5 Ways To Fix Access “Item Cannot Be Found In The Collection (3265)” Error

Access Item Cannot Be Found In The Collection error


This article mainly focuses on MS Access error Code 3265, also termed as Microsoft Access Item not found in this collection Error.

So, find the best fixes to resolve Access runtime error 3265 “Item not found in this collection”.

Error Detail:

Error name: Microsoft Access Item cannot be found in the collection error
Description: Item cannot be found in the collection corresponding to the requested name or ordinal

Error code: Access Error 3265

Screenshot of the error:

Access Error 3265

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How To Fix Access Item Cannot Be Found In The Collection Error?

In this section you will not only get to know about the fixes to resolve MS Access error 3265. Besides that I will also share the causes of Item Cannot Be Found In The Collection Error along with the fixes.

Cause 1# Missing Field

Access runtime error 3265 also occur due to missing field from Access database.

The reason behind this missing field or item from Access database can be the corruption issue encountered in Access  database.

To fix access database corruption issue try the Access Repair And Recovery tool. it’s a powerful database recovery tool to repair corrupt Access database files (accdb/mdb). The software works best for all enterprise and professional users  as complete MS Access database repair solution.

Why to choose Access Repair And Recovery tool?

  • This software efficiently repairs corrupt .MDB and .ACCDB files
  • Saves all the repaired file at user-specified location.
  • This tool repairs Tables, Queries, Reports, Forms, & Indexes etc.
  • Gives the Preview of Access database objects for assured recovery.
  • Successfully recovers Macros, Modules & Relational Databases, Relationships and Data from Linked Table.

Cause 2# Issue In The Database Upgrade Script

Access Item Cannot Be Found In The Collection error also accused when database upgrade scripts starts running out of the order. Or when your database starts getting connected to workstation of some wrong database.

To fix this update scripts not running issue you need to make little investigation in the dbo.Scripts table and find is the script is missing somewhere.


If any script is missing over their then you need to restore data right before starting up the update work.

In such case user is free to login and system will verify whether the version of the database and workstation installation is same or not.

Cause 3# Database Is Not Updated Properly

Generally it is found that MS Access error 3265 conquered after upgrading or installing the update. Simply this indicates that database not updated correctly.

 So you have to execute the Database Format/Upgrade utility right before using an older version Access database with the newer version database.

Cause 4# Similar Version Of Database And Workstation Installation

If Access error 3265 doesn’t appear during application startup then the reason can be that the field has been added to table somewhat other than the user table.

Also the current version of your database is exact same as workstation installation.

Cause 5# Connection Is Set Up With The Wrong Database

If you are encountering Access Item Cannot Be Found In The Collection error on the application start-up. Then the chances are high that you are connected with some wrong database.

Error will get pointed to the problem with imsDBMgr.User.GetUser.

To fix this you need to restart the application and keep pressing the shift-key once the splash screen appears to you.to edit the connection detail tap to the “Other DB” option.

Besides that you need to deleted registry entries which holds the information about the database connections.

In this instance Contact support to make sure you have a proper registry backup.

After that delete HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Exalt Technologies\Insolvency\registry keys

From the registry editor and restart the software. Also enter the Access database connection information.


After reading the above causes and fixes of MS Access error 3265: item not fund this collection you must have got enough idea of how to fix this error. So, try them do share your opinion with us.  If you find any difficulty to run Access database then ask it in our Facebook and Twitter page.

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