Mastering Subscript Out of Range Access: The Ultimate Guide

Stuck with the Access runtime error “Subscript out of range” when attempting to import the Excel database to the MS Access database? If yes, then don’t fret. This write-up contains some effective workarounds to fix subscript out of range Access along with other crucial info including the major reasons behind this error. Also, it describes the best Access Repair Tool to repair the corrupt Access database file & restore the database to its original form.

Subscript Out of Range Access

So, let’s begin…

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Quick Fixes:

What Does Subscript Out of Range Mean in Access?

When this error occurs, it simply means that you can’t import the Excel database to MS Access database or split the Access database. Besides, you can’t even try to reference the index for a collection that’s valid.

However, this error triggers due to the following reasons:

  1. Presence of an excessive number of columns.
  2. Using the disabled Macros of Excel in Access
  3. Access is not able to translate the calculated/formatted Excel fields.
  4. Using the tool wizards while designing queries or any other objects.

Now, let’s check out the below list to fix subscript out of range in Access error using some quick methods.

How to Fix Subscript Out of Range Access Error?

This error message is not a very big issue that requires so much professional skill to fix. Generally, it occurs due to your silly mistakes in following the criteria of the Excel and Access applications. So, troubleshoot it by making a few adjustments to settings.

Fix 1: Don’t Put Anything Over The Limit

Firstly checks out how many columns are there in your Excel spreadsheet. It’s important because the MS Access table can’t contain more than 255 numbers of fields.

The best option to fix this issue is, by reducing the unwanted number of columns. Only keep the column that contains crucial data or which contains the primary key.

The second step that you can take for this is splitting the Access database.

Fix 2: Remove The Calculated Columns

If your Excel workbook contains any calculated columns and you are directly transferring it on Access then it may generate MS Access subscript out of range error. As it is found that the Access database fails to translate the calculated or formatted Excel fields.

So, for this, you need to copy the calculated column. After that only paste the value of the calculated columns into a new column. At last, delete the calculated column.

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Fix 3: Make Your Excel or Access Error-Free First

Just make a quick glance over the complete Excel spreadsheet, so that no error is found in your Excel workbook.

It’s important to check because if you are importing an error containing Excel spreadsheet into Access then obviously it will cause this error in your Access database too. As a result, you will get an Access import subscript out of range on your screen. So it’s better to check…..!

The same rule of making your Access database error-free is also applicable if you are facing this error while splitting the Access database.

Fix 4: Check The Macros Programming Or VBA Coding

Well, if you are using any tool wizards; meanwhile macro programming, or when writing some VBA code then check for accuracy. As the chances are very high that a single mistake in coding is generating this Access import subscript out of range error.

Sometimes it is seen that query wizard also causes such kinds of issues. It will be better to recreate the query in Access and then manually add all the tables in it.

Well, it’s hard to fetch the exact location where the problem is going on in the VBA coding. All you can do is just make a recheck of the entire of your code lines and carefully follow the syntax error.

Areas you have to look at first:

  • If your coding contains an array then make a check over the declared array. Also, see whether it specifies any number of elements or not.
  • If you are using any subscript (!) in your coding then whether the syntax is right or wrong?

So, whether you are using macros or VBA code in Access or Excel go through all your coding either by yourself or you can take the help of any coding expert. You can also check whether your coding is right or wrong by asking about it on any forum site.

Fix 5: Enable Your Disabled Macro to Fix MS Access Subscript Out of Range

The steps mentioned below are applicable for enabling and disabling macros in all MS Office files such as Office 365, Office Online, Office 2010, Office 2013, Office 2016.

When you open a file that is showing a disabled macro error then at the top bar you will see a yellow message bar with a shield icon along with the button to enable content.

 Here are the steps to enable it.

  • Tap to the file.
  • Now go to the security warnings section and tap on the enable content
  • Choose the advanced options
  • A dialog box of Microsoft office security options will appear. From this dialog box choose the enable content for this session option for each of the macros.
  • At last tap the ok.

Subscript Out of Range Access Error

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Fix 6: Repair Access Database Corruption 

If the above workarounds fail to solve this error, it possibly means that your database file is corrupted itself. In such a situation, using the Access Repair And Recovery tool can assist you in repairing the database inconsistencies & restoring its objects like reports, tables, queries, relations, macros, forms, etc.

This program supports Office 365, Access 2019, 2016, 2013, & earlier versions. Besides, it has other outstanding features like:

  • Repairs the split Access db & linked tables.
  • Repair & recover severely corrupted .ACCDB & .MDB files.
  • Offers the option in order to recover password-protected modules and forms.
  • It supports Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, 2003, & XP.

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So, just download & install this software on your PC to repair your corrupt Access DB file and fix the error.

How to use this software:

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Related FAQs:

Are “Error 9 Subscript Out Of Range” Exclusive to Microsoft Access?

No, this error message is not exclusive to Microsoft Access. It can occur in numerous programming languages & software apps that use indexed elements or arrays.

What Should I Do If I Encounter A “Subscript Out Of Range” Error In My Access Application?

If you encounter this error in your Access application, you should immediately implement the techniques mentioned in this post and fix the error.

Is It Possible to Import Data From Excel Into Access Without Getting This Error?

Yes, it is possible to import data from Excel into Access without getting this error.

Can “Subscript Out Of Range” Errors Lead To Data Loss In Microsoft Access?

Well, these peculiar errors don’t directly lead to data loss, they can disturb the normal functions of your Access application.

Wrap Up

If you have sincerely gone through the above post then you must have got a clear idea of the error source. Now you can work according to that and can fix subscript out of range Access on your own.

Please note that there are still many possible causes of this error. I have listed down only the selective ones. So, if any of you guys know more reasons or fixes regarding the Access import subscript out of range error then share them with us on our official TwitterFacebook pages.


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