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Today our topic is about Exporting Access Data To Excel so do you have any idea how to perform this task? Before answering such it’s important to know what the need of doing such is. You don’t need to go anywhere to get answers of such queries. As the present blog goes into the complete detail of exporting MS Access a data item to Excel Spreadsheet and also provide best fixes to resolve the error rendered meanwhile Exporting of the Access Data.

You can take a look over the scenario that many access users rendered through during Exportation of the Access Data to Excel.

Practical Scenario:

Facing issue while trying to export an access query to an excel file. I’ll run the query, and then use the Export to Excel wizard under External Data to send the data to Excel.  The wizard will run, ask me to replace the existing file, and once I’ve given it permission to overwrite the file it completes its process.  It tells me that the export was successful.  However, my Excel file isn’t being updated or overwritten.  It’s still filled with the old data.  I’m forced to delete the file and rerun the Export Wizard in order to export the data to a file using that Excel file’s name. 

Why is the Wizard telling me it’s successful when the data in the Excel file isn’t being updated?  There’s a disconnect somewhere but I can’t figure it out.  If anyone’s encountered this before please let me know and what you did to solve the problem.  Thanks.

source: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/msoffice/forum/msoffice_access-mso_winother-mso_2010/ms-access-export-not-updating-file/b2996041-f46c-4b53-80de-888a881da3ec?auth=1

What’s The Need Of Exporting Access MDB File Data Into Excel ?

Need Of Exporting Access MDB File Data Into Excel

Below here are the few cases that give you idea on why you need to Export Access Data To Excel i.e MDB/ACCDB file to excel XLS OR XLSX file.

  • Your workgroup uses both access and excel in order to work with data. You store data in access databases but uses excel to analyze the data and to share the result of your analysis. To make the process more efficiently you team needs to export access data to excel.
  • Suppose you are a long time user of Access but your manager strictly told you to work with data in excel.
  • As you are efficient in working with access so at regular intervals, you do copy and pasting of the access data into excel. But this process is quiet time consuming so to save your precious time you need to Export Access Data To Excel.

Like this there can be several reasons for exportation. After knowing the requirement of Exporting Access Data To Excel, let’s start knowing how to perform this exporting of Access database objects to Excel.


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How To Export Data From Access To Excel?

MS Access has an in-built utility tool called Export Wizard using which users can export an access database objects like queries, tables, forms or selected records in a view into an Excel Spreadsheet. When the MS access database objects are exported, firstly Access makes a copy of the database objects or selected data and then stores the created copy in the Excel file.

Just go through the following steps and you will be easily able to perform export Access Database Object To Excel.

Steps To Export Access Database Object To Excel


Following are the steps on how to export Access to Excel. So just try them carefully.

Step 1: In the source database; if only a portion of a query, table or forms is to be exported then the object must be opened and thereby the desired records must be selected.

Step 2: Now on the External Data within the Export group’,  click to Excel.

export access to excel 1

Step 3: Options present in the ‘Export-Excel Spreadsheet’ dialog box must be completed and then tap to the OK option to complete exportation process.

  • Enter the name for your Excel workbook.
  • From the file format section select for the appropriate file format.
  • If you need to export either a table or query is needed to export or along with you also need to export the formatted data. Then the option ‘export data with formatting and layout’ must be selected.


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  • After completing the export procedure to view excel workbook. You need to check the check box ‘Open the destination file after the export operation is complete’.
  • If source object is open and if user has selected one or more records in the view right before starting of the export process. In that case user needs to select ‘Export only the selected records’.  Nevertheless to export all the displayed records in the view, the particular check box needs to left unchecked.

Note– The check box ’Export only the selected records’ remain unavailable if none of the records are been selected.

export access to excel 2

Step 4: After this the access will prompt a dialog box in which users create a specification that utilizes some particulars of the export procedure. Tap to the Yes option to store the detailed report of the export process for future reference.

Note– well the advantage of saving the particulars is that it assist users to reiterate the same process again in future without following the wizard every time.

  • Now in the ‘Save as’ box, assign name for the export process. You can also add description to it for easy understanding. There is also exists an alternative option to create an Outlook task. This option will help the user in reminding off the user to complete the future export operation.

export access to excel 3

  • In order to run a saved import, user needs to tap the Saved Exports button which is present in the ‘External Data’ tab.

export access to excel 4

  • At last, in the Manage Data Tasks the apt export action must be selected and then the option Run should be clicked upon.

export access to excel 5

You can learn about access application features following this link:

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Access: Errors During Import/Export To Excel Xls

Errors During Import/Export To Excel Xls


Sometime it is seen that Access encounters error during Import/Export operation of any Access database object in the Excel. Well the issue is usually generated when working with Excel *.xls files which contains cells more than 8224 bytes of data.

Import Error: The wizard is unable to access information in the file ‘<filename>’. Please check that the file exists and is in the correct format.

Export Error: External table is not in the expected format.


 The main reason for the occurrence of such exportation error is the changes that were released beginning with Access 2010 Service Pack 1. This prevents the Access application to open up the existing Excel *.xls file if the content of cell is greater than 8224 bytes.


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Resolution To Fix Access Export To Excel Issue:

Resolution To Fix Access Export To Excel Issue

To resolve this Access error during import/export to Excel xls, just try out the following fixes.

1. Use the *.xlsx format instead.

2. Don’t allow any memo/long text fields to a length less than 8224 bytes.

3. While exporting, just delete the existing .xls file right before performing the export using the same file name.

4. Open the .xls file in Excel before doing the import/export task from Access.

How To Recover Data lost During Exporting of the Access Database Objects to Excel?

The above situation may lead your access database data to get corrupt. In such circumstances, you need to take help of Access Database Repair. It’s an excellent tool to safely repair up the corrupt MDB or ACCDB files to get back precious  queries, forms (with VBA code), reports, tables, hyperlinks, OLE object fields, and other Access database objects. The software has well support for MS Access 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000 versions.



All in all now you must have got complete idea on how to export Access Database data to excel and if any issue encountered meanwhile this then how to resolve it soon. So, try the solution fearlessly and if in case any data loss issue encounters then also you the option to get it back.

Learn How To Export Access Data To Excel And Fix It’s Related Error