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Are you encountering “The Microsoft Jet Database Engine Could not Find the Object” Error in your Access Database? Encountering this specific issue each time when you try to open a table, form, report or query in Microsoft Access 2007/2010 /2013/2016 database?

If yes, then make a check to the post. As, this contain complete solution regarding this specific Access error code. Let’s move towards the post.


Hi ,

I am trying to Access the Excel from sharing drive and having permission.

But i am getting below this error:

The Microsoft Access database engine could not find the object ”. Make sure the object exists and that you spell its name and the path name correctly. If ” is not a local object, check your network connection or contact the server administrator.

Please let me help what needs to be done for this issue resolving



This Access “could not find object“ error occurs when user tries to open the corrupted/damaged Access Database . It’s a trappable Microsoft Jet and DAO error. Here is the following error declaration.

The Microsoft Jet database engine could not find the object ‘xxxx’. Make sure the object exists and that you spell its name and the path name correctly.

Error Code: Access Error 3011

In the above error message ‘xxxx’ is an Access object name. It can be a system object or user object.

Below is the screenshot of the error message:

access error 3011

Precise Explanation:

Whenever the Access Database objects whether it is user objects or system objects are damaged and can’t be recognized. Then access will report this error.

Resolution To Fix “Microsoft Access Database Engine Could Not Find The Object” Error

In order to fix this issue you can opt any of the following methods.  Here we have mentioned 3 ways to resolve this Access 3011- “Engine Could Not Find The Object” error.


If there are changes you have not yet synchronized to the server, then you may need to recreate those changes after trying the following steps.

Method 1: Open in Access

  1. First of all open the website for the Access web database.
  2. Select Options and click Open in Access.
  3. Click OK
  4. In the browser bottom, following error message will appear:

“Do you want to open or save <filename>.accdw (##bytes) from <sitename>.<locationName>.com.”   Tap to the Open option.

  1. A pop-up message with the following declaration will pop up to your screen: “Opening a Microsoft Access Web app (ACCDW) file will download information from the internet or intranet. The URL for the site association with this file is: https://<application site url>”. Tap to the OK button.

This will open your application in Microsoft Access and now you can easily open up your tables, forms and reports.

Method 2: Delete the accdb file and Open in Access

If the above steps won’t help you in resolving this Access Database Engine Could Not Find The Object issue. Then don’t worry as other fixes are also there to resolve this error.

In this second method you just need to remove the accdb file from the local machine. After then creating a new .accdb file from the Office 365 web location of your Access application:

    Record file and Site Information:

  1. Start MS Access on your local machine and after then open the access web application.
  2. Tap to the File option and click the “View and edit database properties” link on the upper right. On General tab of dialog you can easily see the location of local database file.
  3. After then record location of the *.accdb file and close Access.
  4. On the File menu, in the Sync All section, click the link to the database on web. Either you can leave the website open or save the address of the site in notepad document. Do this at the time of creation of the new copy of the .accdb from the web site.

    Backup And Delete The Issue Creating Accdb File:


Access objects like, form or reports that are created after this issue may need to be recreated. If you don’t sync the database after its object creation. If you have produced a client form or client reports that are not sync, then you may be able to import them from your backup copy.

  1. Search the location of the local access accdb file as you have recorded in step 3 and after then select the file. Copy the file to different hard drive or USB drive.
  2. Now delete the file from local machine. But remember one thing that renaming the file will not resolve this issue. It should be removed from the machine.

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Create a New Copy of the accdb File from the Web on your Local Computer:

  1. Search to the site of the web database that you opened or saved in step 4.
  2. on the top bar of the application, click to the Options button and Open In Access option.
  3. At the browser bottom\, following message will appear” Do you want to open or save <filename>.accdw (##bytes) from <sitename>.<locationName>.com.  So, click to the Open option.

This will open a pop-up window, having the following messages:

“Opening a Microsoft Access Web app (ACCDW) file will download information from the internet or intranet. The URL for the site association with this file is: https://<application site url>”

  1. Hit the OK option.

You will receive a message “Created a local copy of ‘https://<your application site url>’ at ‘C:\users\<profile name>\Documents\Access Applications\<application name>.accdb.”

  1. At last tab to the ok option.

Now you will be able to see all your Access objects.

Method 3: Try Access Repair N Recovery Software

Last but the best recommended option is to use the Access Repair N Recovery Software for fixing this Access Engine Could Not Find The Object Error. As this particularly software tool is designed to fix several access errors and corruption of MS Access database. So, if in case meanwhile this Access 3011 error your Access database objects somehow gets damaged /corrupted then you must give it a try to this tool.  As, this tool works great to retrieve any kind of lost/ deleted /corrupted Access Database items.

To know about the tool ability and features you can download the demo version of this tool which is completely free. Once you are completely satisfied with the software capability you can then go for full version of the software.

Step by Step guide on how to use MS Access repair and recovery tool

Step 1 – Install the software and launch it. Now select the corrupt Access file for Repairing.


Step 2 – The software will show you the list of searched files in a drive. Select the file that you want to repair and click on Repair button.


Step 3 – The repairing process will get started and you see the log report for analysis.


Step 4Once the repairing process completes click on “OK” button to see the preview of the file database objects.


Step 5 – You can now preview the repaired file.


Step 6 – By default the software will save the repaired file to the location where the corrupt database is saved but with a new name. You can also select different location.


Step 7Your saving is in process.


Step 8 Saving completed.


3 Easy Fixes To Resolve “The Microsoft Jet Database Engine Could Not Find The Object” Error