reference” after moving your database from an earlier version of Office to a newer version. It typically occurs when the Access databases don’t get loaded properly or don’t run correctly. However, the error is quite annoying as it restricts you from accessing your database. Here’s the complete error message:

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6 Quick & Easy Fixes for MS Access Runtime Error 6 Overflow

MS Access Runtime Error 6 Overflow

MS Access runtime error 6 overflow occurs when working with VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) code in the Access database. This error message typically arises when you try to assign a value that is too large for performing a mathematical operation in the VBA code. However, the error 6 overflow can be frustrating as it hinders you from performing calculations in Access.

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Fixed- Microsoft Access Can’t Open the Table in Datasheet View (Error 2364)

Microsoft Access Can't Open the Table in Datasheet View

MS Access application is generally used for maintaining the record, tracking inventory, or managing tables. For easy handling of Access database tables, there are two types of table views offered- one is “Datasheet View” & another is “Design View”. Sometimes, users may come across a frustrating error where they can’t open a table in Datasheet View. The Microsoft Access can’t open the table in datasheet view error 2364 can interrupt workflow & hinder database management tasks.

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7 Fixes for Can’t Close Access Database or Access Won’t Close Issue

7 Fixes To Resolve Can't Close Access Database Issue

While working in the Access database, it is common to encounter various errors or issues due to some unforeseen reasons. Access won’t close or can’t close Access database is one of the most frequent problems faced by users. This issue can occur in any MS Access version and can be frustrating, as it may prevent you from closing/exiting the application or executing other vital tasks.

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5 Best Ways to Fix MS Access Error Code 94: Invalid Use of Null

Microsoft Access Error Code 94

Encountering the “Run-time error ‘94’: Invalid use of Null” in the meanwhile handling your MS Access database can be really distressing. This error typically occurs due to missing value in a field, conflicting programs, partial installation, or corrupt download of the Microsoft Access software, etc. (Here’s the error image).

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How to Fix MS Access Run Time Error 3061: Too Few Parameters. Expected 1?

Fix MS Access Runtime Error 3061

The Microsoft Access runtime error 3061 typically occurs when the user tries to perform a query or SQL statement that references the parameter, but Access can’t find a parameter that the user trying to use. The error message states “Run time error 3061: Too few parameters. Expected 1”. This can be very annoying as it hinders users from accessing the database.

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9 Methods for MS Access 3035 System Resource Exceeded Error

Access 3035 system resource exceeded error

The Access 3035 system resource exceeded error typically occurs when MS Access runs out of certain resources of a system. However, this run-time error ‘3035’ appears due to various reasons, such as running an outdated application, insufficient disk space, complex queries, etc. (Below you can find the screenshot of the error).

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How to Fix MS Access ODBC Call Failed 3146 Error Easily?

fix access runtime error 3146

The MS Access ODBC call failed 3146 error displays as a result of a faulty network connection. It occurs within the Access database when setting up the associated database on an additional PC. This runtime error 3146 typically stipulates that there was a problem with an ODBC connection or an SQL query being performed. However, the most important thing is how to fix it. (Below you can see the complete error message).

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[Solved] Access Database Engine Does Not Recognize (Error 3344)

Microsoft Access Database Engine Does Not Recognize Error

You may experience “the Microsoft Access database engine does not recognize as a valid field name or expression (Error 3344)” while updating the fields in Access. Also, you can receive this error while using the Crosstab Query or when Access unable to recognize fields stated in a query. Here is the screenshot of the error:

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