How To Encrypt / Decrypt OR Crack MS Access Database Password In Just Few Simple Steps…!

Is your Access Database safe? Wants to encrypt your database for complete safety of your Access Database document? If yes, then just try how can you encrypt or decrypt password protect an MS Access database.

Securing the MS Access Database accdb or mdb file with password has become the norm to keep your crucial data completely safe. But sometime the situation also occurs where you don’t remember your Access Database Password and this makes you unable to open or access it. Or even after inserting the correct password your locked Access Database denies get open.

So in what situation you are stuck now? Wants to encrypt or decrypt your database? Well don’t worry…! As this blog contain both of your problems solution.

This tutorial is just to explain how you can encrypt or decrypt access database password. Let’s look at the complete steps to password lock or unlock Access Database file.

Why You Need To Password Protect Your Database?

In MS Access Database, password option is not only help you to apply password on your database for protection, but also helps in encrypting all the records placed in your database.

In other word; it is almost impossible for a normal means to do changes in the database without giving the correct password or decrypting it.

Well this feature of password protection is present since earliest editions of MS Access. And with the evolution of new version  the encryption security system of in Access database is made more stronger. With these security feature, it’s become too easy to secure the Access Database more conveniently.

Practical Scenario: 

I am to the point of deploying my DB (Access 2010) but I need to split the DB into FE and BE. I don’t want to leave the back end vulnerable. Currently I have multiple users and passwords for each hashed and stored in a table. My DB is more protected now because of my login form and password scheme. It does not seem to make sense to have the back-end so visible and accessible to fools. Everything, I read says split the database – but no one gives any info on how to secure it and maintain multiple user passwords. My DB (as stated above) has multiple passwords and access levels for each user. Isn’t there a way to protect the back-end? What is everyone doing? 

Specific server permissions are not an option for me nor are transferring over to a MS SQL server setup.
Thank you for any helpful advice!

Encrypt Access Database Password

Encrypting database means making your access database password protected by this you are actually protecting your crucial data from prying/hacker eyes.

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Access to the database will restricted if incorrect password is given to open the database. Additionally, those who attempts to use the database’s ACCDB file directly will also not been able to view any of it’s contained data and stuffs. As, the encryption system of database prevent you from showing any data without entering the correct password. So, let’s start knowing how you can password protect your Access database.

Steps To Password Protect A Database In Access 2016/2013/2010

Here is the complete steps to make a database password protected in MS Access. So, just follow it down and encrypt Access Database password in just few simple steps.

The following steps are applicable to Password protect Access 2010/2013/2016 Database.

Step 1: Tap to the windows Start button and then hit the Access 2016 application.

Step 2: Hit the Open Other Files option.

Step 3: choose the Open tab and hit the Browse option.

Step 4: On the Open dialog box, choose for the targeted database file that you want to encrypt. After then tap to the drop down which is present right next to the open button and choose the Open Exclusive option. this will open up the database file in Exclusive Mode.

Step 5: After opening of the Access database exclusive mode, hit the File>Info tab and tap to the Encrypt with Password option.

Step 6: 

now in the pop-up Set Database Password dialog box, assign a password and put the same password in the verify box and then tap to the OK option. this will encrypt your database with password. Each time when you tries to open the database, it will ask you to enter the password.

Decrypt Access Database Password

The longer the Access Database is used the greater sense it makes to reset it with a new password. Well the problem is also when you forget database password in MS Access 2016 at that time the very first thought that comes in your mind is that removing the forgotten password so that you can regain access to the protected database file. To make this task easily and without putting effort, read this tutorial as this will give you the clear idea on how to remove password from Access database.

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Steps to Remove A Password From A Database In Access 2016/2013/2010

Below here is the complete way to crack Access Database password. So now you need not to worry about decrypting Access Database, you can easily do this on your own.

  • It’s important to open source database in exclusive mode before removing of the password. So, Open the MS Access application and select “file” and then choose “open” from the toolbar menu.


  • Press the down arrow present next to the “Open” located beside the File Name text box, and then selects “Open Exclusive” option.

  • Enter the password and click ok. Click File in the top left of access to open up the file menu.

  • Click to the Decrypt Database button from the Info

  • Enter the password and click Ok.

  • This time the password has been removed from the database.


Now that you have learnt complete about how to lock or unlock your access database, you can try it freely.  But if sometime the situation also happens when your access databse denies to get opened even after applying the above mentioned fixes then at that time what will be your step.

For such cases, you must take help of tools like Access Repair And Recovery as it is the best tool to retrieve lost password of locked mdb/accdb file and unlock Microsoft Access 95/97/2000/2002/2003/2007/2010/2013/2016 database.

Just open the file folder where database is situated and remove it from there. Get access to database and unlock Access 97-2016 database file devoid of password and risk.

tip Still having issues? Fix them with this Access repair tool:

This software repairs & restores all ACCDB/MDB objects including tables, reports, queries, records, forms, and indexes along with modules, macros, and other stuffs effectively.

  1. Download Stellar Repair for Access rated Great on Cnet (download starts on this page).
  2. Click Browse and Search option to locate corrupt Access database.
  3. Click Repair button to repair & preview the database objects.

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