Resolving MS Access “Type Mismatch in Expression” Error – 6 Best Practices

While working on the Microsoft Access database, users often encounter different errors and issues that disturb the workflow. One such error message that users are currently reporting is- “Type mismatch in Expression.” This error triggers when trying to create queries, forms, or import & export data from/to the external sources. However, it is really annoying, and is important to address this error ASAP.

type mismatch in expression access error

In this write-up, we will explore what this error means, why it occurs, and, most significantly, how to troubleshoot it. Besides, if the error arises due to database corruption, you can go for the Access repair software revealed in this blog to fix the db corruption.

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Quick Fixes:

What Is Error 3615 Type Mismatch in Expression?

The Access error 3615 – Type Mismatch in expression itself gives a clear indication that Microsoft Access can’t match the data type of the input value to the expected data type value.

Suppose for instance, if you assign Access with a text string when it is expecting for a number then at that time you will receive this error. In order to work properly, the data types need to be the same. Here’s the screenshot to better understand:

type mismatch in expression

Why I Am Getting MS Access Type Mismatch in Expression Error?

This error message occurs when trying to link or join the two tables that have different data types. The field may have the same values but have a mismatch or different data types are actually causing this Access error 3615. Besides, there are some other reasons as well so, let’s have a look:

  1. Invalid syntax in your queries, forms, or expressions in the VBA
  2. Improper Date & time formats
  3. Incorrect data conversion format
  4. The data you are entering in the database file mismatches with the defined validation rules
  5. Either the Access database file is corrupted or objects in the database are corrupted.

How to Fix Type Mismatch in Expression Access Error?

The data type mismatch in criteria expression in Access can be encountered by both new & experienced users. Luckily, it is easy to tackle the situation by following the below troubleshooting methods.

Workaround 1- Check the Queries

Since the error is occurring when attempting to create/run the queries or expressions in the Access database, it is vital to verify the queries. It means you will have to check whether you have used the correct syntaxes in the VBA queries or not. Also, ensure that you have used the same data types in table fields.

Workaround 2- Verify for Mismatched Datatype in Table Fields 

As already said, a mismatch in expression error mainly arises when establishing a relationship between 2 tables using mismatched data types in fields.

To resolve this error, you have to check & ensure that you have compatible data types in the database tables. In case, if the tables have incompatible data types, simply change them by following the below steps:

  • Launch Access database.
  • Go to Navigation Pane>> Double-tap on a table that you need to modify.
  • Choose a Design View >> click on a specific field you want to change,

Design View

  • Then, expand dropdown >> choose new Datatype and save the changes.

Fix Type Mismatch In Expression Access

Workaround 3- Verify VBA Code to Fix Type Mismatch In Expression Access

Another solution that can assist you in getting rid of data type mismatch in criteria expression in Access is to examine the VBA code and fix the syntax issues if any are detected.

Here’s how you can do so:

  • Launch Access database.
  • Click on Database Tools >> choose Visual Basic.
  • Under VBA Editor, find a project & its module, form names, objects, etc.
  • Now, click on a related object in order to view the equivalent code.
  • There, you have to check all the syntaxes in the VBA code & make the changes if needed.

Workaround 4- Ensure The Date & Time Formats Are Correct

Incorrect date & time formats in the Access database can also lead to this peculiar error message. So, ensure you have set the correct date and time format. This will eventually help you fix the error.

Workaround 5- Verify Table Relationships 

Many Access users have reported that they fixed error code 3615 by correcting the problems related to datatype discrepancies among linked fields & relationships. You can even try this to deal with this error. To check the table relationships, follow these steps:

  • Open Access application >> go to the File.
  • Browse and choose the wanted database.
  • In the Database Tools >> click on the Relationships.

Verify Table Relationships 

  • Then, click on the tab “Design” >> All Relationships.
  • Now, the Relationship window will display all defined relationships in your Access database.
  • Here, you have to check & fix if there’re any relationship problems.

Recommended- Go for the Sophisticated Utility to Fix Access Database Corruption

If the above solutions fail to fix the data type mismatch in criteria expression in Access, it might be possible that the error occurred due to database corruption. In that case, you can use Access’s built-in Compact and Repair Tool to repair corrupt Access database files for free.

For severe corruption, it is suggested to use the advanced Access Repair Software For such cases, you need to reach out to Access Repair Software. This program will help you to fix the corruption issue and solve the error in no time.

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Moreover, it can repair corrupted/damaged .accdb and .mdb files, and restore all data such as tables, queries, indexes, relations, etc.

Steps To Use MS Access Repair Tool

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How to Avoid Type Mismatch Errors in Access?

To avoid type mismatch errors in Access, consider following the below precautionary tips:

  1. Always define an accurate data type for each field.
  2. Use input masks & validation rules to certify data consistency.
  3. Don’t mix data types in the calculations.
  4. Often test your queries and expressions to catch the errors early.

Final Verdict

So, the workarounds mentioned above will surely help you resolve MS Access type mismatch in expression error. But, in case, the manuals fail, you still fix the error by using the recommended solution- Access Repair & Recovery Tool.

That’s all…

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