9 Methods for MS Access 3035 System Resource Exceeded Error

The Access 3035 system resource exceeded error typically occurs when MS Access runs out of certain resources of a system. However, this run-time error ‘3035’ appears due to various reasons, such as running an outdated application, insufficient disk space, complex queries, etc. (Below you can find the screenshot of the error).

MS Access 3035 System Resource Exceeded

In this blog, I will discuss the possible reasons and their corresponding solutions to fix the “system resource exceeded” error with less effort. I will also mention the proficient Access Repair Tool to fix this error if it has arisen due to database corruption.

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What Does MS Access Error 3035 System Resource Exceeded Mean?

When the error code 3035 occurs while handing the Microsoft Access it simply means that your requested action can’t be performed right now due to a lack of certain resources of the system. Though it occurs due to a wide variety of reasons like:

1. Complex Queries

Using complex queries in Access takes a significant amount of memory & processing power. Due to this, you may get this error.

2. Large Datasets

If your Access database holds large tables/queries, it can lead to resource exhaustion.

3. Running an Outdated Software

Running an older version of MS Access is another major factor in the occurrence of resource-related errors.

4. Corrupted Database

Corruption in the Access database can exhibit unexpected behavior, including system resource error.

5. Simultaneous Users

If various users try to access the database at the same time, it can lead to increased resource usage and show error query failed with error 3035 system resource exceeded.

6. Lack of System Resources

If your PC doesn’t have sufficient disk space or memory (RAM) to handle the database actions, then you may come across this error.

7. External Resources

The MS Access databases that depend on external resources, such as ODBC connections, linked tables, or external files can be obstructed if those resources aren’t managed efficiently.

After knowing the common causes of MS Access error 3035 system resource exceeded now, let’s troubleshoot it.

Methods to Fix Access 3035 System Resource Exceeded Error

Follow the below step-wise methods to solve this runtime error.

Method 1- Try Some Basis Tricks

Before trying any complicated solutions, it is worth trying some basic tricks first:

  1. Restart your Access application.
  2. Reboot your PC.
  3. Ensure you’re using the latest version of MS Access & operating system.
  4. Make sure to close the opened tables, reports, or forms, that you’re not currently using.

Method 2- Optimize Queries & Forms

When you use complex queries in Access, it may take a significant amount of memory and lead to this error.

In such a situation, you have to optimize the queries as well as forms to ensure that they are not overly complex. But if you have used the complex queries and forms in the database then limit the number of records exhibited in forms & subforms to reduce the system resources.

Method 3- Split the Access Database

Split the Access Database

Sometimes, it happens that when your database holds a large number of data then you can split the database to reduce the size limit and deal with the error.

Splitting the database isolates the data into 2 files, i.e., the front-end and back-end. The front-end database holds data, like forms, queries, and reports whereas the back-end database contains the tables & table links.

Method 4- Move Database to a Trusted Location

If your database file is stored in an untrusted location, then also you can encounter system resource exceeded Access 2016. To solve this, you can move your database to any trusted location. Follow the below instructions carefully to do this:

  • Open MS Access >> go to the File >> Options.
  • In the Access Options, you have to click the Trust Center >> Trust Center Settings.

Access 3035 System Resource Exceeded

  • In the appeared Trust Center window, click Trusted Locations.
  • Now, checkmark the “Allow Trusted Locations on my network (not recommended)” box field to set up the network location.
  • Then, select the path or Trusted Location by tapping on Add New location >> OK.

Access 3035 System Resource Exceeded

  • Lastly, move the database to a newly added location.

Method 5- Consider Migrating to a Different Database

Most probably Microsoft Access 3035 system resource exceeded error occurs due to large-sized database file. If you are suspicious that your MS Access database is too large & complex to handle efficiently, then consider migrating your Access database to a more robust database system, like SQL Server, if possible.

Method 6- Free Up Disk Storage Space

As mentioned in the causes section, if your PC disk is running out of space then also it can lead to Access runtime error 3035. To fix this issue, you will have to delete unnecessary files from your system to free up the storage space.

Method 7- Limit the Number of Users Accessing the Database

The Access error code 3035 can be also triggered if multiple users are trying to access the same database simultaneously. Therefore, it is important to limit the number of users accessing the database to decrease the resource usage.

Method 8- Fix Access 3035 System Resource Exceeded Error by Repairing your Database

The Access database error 3035 can also occur due to the corrupted database file or its objects, like queries, forms, tables, indexes, etc. However, you can easily repair your MS Access database with the help of Access’s Compact and Repair tool.

Follow the below steps to run this utility:

  • Open the wanted Access database.
  • Go to the File >> click on Info option.
  • After this, click on Compact & Repair database.

Access 3035 System Resource Exceeded

  • Navigate to a database’s original location to see the fixed database.

One-Stop Solution- Repair Corrupted & Damaged Access Database

If your database is severely corrupted then compact and repair utility can’t fix it. In that case, you must try professional Access Repair Software. It is a powerful program that can repair severely damaged/corrupted database (ACCDB/MDB) files.

Moreover, you can even download the free demo version of this software that can allow you to scan a corrupt file & preview all recoverable data.

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Steps To Fix Access Database Corruption

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Bottom Line

So, this is all about the Access 3035 system resource exceeded error. I hope the solutions specified above will surely help you in dealing with the error. In case, you are getting error 3035 due to Access database corruption, you must opt for the automated solution which is- Access Repair Software.

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