5 Way To Fix MS Access Object Already Exists Error (3012)

Fix MS Access Object Already Exists Error

Are you encountering MS Access object already exists error each time when you try to create any new object in your Access database?

If you don’t have any idea to fix this MS Access object already exists error 3012 then you can take help from this post.

As in this blog, I have provided complete detail about Access object already exists error and best fixes to resolve it.

So, let’s get started…!

About Access database Object Already Exists Error:


Each time when you try to create objects like tables, queries, forms, and reports, in your Access database you are encountering with the following error message:

Object already exists in your database

Error Information

Error code: Error 3012

Error name: Microsoft Access Error 3012
Description: Object ‘|’ already exists.

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What Are The Causes Of MS Access Object Already Exists Error?

The following are the reasons behind this MS Access Object Already Exists Error. Read these reasons very carefully as this will also help you out to find where the problem actually persists in your database.

  • May be your database object is connected to any specific database or schema like a user-defined function or table. And another object having the same name already present in schema or database.
  • The role you are currently been using doesn’t have the privileges to use objects.
  • It’s important to have a unique name in the feature classes of the database mainly the one which is kept by the same user.

Schema wizard won’t create feature class if the same name is used by the existing feature class.

MS access object already exists error also occurs when you reapply the UML model and already existing feature class is having a different feature type.

How To Fix MS Access Object Already Exists Error (3012)?

Solution 1: Apply Different Object Names

If your previously existing database object and currently creating an object is having a very slight difference in their purpose of use. In that case, assign different names to both the objects.

As it is found that due collision of same or similar object name Access error “object already exists” occurs.

Solution 2: Use Different object Types

Another way through which you can easily fix object already exists error is by renaming or deleting the feature class which is already existing.

 Or else you can try renaming the UML feature class so as to avoid the naming conflict issue.

If you are approaching to reapply schema for updating the previously existing feature class. Then make sure that the feature type of your existing feature class and UML Class don’t be the same.

Solution 3: Check With The Object Dependency

The best option to fix Access database object already exists error is by using MS Access Object Dependencies feature”. It is the smartest option to keep track of all the interconnected objects present in your Access database.

Once you know how each and every object is related to one another within your database, you can easily prevent yourself from making new objects in the wrong location.

Solution 4: Set A Field’s Indexed Property To Yes (No Duplicates)

Using this option you can strictly obstruct the entry of duplicate values in your Access database table.

You can use this method also as a preventive measure to avoid object already exist error again in the future.

 Let’s know how it is to be done:

  • Go to the Navigation Pane and make a right-click on the table in which you want to apply this no duplicate rule.
  • After making the right click, from the listed drop-down options choose the Design View.
  • Now from the selected table choose the field in which you need to set the unique value rule.
  • In the opened window of the table design view, at the bottom, there is one column of Field Properties.
  • Now within this field properties, go to the general tab and in the index property set Yes (No duplicates).

Set A Field Indexed Property To Yes---1

  • In the end, save all the changes you have performed in your database.

Note: Remember one thing that, doing this step may hamper your database uniqueness and integrity.

for more reference, you can read this helpful post on Index object (DAO)

Solution 5: Use Data-definition Query For Creating Unique Index For Field 

1. From the menu tap to the Create tab, then get into the Queries

2. Now from this queries group choose the Query Design option.

ms access Query Design 1

3. You have to close the dialogue box of Show Table when it gets open.

4. On the queries design tab, go to Results Now hit the arrow present under the View option, and after that tap to SQL View option.

ms access Query Design 2

5. Now you have to delete entire SQL from your query.

6. Just paste or type below-given SQL commands into the query.

ON table (field);

7. In SQL, you have the following options to replace the variables:

  • Replace index_name with the index name:

It’s a good option to set such a name which will help you to identify what the index is about.

Suppose, If you are using the index to make your phone numbers field unique then give it a name unique_phone.

  • Replace the table with the name of the table having the field in which you want to be indexed. If your table name is having some special characters then you have to enclose the name within the square brackets.
  • Replace the field with field name you want to index. If this field name also contains special characters then don’t forget to keep the name within the square brackets.

8. After this, Save your query and then close it.

9. Now it’s time to run your query so that it can create the index.

Note: you have the option to run the query from macro by making use of RunSQL macro action.

Final Verdict:

If you keep all the above-mentioned guidelines in mind and strictly follow it in your database then you will never gonna encounter such object already exist error.

Try all the fixes and do share your experiences whether your Access object already exists problem has resolved or not.

If you know some other solution to fix Access error 3012 then feel free to share with us. For this, you can comment on our FB & Twitter accounts.

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