7 Way To Solve Hyperlinks Not Working In Access Issue

Do the hyperlinks contained in your Access database denies getting opened?  

Or does the hyperlinks not working in Access database?

Don’t know what mistakes you have done in making the hyperlink in Access database?

Want to know how this issue can be fixed?

In that case, you have to go through this complete post. As it contains every pinch of information about all your queries related to hyperlink not working in Access.

What Is A Hyperlink In Access Database?

Hyperlinks are basically used to link Access database elements with some external information sources.

This hyperlink can be a document, an address, or a web page. Creating hyperlink in Access database saves lots of unwanted space and displays data in an organized way.

Out of various data type of MS Access, a hyperlink is also the one which identifies addresses (of document and webpages) and counts them as a link. Clicking to such hyperlink user can easily navigate the webpage and location.

How To Solve Hyperlink Not Working In Access Issue?

Now it’s time to answer the most frequently asked query why hyperlink not working in Access and how to fix it?

In this section, I will disclose all the reason responsible for Access database hyperlink not working issue along with their solution.

1: Mandatory Component Of Hyperlink Is Missing

MS Access hyperlinks constitute of 4 mandatory components. Those components are Web Address of the linkdisplay text, subaddress, and screentip.

All these components make MS Access hyperlink more dynamic.

  • Web Address of the link:

This contains the internet address of any file, website, or document.

  • Display text :

It makes your hyperlinks more informative and organized.

  • Sub address:

This is given to specify the location or link on the web page from your Access database.

  • Screentip option:

It’s essential for a hyperlink, as this gives extra detail about your link when the mouse cursor is pointed on the link.

Format of the hyperlink looks like this:

Display text# the name of file# reference within the file# optional screen tip#

2: Make Hyperlink In A Textbox

If the method through which you are creating a hyperlink in Access fails to work, then you have other options to try.

For creating a clickable hyperlink in Access database text box, firstly you need to change your field’s data type. Let’s know how it is to be done.

  • Open the table in your access database within which you need to add the hyperlinks.
  • After that from the Home tab, tap to view option. Now from the view group, choose the “Design View.”

add hyperlink in text box ----1

  • Hit the text box, on which you have to make your hyperlink.
  • Now from table tools hit the Field
  • Tap to the drop-arrow present next to data type. From the list of options choose the “hyperlink”

add hyperlink in text box ----2

  • Just type the text which you want to display in this text box. After then make a right-click on the text and choose hyperlink>Edit Hyperlink option.
  • Choose the link type (email address or web page) you require to add in this section of Link To. In the address, either you can type the path or just make a selection of your file location manually.

add hyperlink in text box ----3

  • At last click the “OK”

3: Incorrect URL/Path

It’s very common to do mistakes in giving URL/path while making hyperlink in Access database.

So, maybe your hyperlink is not working because the URL or Path assigned by you to locate the file on the local server, is typed incorrectly. Or the file location may have got changed now.

Fix: To fix this issue you just have to assign the right path to your hyperlink. If the link you are allotting is a web address then check it in your browser whether it’s opening or not.

4: Missing HTTP:// or HTTPS://

To make the URL recognized as the live one within the Access database, you need to enter the https:// or http:// (if applicable) at URL starting.

For example:

http://www.accessrepairnrecovery.com is recognized as the valid URL in your database, whereas www.accessrepairnrecovery.com will not be valid.

In the hyperlink editing section, you will see http:// by default.

Webpages using the SSL connection starts with https:// instead of http://.

Fix: So the only thing you need to do, to fix Access hyperlink not working issue is making a double-check to the URL you have entered for more accuracy.

5: Not Connected to Server

Maybe the errors actually occurring in linking to a file present on the local secure server.

Or the file is failing to get connected to the server.

Suppose, You are trying to extract file stored on your Office server, and thus its facing trouble getting connected with your home server or any café server.

This ultimately generates hyperlink not working issue.

6: Missing Identification Code

Hyperlinks always start with some special identification code.

This helps your PC in easy recognition about the resource type and its location.

Here are I have listed down some most commonly used protocol codes of hyperlinks.

Along with the code, I have also explained the type of resource the code refers.

Protocol Code What It Does
file:// Opens a local or network-based file.
ftp:// File Transfer Protocol; links to an FTP server.
http:// Hypertext Transfer Protocol; links to a web page.
mailto: Sends email to a network or Internet address.
news:// Opens an Internet newsgroup.

7: Guest Access Links in Microsoft Applications

If you are inserting any Guest Access Links (method of securely sharing files and folders with external users with guest account) in your MS Access database then it can also be the reason of your hyperlink won’t work issue.

You can read Microsoft article fixes on how to add trusted site to your Access database. 

Alternatively, you can also save your not working hyperlink contained document in PDF format. This helps your hyperlink to work because PDF Readers don’t need Microsoft.

Wrap Up:

Using hyperlink you can easily avoid the complexity of your data representation in the database. Besides this, with the hyperlink, you are also adding easy access to relevant information.

All I want to say is, hyperlinks play a very important role in Access database designing and no one wants to deal with it’s not working phase.

So, without wasting any more time, just try the fixes I have mentioned above to fix hyperlink not working in Access database issue.

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