MS Access is one of the highly organized database management system offered by Microsoft. Being used in a number of small and large business setups. Now it has become popular among users due to its user centered interface and functionality.  In access database the data gets stored in proprietary ACCDB file format that can directly link or import to data saved in other database or applications such as excel, xml, html, SharePoint and outlook etc. Inspite of being such awesome application, sometime this application get stuck to the issues like database corruption and starts displaying error like “Cannot Open Database” Error.

Want to know how can you fix this issue? For this just read the below mentioned solution.

Practical scenario:

I am getting an error message with my MS Access every time when I am trying to work on it and I have no idea what’s causing it. I can execute Create Table Query a number of times (restoring preceding table of similar name) devoid of issue then all of a sudden I receive error message and MS Access database stops working. And only way I can obtain around it is to duplicate everything into another fresh database and restart working and the trouble keeps happening. Anything assisting will be substantial. The error is as follows “Cannot open database” and the file fails to recognize database and application gets corrupted.

I have also cited in preceding editorial that when we contract with PC and where vital data is main anxiety, corruption occurs if we abandon minor issues with or without information. No system file is resistant to data damage. They are numerous reasons which may turn access corrupted.

Virus: Most ordinary cause behind file corruption. A virus could also transmit from exterior media or contaminated website could imitate in background and makes changes in file traits, formats or removes file from PC.

Improper Shutdown: It’s very rare that PC is used to run a gigantic file management scheme, runs without a power backup. But if power backup fails; all devices involves Access Database server will guide indecent shutdown. During this breakdown there was any work being executed on database, and Access database may get inaccessible.

Program Force-Exit: Sometimes we operate manifold programs on PC at same time that can hang your system for a moment. Throughout this assembly if you vigorously outlet MS Office Access, then this may also corrupt your database and then you have to repair database file.

If the data loss is accidental, Access database is typically damage after data recovery operation. With errors as improper data synchronization or disk failure, it could get corrupted and thus we want a trusted solution to repair MS Access Database.

5 Simple Tips to Prevent MS Access Database Corruption

Is your MS Access Database corrupted? Are you looking to fix Access Database corruption? If “yes” then follow the below 5 effective tips to avoid MS Access Database corruption:

Split your database – The most important thing you can do to avoid Access corruption is to split your database into “front-end” and “back-end”. The front-end stores the forms, reports, and data access page while back-end has tables containing your data. You can place a copy of your front-end database of each system on local hard drive and link back the table that are stored on the fileserver. By doing so less data will be dragged from the network and there will be less chances of the corruption. Beside this your database will run fast and you can also make changes to the front-end while still using live data.

Never leave the database open – It is suggested because most backup program automatically starts to take backup even if they are open and hence most of the users leave the database open. But this is not the correct way, it will only increase the chances of corruption and therefore it is requested that you must close you application even during your lunch time.

Exit the database properly – It is always suggested that you must close database or any application properly. If you forcefully close the database by using Ctrl-Alt-Delete/End Task then it can create problem and may corrupt your Access database. It is always suggested that you must finish your task and then exit the application by using the File>Exit Menu option.

Must keep updated drivers of your device – Outdated driver of your device can create corruption, hence you must try to keep them updated as much possible. As per Microsoft, almost 80% of Windows users face this problem. So, when so many users reports problem & bugs with drivers, the company update them quickly. So, it is also your job to check whether update has been released or not and must keep the device driver updated always.

Compact and repair regularly – This is the inbuilt utility that comes with Access application. You must perform this feature in regular interval of time to enhance performance and to avoid corruption of Access database. You can set this function to perform automatically to compact and repair your entire database daily or weekly.

Common Factors Responsible for the Corruption of Access Database

There are so many factors which can damage MDB files of Access Database. Some of the common factors are mentioned below that can corrupt MDB files:

  • Faulty Networking Device – MDB files can get damage due to faulty networking device when you try to access database files remotely. The fault can be in interface cards, routers, network cables and hubs. To fix this issue, you must replace the faulty network device.
  • Abnormal or Accidental Shutdown – If your MS Access application get closed abnormally or unexpectedly then it may leave the Access database damaged. Therefore, it is always suggested that you must properly exit the open database. The Jet Engine immediately marks the file corrupt and blocks its access to others. Power failure, hard disk failure or network data conflicts may lead to database exit improperly.
  • Jet Database Engine problem – If several non-compatible Jet Database Engines runs on one network then it may result in an error and can leave the database files damaged. Once it gets corrupted then it becomes very tough to recover Access database from this corruption.
  • Virus Infection – This is one of the prime factors that can corrupt and damage all data stored in your system including your Access files. Once infected, you will not be able to open your MDB database files.

So, these are some common factors that can damage or corrupt the MS Access database file, However, minor corruption can be fixed with built-in compact and repair utility but for severe corruption one can use MS Access Repair and Recovery software.

About MS Access Database Repair Software

Access Database Repair is software that is particularly designed to repair corrupt or damaged MS Access database files. It comes with powerful algorithm that scans even severely corrupted access database files. It also has highly interactive GUI that helps user to easily operate and repair Access database without making changes in the original structure of the file. It easily restores damage or corrupt tables, queries, indexes and other data. This tool can easily fix all minor and major database errors and problems of MS Access 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000 on almost all version of Windows operating system such as Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2003. Free trial version is available that you can install to check the features and reliability of the software.

Steps to Recover Corrupted or Damaged MS Access Database

Features of MS Access Database Repair Tool

Below find out the key features of the Access Database Repair:

  • Provide Complete Access Database Repair – It completely repair corrupted and fixes error issue in your Access database. It repairs both damaged MDB and ACCDB files of MS Access database and recover them with ease.
  • Offer option to select or search corrupt Access database file – This tool provides option to select or find corrupt Access Database files that are stored on your computer hard drive. There are three options to add files they are “Select Files”, “Select Folder” or “Find File”.
  • Preview Option after Scanning – After scanning the software allows you to see a preview of the recovered database files in the main interface of the software. For tables, the software shows the preview of the “table data” and “column information” in two columns in the right pane of the tool.
  • Restore Deleted Records – It also has the option to restore deleted record in the database. But in order to recover deleted records, you need to select “’Scan for deleted records” at the base while you choose database for repair.
  • Recover all Access Database Objects – This tool repair and recover all Access database objects that include Tables, Forms, Queries, Linked Table, Modules, Macros, Table Data, Indexes and so on.
  • Fixes all Common Corruption Errors – MS Access database throws many minor and major error messages. But with the help of this tool, one can easily fix all such common error messages of MS Access database.
  • Allow user to save repaired files at desired location – As and when your Access files gets repaired this tool offer two options to save repaired files. It allows you to either select the default location or you can select the desired location to save the file.
  • Support Different languages – This tool has the capability to restore Access database in different languages such as in English, French and German.