How To Troubleshoot “Access Database Form Opening Blank” Issue?

Access Database Form Opening Blank

Have you ever stuck in the situation where all of sudden your Access database form opening blank? Or your Access open form to blank record which shows nothing other than the white blank space.

Well this sarcastic situation can be frustrating for any user. As, this puts a pause on your work routine.  Given below are some most probable reasons behind this Access database form opening blank issue and best ways to resolve form open blank issue in Access.

Apart from this the blog also emphasize on how to make a form open automatically in Access 2013/2016/2019 databases, each time when you open up your Access database. If you don’t want to miss any of this information regarding MS access database forms then just keep scrolling down to this post.

What Are The Consequences Of Access Database Form Opening Blank Issue?

  • If this unexpected blank form obstacles data update, then it can result in erasing every letter of data present in that form.
  • This also leads to data corruption, which delete some parts or bits of your records.
  • This will also causes inefficiency in the workplace.
  • No records where appear to be displayed in the form.
  • You are not allowed to enter any new data into the form.

The great thing about this blank Access Database form issue is that it’s not raised because of any system bug. And thus it can be easily fixed just by trying some manual workaround.

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What Are The Condition That Usually Trigger This “Blank Access Database Form” Issue?

Condition 1:

  • May be the Users’ form data entry setting is set to YES. If it is set to yes option then it will disable the form to show any existing records. So, it can be only used to put new data.
  • Filter is applied on the form which contains no records.
  • Other condition can also be that the form is in query mode, which contains criteria of having no records.
  • Apart from this the, reason can also be that the form is set on the table which contains no records.

Condition 2:

  • Chances are also that the form’s Additions property is been set to No.
  • This problem of Access database form opening blank also encountered when the form’s Recordset Type Property is not set as Dynaset.
  • Another very common condition behind opening of blank form in Access is that MS access form is set on read-only query.

If you won’t avoid all the aforementioned conditions then it may raise issues like MS Access database form open blank. So, users should always try to prevent their Access Database from the above listed condition.

How To Fix MS Access Database Form Open Blank Issue?

Fix MS Access Database Form Open Blank

  • If ‘Allow Addition’ setting is set to No, for preventing off the entry of any new records then set to Yes. Now users can easily prevent the new records insertion just by canceling off any ‘BeforeInsert’ event implemented on the form.
  • If in case the users is unable to avoid condition (2) than can still prevent off the condition (1). For example, if user is opening form with ‘WhereCondition’, then they may have chance to get Blank Forms in MS Access without any records.
  • Set the Recordset Type Property on ‘Dynaset’, as this allows you to make modification in any bound field and controls. However, the users are not allowed to edit any foreign key’s data. If in case the ‘Cascade Update’ setting of the form is disabled.

Well there are some situations when users can’t avoid aforementioned mentioned condition 1 and 2 from happening simultaneously. But it’s better to run complex search on red only query instead of encountering Blank Form In Access. 

Apart from this, sometime Access Database Form Corruption can also cause Access Database Opening Blank issue. For such cases you need to go with the recommended option i.e MS Access Repair & Recovery software.

Go With The Most Appropriate Solution: MS Access Repair & Recovery

To resolve Access Database form Corruption issue easily without any data loss you must try the Access Database Repair And Recovery Tool. Well this tool is specially designed to repair MDB/ACCDB files. This repair tool is very powerful which ensures fast and perfect retrieval of objects from corrupt Access database.

With the help of this software, one can easily repair several corrupt access databases in single click. It displays all the recovered database objects which include tables, indexes, primary keys, fields, date formats, macros, modules and forms in a tree structure. It supports MS Access 95, 97, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 etc. and also compatible with all versions of MS Windows.

Steps To Fix Access Database Form Corruption Issues

How To Make A Form Open Automatically In Access 2013/2016/2019?


How To Make A Form Open Automatically In Access

In Access database, its quiet helpful when the form automatically gets open each time when you open the database. Well this task can be done in two different ways, so let’s discuss them one by one.

Method 1: By Setting The Default Startup Form

In order to set default startup form, firstly you need to specify the form in Access Options.

You also have option to create an AutoExec macro to implement actions when access database gets started.  For more information read: How to Create a macro that runs when you open a database.

Steps To Specify The Default Form In Access Options

In this procedure, keep your database open which you have created previously.  The opened database must have contained the form which you want to display.

  1. Tap to the File tab, and then under Help, hit Options.
  2. Hit to the Current Database option.
  3. Go to the Application Options, in Display Form Choose the form which you want to get displayed when you open the database.
  4. Hit to the OK option, after then close and re-open the database in order to display the default startup form.


How To Recover Deleted Form In Access Database 2007/2010/2013/2016/2019?

Method 2: Open Blank Form using Access VBA

In this method you will learn about how to make opening of a blank form when database is opened using Access VBA.

Step 1: Firstly you need to open the Access database form in design view.

Step 2: On the Design ribbon, tap to the View Code button. This will open the following window.

Step 3: if there is no any other previous macro has been written the n you will notice one class in the project explorer which is on the left.

If on the project explorer there are multiple classes available then tap to the form class. It’s name is in the format Form_“FormName”. Where “FormName” is the name assigned to the main form. Here that form class name is “Form1”.

So we are writing code in the Form_Form1 class:

Private Sub Form_Load()
Call DoCmd.GoToRecord(, , acNewRec)
End Sub 


Each time when you open up the file in access database, this will open a blank form in which you can easily input any new record.


Hopefully the above mentioned manual fixes will resolve your “Access Database Form Opening Blank” issue.

Apart from this if the problem occurred due to Access database form corruption then also you have the option to go with the recommended option. Besides that you can also make your form open automatically in Access 2013/2016/2019 database. For this you must try the above mentioned methods.

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