Access Error No More: “The Data on The Clipboard Is Damaged So Microsoft Access Can’t Paste It”!

In the realm of database management, Microsoft Access stands as a stalwart tool for organizing, analyzing, and presenting data. However, even the most reliable software encounters copy-paste errors, and one common dreaded error message is “The data on the clipboard is damaged so Microsoft Access can’t paste it.” This warning appears when trying to copy data from the Access database and paste it to a destination. Well in this blog, we’ll delve into why this error occurs and how to navigate through it effectively

Screenshot of the error:

The data on the clipboard is damaged so Microsoft Access can't paste it

Why Can’t I Paste into Access Error Occurs?

When attempting to paste data into Microsoft Access, you may encounter this error due to various reasons such as:

  • Corrupted Clipboard Data- Corrupted data is the chief reason behind the paste errors. Sometimes, if the layout of your Access table changes, the values might get kicked out if they are not well-matched with the data type for the field in which they attempted to land.
  • Due to Missing fields- When trying to paste without selecting destination fields or trying to paste into the wrong destinations of the MS Access.
  • Incompatible Validation Rules– You can try the field validation rule to identify the criterion which valid for the field values should meet. However, to identify the current field rule you must try to use a field in the function.

How to Fix Access Error “The Data on The Clipboard Is Damaged So Microsoft Access Can’t Paste It”?

Follow these methods to deal with this clipboard error.

Fix #1: There Should Not be Any Decimal Points In The First Row Of MS Access Data

Always be sure that there should not be any decimal points in the first row of your Access data that you have copied.

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Fix #2: Paste Special

In MS Access, you have to click on the dropdown arrow on the Paste icon and select the Paste Special.

Paste Special.

Fix #3: Copy & Paste A Single Row Data At A Time

You have to always keep in mind that, you can Copy & Paste a single row data at a time.

Fix #4. How to Repair Corrupted Access DB File to Fix Paste Errors?

While fixing the issue “the data on the clipboard is damaged so Microsoft Access can’t paste it”, and that time if all your essential files get deleted. Then you can easily get back those erased files by using Access Database Repair & Recovery Software.

This recovery software is recommended for repairing corrupted/damaged Access database (ACCDB/ MDB) files and recovering hidden/lost data.

Make use of this recommended software is a great choice because it includes numerous features as follows:

  • Restore linked tables, forms, modules, tables, reports, indexes, queries, deleted records, relations, and macros.
  • Recover modules and form though it is password encrypted.
  • It supports Microsoft Access 2010/2013/2016 versions.
  • It also provides the ‘Find’ feature for searching the objects in the repaired database.
  • Works well with all OS VERSION 10, 8, 8.1, 7, 2003 & XP, Vista, etc.

How Do I Copy And Paste Data From Excel To Access?

The best resolution to use MS Access, where you can simply copy and paste data from Excel to Access or from one table to another is by using the Import Spreadsheet.

When you have copied data to the clipboard, then you have to simply close the MS Excel. And if showing this type of error message: “unable to copy and paste from Access to Excel”. Do you want to paste this data into another program later?

Then you have to click yes to save your data on the clipboard. Now you can easily paste your copied data into Access without any problems.

To copy and paste data from Excel to Access, just follow the below-given steps:

  • Firstly, you have to choose and copy data in Excel which you need to add to another table.
  • Then, open the table in the MS Access, then paste your copied data info in the Access table where you want to maintain them.
  • Now, at the end of your table, you have to choose a vacant row.
  • Then, choose the Home option > Paste > and Paste Append.

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Unique FAQs:

Can Third-Party Clipboard Management Tools Cause This Error?

Yes, unsupported or malfunctioning 3rd-party clipboard tools can sometimes interfere with the MS Access application and trigger this error.

How to Fix the Data You’re Pasting Isn’t the Same Size as Your Selection?

To fix the data you’re pasting isn’t the same size as your selection, you have to decrease the amount of copied data or modify the pasting area.

Is There a Way to Recover Data Lost Due to Paste Errors in Access?

Yes, you can recover data lost due to a pasting error in Access from a recent backup.

Summing Up

While encountering the error “the data on the clipboard is damaged so Microsoft Access can’t paste it” may initially seem daunting, armed with the right knowledge and troubleshooting techniques, you can navigate through it with confidence.

Above, we have specified all the possible methods to overcome this situation and optimize your database management processes.

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