7 Easy Fixes for Microsoft Access Error 32570

In this tutorial, you will get to know how to fix Microsoft Access Error 32570. This is a Runtime error which is also called “A Design Master or Replica cannot be converted to the Access 2007 file format.@@@1@@@1.” while operating the application.

Therefore, when the system carries updates like this, it is characteristically to resolve issues of error 32570 and additional bugs within MS Access.

When Access Error 32570 Occurs?

A MS Access or a device catastrophe naturally can mark itself through A Design Master or Replica cannot be converted to the Access 2007 file format as a runtime error. We’re going to evaluate the main sources of error 32570 bugs:

  • Crash Error 32570 – Error 32570 is imminent, which occurs when an incorrect code line gets compiled within the source code of the program. When MS Access fails to deliver adequate output for provided input or does not know about the outcome at all, then the system will be confused in this fashion.
  • A Design Master or Replica cannot be converted to the Access 2007 file format Memory Leak – Memory leak of Error 32570 befalls and discloses MS Access as the perpetrator, exhausting performance of the PC. A conceivable reason for Microsoft Corporation’s failure is to re-assign memory within the program, or when an “infinite loop” is executed by the bad code.
  • Logic Error 32570 – Logic error of MS Access takes place when it yields wrong outcomes, regardless of the user facilitating accurate input. This happens when the source code of MS corporations activates defenselessness in processing information.

Universally, unethical or lost A Design Master or Replica cannot be converted to the Access 2007 file format files as a result of such errors of MS Corporation, and are at times accredited to past or present malware contamination disturbing Microsoft Access.

A huge proportion of such file errors can be fixed just by downloading and installing of recent Microsoft Corporation file version. As a final measure, we acclaim making use of registry cleaner to overhaul invalid A Design Master or Replica cannot be converted to the Access 2007 file format, extension of MS Corporation file, and additional file path orientations could be the result of such error messages.

What Causes Microsoft Access Error Code 32570?

Runtime bugs are commonly caused by mismatched programs operating simultaneously. It might even happen due to problems with memory, virus infection or corrupt graphics driver. Irrespective of the cause of the issue, the issue needs to be fixed instantaneously to circumvent additional problems. Below are the ways mentioned to resolve this error.

Runtime bug appears to be persistent and annoying, but it’s not completely despondent, resolutions are obtainable.

Solution 1- Close Incompatible Applications

When you face runtime error, remember that it’s happening because of programs that are inconsistent with one another. And the primary thing to be done for resolving the error is to stop such programs.

  • Go to Task Manager by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del together and you will see a list of applications operating currently.
  • Visit the Processes page and stop programs individually by highlighting them and hitting the button called End Process.

Look For Access Database File In Task Manager

  • After this perceive if an error message reoccurs whenever you stop a program.
  • This will help you to identify the program that’s causing the error, and then you might go ahead with further troubleshooting, that’s application reinstallation.

Solution 2 – Reinstall/Update Conflicting Applications

From Control Panel

  • Windows 7, hit Start Button, now go to Control panel, and Uninstall a program
  • Windows 8, hit Start Button, scroll down and press More Settings, now visit the Control panel >then Uninstall a program.

Repair MS Office

  • In Windows 10, type Control Panel in the search box and select from results, now hit Uninstall a program
  • From within Programs and Features, press problem program to Uninstall or Update.


  • If you select Update, then follow the screen prompts to finish the progression, however, for Uninstallation, follow the uninstallation prompt and then download the program again or utilize the installation disk for program reinstallation.

Using Supplementary Techniques

  • In Windows 7, you can find the list of installed applications from the Start menu and scroll the mouse over a list that appears on the tab. You might notice a list utility for program uninstallation. You might move ahead and press uninstall using utilities accessible in the tab.
  • In Windows 10, click Start, Settings, and select Apps.
  • Move downwards to check Apps and features lists that are installed in the system.
  • Press Program that’s resulting into runtime bug, and select uninstall or press Advanced selections for application reset.

Solution 3 – Download the Windows update or perform a Virus protection update

It is important to immediately prevent, quarantine or delete Virus infection which is the reason for runtime error. Ensure updating virus apps and run a detailed scan of PC or, operate Windows update to obtain newest virus fix and quarantined. Additionally, also update Windows from the setting and then click check for updates. If any updates are available simply click on download and then install.

Solution 4 – Runtime Libraries Reinstallation

You may receive errors due to updates, such as a package of MS Visual C++ that’s improperly or incompletely installed. Therefore, simply uninstall the package and then reinstall the fresh version.

  • Uninstall the package by visiting Programs and Features, locate and highlight MS Visual C++ Redistributable Package.

Access Error 32570

  • Press Uninstall from the list, and then, restart your PC.
  • Download the newest redistributable package using MS and then perform the installation.

Solution 5 – Perform Disk Cleanup

You may experience runtime bugs due to low free storage on the PC.

  • You must back up the files and release space on a hard disk
  • Clear cache and restart the system
  • Perform Disk Cleanup, open window explorer and do right click on the primary directory (that’s usually C:)
  • Select Properties and hit Disk Cleanup

Access Error 32570

Solution 6 – Graphics Driver Reinstallation

If an error 32570 is connected to a corrupt graphics driver, then perform the following:

  • Go to Device Manager, then locate graphics driver
  • Do right click on the video card driver and select uninstall, now restart the system

Access Error 32570

Solution 7 – IE related Runtime Bug

If the error you’re receiving is associated with IE, follow the below steps:

Browser reset

  • In Windows 7, click Start, then Control Panel, and then press Internet Options on the left side. Now click the Advanced tab followed by the Reset button.
  • In Windows 8/10, you might search Internet Options by typing, then visit the Advanced tab and press Reset.

Incapacitate error notifications and script debugging.

  • In the same window of Internet Options, you might visit the Advanced tab and search for Disable script debugging

Access Error 32570

  • Insert a checkmark on the radio button
  • Simultaneously, uncheck the “Display a Notification about every Script Error” piece and click Apply then OK, now restart the system.

Recommended Option To Repair Corrupt Access Database File

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If the fixes mentioned above do not resolve the error code 32570, you always have the option of backing up your files and performing system repair and lastly go for a complete operating system reinstallation.

Nevertheless, as mentioned these are the last and final steps when all other steps mentioned above fail to do the job.

In case you have any additional workarounds that proved successful or questions concerning the ones presented.

Do tell us in the comments or you can visit the Access Repair Facebook and Twitter social handle.

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