Fix Access Form Not Updating Table Issue- Full Guide

In this article, we are going to deal with a hectic problem that is- Access form not updating tables. This issue is often encountered by users when they try to update tables in the MS Access database. It mainly happens when there are invalid form properties or issues with the primary key in the DB table. However, being unable to update the table is a really annoying problem and hence, it should be addressed ASAP.

So, let’s delve deep into this blog to overcome the situation.

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Quick Fixes:

Something About Forms & Tables in MS Access

Forms: Forms in MS Access are basically used for displaying the item for which you are looking. As forms are objects through which users can easily add, edit, or display the data stored in the Access database. So, the design of your form is an important aspect. You can do a lot more things by designing the form in MS Access. Basically, there are two basic types of forms:

  • Bound forms
  • Unbound forms

Table: Whereas, a table is where data gets stored and table lives within a database. So without the database, there can’t be any table. Tables are a grid made up of rows and columns.

But sometimes, it happens that Access Form denies updating Table or Access Form stops saving Records. There are some reasons behind this issue. So, let’s scroll down this page to know its causes.

Why is My Access Database Form Not Updating Table?

There could be various factors due to which you may be unable to modify the table in the Access form including:

  1. Incorrect filed or table name
  2. Access database table corruption
  3. When records/fields are locked in the table or the database is in read-only
  4. Not running the database from a trusted location
  5. You don’t have the required permissions for modifying the form
  6. The field is deleted in the record that you are attempting to update, etc.

Ways to Fix Access Form Not Updating Table Issue

Here you will find the solutions to resolve Access form not updating table or not saving records issue.

Way 1- Check the Locked Records/Field in Table

In most of the cases, it has been seen that the locked record or field can lead to form not updating table Access issue. In such situations, checking this property can fix it.

Follow the below steps to do so:

  • In an Access database, you have to right-tap on that table that is not updating data >> choose Layout View.

Access Form Not Updating Table

  • Then, select a faulty field >> go to a Property Sheet & click on a dropdown of Selection Type: Text Box.
  • After this, select a suitable option like First Name.
  • Next, click on a Data option >> ensure that the Locked option is set as No.

Access Form Not Updating Table

After finishing these steps, check if you can modify a field in a table. If not, move ahead to the next fix.

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Way 2- Check Out the Form Properties

The form will directly get saved to a table if that table is chosen as a record source for the form. Doing, this allows the controls to be linked to the fields in the table.

So, ensure you’ve set the correct form properties. In order to check these properties, you have to follow these steps:

1- At first, open a Form in the Design View.

2- Under the window of Property Sheet, click on the Data tab.

3- Go to the Record Source settings point and ensure the below settings should be set as “Yes”:

  • Allow Deletions
  • Allow Additions
  • Allow Edits

Access Form Not Updating Table

Way 3- Set Or Change The Properties For A Table Field

How To Set Or Change The Properties For A Table Field?

MS Access offers two ways to view properties for a table field:

  • The first one is, by using the command on the Datasheet tab,
  • And secondly, you can open the table in Design View.

Following here are steps on how to use both of the above-mentioned techniques.

#1: View Table Properties By Using Commands On The Datasheet Tab

  1. From the navigation pane, make double-tap over the table that you want to use.
  2. Tap to the datasheet tab and after then use the commands in the Data Type & Formatting group to view the properties for each field of the table.

#2: View Table Properties In Design View

  • Just go to your navigation pane, and make a right-click on the tables and then tap to the design view.

Fix Access Form Not Updating Table

  • After this access will open the table in the design grid.
  • Under the field properties, hit the General tab, if it’s not already selected.

Way 4- Verify a Primary Key to Fix Access Form Not Updating Table

Many users have reported that they fail using a form to update a table in Access due to missing primary key. They have easily solved their issue by setting a primary key in the Access table.

Follow these steps to do this:

  • Open the MS Access database in which you’re facing the problem.
  • Find a Navigation pane, make right-tap on a wanted table >> choose Design View.

Fix Access Form Not Updating Table

  • Now, choose a field that you need to use as a primary key.
  • At last, click on Design tab >> Primary key.

Fix Access Form Not Updating Table

Now, you can easily modify the table in Access.

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Way 5- Shift Database to the Trusted Location

As mentioned in the causes section, running the database from an untrusted location can lead to the form not updating table Access issue. To fix this, you can simply move the Access database to any trusted location by following the below steps:

  • In Access, click on File>> Options.
  • Under Access Options>> click on Trust Center > Trust Center Settings option.

Trust Center Settings

  • Under a window of Trust Center, click on the Trusted Locations.
  • Now, there check “Allow Trusted Locations on my network (not recommended)” field to set up the network location.
  • After this, select the wanted path in MS Office Trusted Location by clicking on Add New location>> click OK.
  • Finally, move the DB to a newly added location.

Way 6- How to Repair Corrupt Access Database to Fix this Issue?

Access Form Not Saving Records can also be caused because of the corruption issue encountered in the access form. So,  besides trying the above-mentioned methods, you must try Access’s built-in Compact and Repair tool to fix database corruption.

In case, there is severe corruption in the database, you can opt for Access Repair Tool. As this tool efficiently repairs corrupt or damaged mdb or accdb files. It also has a highly interactive GUI that helps users to easily operate and repair Access database without making changes in the original structure of the file. It easily restores damaged or corrupt tables, queries, indexes, and other data.

Features of this tool are as follows:

  • Restore form, queries, tables, indexes, and relations.
  • Repair corrupt ACCDB or MDB database files.
  • Supports Linked tables and calculated data type.
  • It also supports calculated data or linked tables.
  • Restores any objects whether it is the deleted records or new database
  • Recover password-protected modules and forms and many more.

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So, just download, install & run this tool to know how it works.

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How Table Field Properties Affect Updating?

If you are a newbie Access user or not very familiar with the concept behind the relational database. Then until you can’t perform large updates successfully you can’t understand how properties set for table fields affect updating.

At the time of designing a database, most of you typically use one or more tables at first. After then you decide which kind of data each table will contain, so you set the primary key (a field that uniquely identifies each record) for each table and create the relationship among the tables.

You need to set properties for the field in each table. Such as, you can assign Text Field to accept not more than 50 characters. You can set the Number Field to accept only currency values. By using the design view you can set properties. However, you can set some properties using the commands in the groups on the Ribbon, part of the Microsoft Office Fluent user interface.

Suppose that you can set visual formats for the Text and memo field using commands in the Font group on the Home tab.

Related FAQs:

How Do You Refresh a Table in Access Form?

To refresh the records in a table of Datasheet or Form view, you have to navigate to Home tab, under the Records group. Then click on the Refresh All >> Refresh.

Can A Form Be in A Table?

A form is created & owned by an Access database table, and a table can have multiple forms.

How Do I Fix My Access Database?

To fix an Access database, you have to try the below effective tips:

  1. Restore from an existing backup.
  2. Compact and repair your database.
  3. Import the objects from the corrupted database to a new database.
  4. Use the Access Repair Tool

Does Access Automatically Refresh Linked Tables?

Yes, Microsoft Access automatically refreshes linked tables.

Can Access Save The Table Automatically After Saving It Once?

The answer to this question is Yes. It’s true that MS Access automatically saves the table once it is saved at a location.

Wrap Up:

MS Access provides numerous tools for updating existing records, including datasheets, forms, queries, and the option of find-and-replace. Before proceeding further, remember one thing that updating data is not the same as entering new data.

Try any of the above-mentioned fixes to resolve Access Form Not Updating Table issue. But if you encounter any other issue then do share your experiences with us on our official pages Facebook or Twitter.

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