11 Ways to Fix ‘Cannot Open or Run Macro’ (Error 32002) in Access

MS Access cannot open or run macro because it is not valid error 32002 triggers due to running the incompatible programs simultaneously or corruption on the Access Database macro. However, closing conflict programs, running Disk CleanUp, updating the device OS, and reinstalling the graphics driver are some of the effective ways that can be tried to fix this error. Read further to know more fixes in detail.

Well, the users encounter a variety of errors while using MS Access like “Error 3048: Cannot open any more database”, “Error 3167: record is deleted” “Error 3125: Is not a valid name”, and other errors including Access runtime macro error 32002.

Therefore, here in this article, I have covered all the possible solutions that will assist you to fix MS Access 32002 error code successfully.

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But before moving ahead towards the solutions, let’s know something about the 32002 error in detail.

About MS Access 32002 Runtime Error in Detail:

Name: Cannot Open or Run Macro Because It Is Not Valid

Number: MS Access Runtime Error 32002 Full

Error: Error 32002 Cannot open or run macro ‘|’, because it is not valid.@@@1@@@1

Screenshot Of Microsoft Access 32002 Runtime Error:

Cannot Open or Run Macro’ (Error 32002) in Access

You may get the above-shown runtime error when trying to log in to Microsoft Access or when the Access fails while running.

Symptoms Of Access 32002 Error

When this error message suddenly appears on your computer’s screen then it might result in the files deletion. Also, you may observe that your internet connection speed gets decreases, and the MS Access app crashes while editing/closing/saving a macro.

Causes Of Error 32002: Cannot Open or Run Macro ‘|’, Because It Is Not Valid

  1. Running the incompatible programs simultaneously.
  2. When there’s a problem with VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) macro code.
  3. Virus or trojan attracts.
  4. A bad graphics driver can also cause a 32002 error.
  5. Access database holding corrupted/damaged macros.

As you have learned the major factors, now it’s time to know how to fix Error 32002 cannot open or run macro because it is not valid in Access with 11 best ways.

How To Fix MS Access Cannot Open or Run Macro Because It Is Not Valid?

Fix 1- Test a Macro with Single-Step Mode

Since the error is related to the Database macro so it is recommended to test the macro using the single-step mode. This will help you to detect macro execution & outcomes of each macro act.

Moreover, it assists to find out any action which leads to the runtime error.

Here is how you can use this mode:

  • In the MS Access, you have to right-click on a macro from ‘Navigation Pane’, >> select the ‘Design View’
  • Click on ‘Design’ tab under ‘Tools’ group >> click on ‘Single Step’.
  • Then, click on Run However, if a macro that you need to test is edited or new, follow the reminders to save it.
  • Here, you will get the dialog box of Macro Single Step holding details about a macro & its action. Moreover, it offers info about the runtime error code. If a box of the ‘Error Number’ has zero, then it simply means there is no error occurred.

MS Access Cannot Open or Run Macro

  • Follow the below instructions:
  • Now, click on ‘Step’ option to perform an action shown in the dialog box of Macro Single Step.
  • After this. Tap on ‘Stop All the Macros’ in order to stop a macro & exit the box.
  • Finally, click on ‘Continue’ button to run the test of a macro.

Fix 2- Closing Conflicting Programs

Most of the time, it happens that running Conflicting applications in the background might trigger different errors on the Operating System including Cannot open or run macro ‘|’, because it is not valid.@@@1@@@1.

In such an instance, closing the background running applications one by one might assist to tackle the situation.

So, here you have to do the same thing to get rid of this error code in MS Access. For this, follow these steps:

  • First, press the Ctrl + Alt + Del keys at the same time & double-click on the Task manager.
  • After this, press on the ‘Process.’
  • Then, double-click on each program that is running & press on End Task.
  • Even after closing all the conflict programs if the issue still persists, then apply the below fixes.

Fix 3- Use Microsoft Access Database without the VBA code

Please Note: This method only comes in handy for the ACCDB file.

To do so, you have to press & hold a ‘shift’ key once opening the Access database in order to bypass a code. Nevertheless, if the database launches without any error, then definitely there’s an issue with your VBA code.

All you need to do is to fix your code and troubleshoot the error.

Fix 4- Running the Disk Cleanup

Please Note– Don’t forget to create a backup of your crucial files & folders before applying this method.

Running the Disk Cleanup on your PC will assist you to free up some space on your device as less storage space might cause Access runtime macro error 32002.

Here is how you can run the Disk Cleanup:

  • Simply clean the cache files first & restart your computer.
  • Also, you can run the Disk CleanUp by opening your Explore Window & making a right-click on your foremost directory.
  • Click on the properties option >> then Disk Cleanup.

Disk Cleanup

Fix 5- Enable Trusted MS Access to the Macros

Another yet method that you can try to solve this error code is to enable trusted Access. To do so, follow the below steps carefully:

  • In the MS Access, you have to open the blank database.
  • Once the blank database is opened, click on the File >> Options.
  • Choose a tab named ‘Trust Center’ from a dialog box of ‘Access Options’.

Cannot Open or Run Macro

  • At this time, click on the button ‘Trust Center Settings’.

Trust Center Settings

  • Choose the option “Enable all macros” from a dialog box which launches, now click on ‘OK’ to save the changes you have made.

Enable all macros

Fix 6- Update Your Device OS

When I went through several community websites then I found that many users have reported that they received Access runtime errors due to using an outdated OS version.

Though it might possible that you are experiencing MS Access cannot open or run macro because it is not valid error due to running an outdated OS version.

All you need to do is check whether there is any pending update available or not. If available then you should install it immediately and check for the error. Refer: How to Update Windows OS Version?

Fix 7- Resolve Runtime Error Related to Internet Explorer

If the macro error 32002 has occurred because of some issue related to the Internet Explorer, follow the below steps:

Steps for resetting the browser:

  • First, go to the Control Panel.
  • Next, choose the Internet Options.
  • Then, you have to click on Advanced tab >> Reset.

Steps for Disabling the Script bugging & error notifications:

  • Initially, go to the Control Panel.
  • Choose the Internet Options.
  • Click on Advanced tab >> then locate the “Disable Script debugging”

Disable Script debugging

  • After that, check on the Radio.
  • Then, unselect the option ‘notification’ for script error.
  • Finally, click on the Apply >> OK.
  • Reboot your PC.

Fix 8- Reinstall the Visual C++ Libraries

Sometimes, the Access runtime errors occur due to not installing the package of Microsoft Visual C++ or using an outdated Visual C++. In such case, uninstalling and reinstalling the Visual C++ package can assist to overcome the situation.

Here is how you can do so:

  • Go to the Control Panel >> click on ‘Program & Features’. Doing this will specify the list of installed programs.
  • Find Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package, make right-tap on it >> click on ‘Uninstall’.

Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package

  • Once the uninstallation process gets over, restart your PC.
  • Now, download & install the newest redistributable package.

After finishing these steps, check if the runtime error 32002 is fixed.

Fix 9- Resolve MS Access Cannot Open or Run Macro Because It Is Not Valid by Repairing Corrupted Database

If you are facing this runtime error due to Access database macros corruption then you can use the MS Access Compact & Repair tool. This utility will help you to repair the corrupted database macro in no time with less effort.

Follow the step-by-step instructions to run the Compact & Repair tool:

Fix 10- Reinstall Graphics Driver

If none of the above solutions worked for you to fix Cannot open or run macro ‘|’, because it is not valid.@@@1@@@1, try to reinstall the graphics driver. Here is how to do so:

  • Go to the Device Manager.
  • Then find the graphics driver.
  • Make right-tap on video card driver >> click on Uninstall.

video card driver

  • Reboot your PC.

And you are done!

Fix 11- Best Tool to Repair Corrupt/Damaged Access Database Macro

As mentioned above, corruption in the Macro can also trigger MS Access 32002 error.

Thus, if you are suspicious that you are receiving this runtime error due to severe Access database corruption then you must try the proficient Access Database Repair Tool. It will surely help you to repair corrupted Access database (.mdb/.accdb) files.

Although it works great for recovery of deleted records and objects from MS Access database files without affecting it. Thus, if you’re having any doubt whether this utility will work in your case or not, you can simply use its trial version.

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So, without any further ado, just download and install this tool on your PC and follow the below user guide to know how it works.

To Sum Up

As a Microsoft user experiencing such Access runtime errors are quite annoying as it restricts you from accessing your Databases.

Well, in the above section of this article, I have specified different solutions that will help you to resolve MS Access cannot open or run macro because it is not valid error 32002 with the less effort.

Moreover, if you have any queries or doubts related to this error, you can contact us via our official Twitter or Facebook page.

Thanks for reading…!

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