8 Quick Troubleshoot Solutions To Fix Access Error 7960


This article provides a detailed description regarding error Code 7960, generally called Access Error 7960 displaying an error message as below 

“Error 7960: Microsoft Access has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience”

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About 7960 Runtime Code

Runtime 7960 occurs when at failure or crashing of Microsoft Access at the same time as it is operating, hence the name runtime error. It does not essentially point towards a corrupted code in any way, but simply that it didn’t function at the time of run-time. Such errors will seem like an irritating notice on the system screen unless correctly handled. The signs, sources and methods are mentioned below to resolve the difficulty.


How To Fix MS Access error 7960?

Access Error 7960 Symptoms

Runtime errors occur with no warning. The error code can pop up on the screen at any moment while operating Microsoft Access. In truth, you may face a dialogue box or error pop-up screen repeatedly if not paid attention to time.

There might be occasions of appearing of new files or deletion of files. Nevertheless, this indication is mainly because of virus contamination, it could be recognized as a runtime error symptom since one of the causes for runtime error is virus infection. The sudden fall of internet speed can also be a result of this, once again, it’s not the same always.

Inspection of Access Code 7960

“Runtime error” is the name usually given to Access Error 7960 by the specialists. It is ensured in the most possible ways by developers that software does not encounter such malfunctions until released publicly. Unfortunately, an error like 7960 may not get resolved at this last phase.

Few users may experience “Access Error 7960” during usage of Microsoft Access. On the occasion of detected error 7960, users might carry the occurrence of the issue to MS Corporation by means of bug reporting or email. The team of programming can utilize this information to locate and resolve the error (evolving an update). Subsequently, the Microsoft Access update package will also be used by the developer to fix error 7960 and additionally stated errors.

What Causes Of Error 7960 On MS Access?

A catastrophe at the implementation of MS Access is usually when you come across 7960 Access Error being a runtime error. We might regulate that 7960 runtime code initiates from:

  • Error 7960 Crash – It can lead to freezing of complete program, which averts you from achieving anything. When Microsoft sufficient output cannot be facilitated by Access for provided input or does not know the outcome, it’ll frequently obscure the system.
  • Memory Leak of Access Error 7960 – When an MS Access Memory leak happens, this results in the device operating sluggish because of resources of the system going short. The probable reason is the failure of MS Corporation to not apportion space in the program, or if an “infinite loop” is executed by the bad code.
  • Error 7960 Logic Error – It occurs when MS Access generates incorrect results from correct input. This materializes when the source code of MS Corporation results in a fault in handling the information.

Access Error 7960 Glitches

Access Error 7960 Glitches with MS Access Comprise:

  • “Access Error 7960 is not a valid Win32 application.”
  • “Access Error 7960 Error.”
  • “Access Error 7960 needs to close.”
  • “Access Error 7960 can’t be found.”
  • “Access Error 7960 can’t be located.”
  • “Access Error 7960 is not running.”
  • “Start-up error in application: Access Error 7960.”
  • “Faulty Program Path: Access Error 7960.”
  • “Access Error 7960 quit.”

How To Fix MS Access Error 7960?

Runtime code error could be persistent and annoying, but it’s not something impossible, maintenances are obtainable. Methods to accomplish it are as follows.

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1# End Conflicting Application

When you obtain runtime error, remember that it’s occurring because of applications that are contradictory with one another. The primary thing to be done for fixing the issue is to halt such conflicting apps.

  • Got to Task Manager by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del all at once. This will allow you to get a list of currently running programs.
  • Open the Processes tab and one by one click the End button for each program by highlighting them.
  • You have to perceive if the error will re-happen every time you halt the procedure.
  • Once you recognize the program that’s causing the error, you might go forward with a subsequent troubleshooting tactic, installing the application again.

 2# Reinstall/Update Conflicting Application

1. Control Panel:

  • In Windows 7: Go to Start, then hit Control panel, and Uninstall
  • In Windows 8: Click Start Button, scroll to click More Settings then hit Control panel > Uninstall a program.
  • In Windows 10: Simply type Control Panel click for upcoming options, then Uninstall a program
  • Once within Programs and Features, go to problem program and hit Uninstall or Update.
  • If you update, then you simply have to follow the prompt to finish progression, however, for Uninstallation, you’ll uninstall and then again download or make use of the installation disk of the application to install the program again.

2. Additional Means:

  • You might get a list of installed programs in Windows 7, by clicking the Start button and scrolling the mouse over the list that perform on a tab. You might look at the list utility for program uninstallation. You might move forward and remove by means of utilities obtainable within a tab.
  • In Windows 10, you might hit Start > Settings > choose Apps.
  • Scroll down for a list of Apps and features already installed within the system.
  • Click Program that’s the reason the runtime code, then select uninstall or hit Advanced options for application reset.

3# Update Anti-virus Or Install the Latest Update of  Windows

Virus infection resulting in runtime code on PC must instantly be disallowed, isolated or removed. Ensure you update the virus application and run a detailed scan of the system or, perform a Windows update to obtain the latest virus fix and definition.

4# Install Runtime Libraries Again

You may receive an error as a result of an update, such as a package of MS Visual C++ that’s not installed completely or properly. Then you can simply uninstall the present package and re-install a fresh version.

  • Uninstall package by visiting Programs and Features, locate and highpoint MS Visual C++ Redistributable Package.
  • Hit Uninstall from the list, and when completed, restart PC.
  • Download the newest redistributable bundle from MS and install it after that.

5# Perform Disk Cleanup

You may come across runtime code due to less space on the system.

  • You must reflect backing files and removing unnecessary files to free up hard drive storage
  • You can try clearing cache and restarting your system
  • Disk Cleanup can also be used, disclose your window of browser explorer and open your primary directory by doing right-click (which is usually C:)
  • Hit Properties and go to Disk Cleanup

6# Reinstall Graphics Driver

If an error is associated with corrupt drivers of graphics, then follow the steps below:

  • Go to Device Manager, trace graphics driver
  • Do right click on the graphics card driver and hit uninstall, then resume your PC

7# Runtime Error related to IE

If the error you’re receiving is interrelated to the IE Explorer browser, you might do the following:

  1. Reset browser:
    1. In Windows 7, you might hit Start, visit Control Panel, and hit Internet Selections on the left side. Then click the Advanced label then hit the Reset button.
    2. In Windows 8 and 10, you need to hit the search button and enter Internet Options, go to the Advanced tab and hit Reset.
  2. Incapacitate error notifications and script debugging:
    • On similar Options for the Internet window, you might visit the Advanced tab and appear for Disabling script debugging
    • Place a mark on the radio button
    • All at once, un-mark “Display a Notification about each Script Error” piece and press Apply > OK, then restart the system.

If such quick solutions fail to work, then it may happen due to a faulty access database. So, don’t worry just follow the below-given method to fix this error completely.

8# Recommended Method To Repair Corrupt Access Database File

Sometimes, due to Corruption or any type of bug that may affect the Access database and result of this you may encounter an access error 7960. So, it is highly recommended you use a third party MS Access Database Repair Tool to fix this error.

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This advanced tool can fix any type of issues and bugs with its advanced scanning algorithm. This tool scans your PC and repairs and fixes corrupt database files and then reinstalls all database components. Not only this, but it can also repair Access database corrupted .mdb and .accdb file formats and can also recover all Access database objects like forms, tables, reports, queries, macros, constraints, database relationships, etc.

Wrap Up:

In this article, I tried my best to provide all the information related to MS access error 7960. I hope you follow all the methods one by one, and with the help of the guidelines now you can fix this error completely.

But if the given manual method doesn’t work for you, then don’t forget to back up and restore the access database and perform system reinstall/repair. However, you can do this at a later stage when the enlisted resolutions don’t get the job done.

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