[6 Tricks] How To Access Database In Android Application


This tutorial helps you to know How To Access Database In Android Application.

So if you are in doubt whether you can use Microsoft Access database for android or not then all your doubt will surely going to get clear after reading this post.

Look over the possible fixes to run Access Database In Android Application.

What’s The Need To Access Database In Android Application?

With every passing day, the Android Operating system for tablets and mobile got its latest update.

A new updated version of android comes up with so many exciting features which makes it pleasureful to get used to.

If you use so many business applications then it’s quite obvious to the desire for running Access database from Android phone.

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How To Access Database In Android Application?

To achieve the goal of using the Microsoft Access database for Android,  just try the listed methods to do so.

1: Use The MS SharePoint Server

With the usage of the SharePoint server, you can easily run your Access database application as a web app.

You can also use the feature available in Office 365, to make your Access web database easily accessible from any Android phone.

Only thing you have to do is deploy Access Database application by using SharePoint and after that use SharePoint apps.

Access database can easily be managed by using the SharePoint site on any of your browsers. You can also use your Access database application over the cloud and after that access it from your browser.

Using the SharePoint apps, you can also give privileges to user’s who all should use the apps or who will not. For accomplishing this task, knowledge of the coding is compulsory.

2: Create A Native Android App By Converting The Access Application

For multiple web users, you need to make a native Android app by converting up the MS Access application.

This method needs two-step processes. In the first step, you have to convert the database into a format that your Android application can read like SQLite.

In the second step, you have to share your data between the primary Access database and the android app.

If you are approaching this solution, then remember one very important thing that updates are likely to take place in real-time.

3: For Read-Only Purpose Use The Database Utility App 

When you want that your Android users will only read your Access database data and don’t make any changes to it. In that case, use the 3rd party data editing app to modify raw data. After that use it for reading out the database content on android.

4: Opt For Using Microsoft Remote Desktop App

You have also the option to use the Microsoft Remote Desktop App. This app allows you to set easy connection between PC and other device. So by using this app you can easily access multiple applications on your PC.

But remember it has some drawbacks too:

  • This app gives access to almost every type of application on your PC. In that case heavy files will consume huge data and time to get opened.
  • Access is not a mobile-friendly app thus seeing records in this is itself a challenging task.

So all in all this remote desktop app can also be used for accessing the Access database from android devices.

5: Opting For The Web-Based Database

In this method, you have to opt for the web-based database and perform all your work in the MS Access front end.

This option is mainly for those users’ who target consumers on the web and currently undergoing challenges with the Access database.

 At first, you have to make a web-based database that can be accessed by android. To work with the fresh database format just change the code associated in the Access database front-end.

6: Choose An Offline Database That Can Sync Data Via Cloud

Another method to run Access database in Android application is by using the offline database app which can sync data via the cloud.

Offline database app can also export and import data in CSV format.

With the frequent usage of the Access database, it’s quite common to encounter incidents of database corruption.

To prevent data loss from the Access database application, it is best to use the Access database repair tool. It is the most reliable tool to recover any type of lost Access database objects or data.

What Are Microsoft Office Access Alternatives For Android?

If you are not that efficient in coding and programming then try the Access database alternatives for Android phone?

WPS Office

It is very much similar like a Microsoft-Office so if you are an experienced user of MS Office then you can very easily cop up with this WPS Office. It is integrated with so many cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and more.

You can print the data wirelessly and there are plenty of features available for formatting.

This app also let you share your file and presentation over the Wi-Fi network. It works on a Windows, iOS, and Linux.


QuintaDB is the web-form builder and relational online database.

This web based app has a simple interface. In this database application you can store your business on Cloud. So that any of your team members can easily access data contained in their database from anywhere and anytime.

This database management tool gives you the best software for collecting, analyzing, sharing, data from database.

Run Database:

Are you guys are looking for some flexible accounting software which is well capable of maintaining database with appropriate representation. In that case Run Database is the best option to use.

You can easily create your accounting program with simple database of own style and structure.

Here are some highlighting features of this tool:

  • You can apply sorting/filtering in any type of field.
  • Allow data structure creation
  • MS Office/OpenOffice/LibreOffice support (Windows)
  • Supports data synchronization, import, export
  • In the user access levels multi-user can work

How Do I Turn An Access Database Into An Application?

The executable file is a compiled binary database application file that is saved with the entire complied code of Visual Basic Access (VBA).

Access Executable file is saved with .accde extension and this file doesn’t contain VBA source code. So no user can change objects design like reports, forms, and macros in this .accde file.

Whereas in the normal access database, users are allowed to make changes in the object and VBA source code.

So if you need to share your Access database files then use the Access database executable file.

  • At first, open the front-end of your Access database. From the menu bar choose the File tab.

Make MS Access Database Executable

  • After that hit the save as.
  • Now from the opened window of Save Database As choose the Make ACCDE.

Make MS Access Database Executable 2

  • At last hit the Save As option.
  • Assign a name to your file and choose the location for saving up the ACCDE file.
  • Tap the Save option.

Make MS Access Database Executable 3

How Do I Run An Access Database Without Access?

New Access database accdb file format has replaced the older MDB format. So if anyone using the MDB file then they must be using it from the legacy source.

That’s why today many users looking for some ways to open mdb files without Access.

It’s is the most concerning questing from the time when Access is listed as a premium product and it’s not included in the standard package of Microsoft Office.

Things are quite changed now, as today users won’t like to buy the discrete versions of Office.

Nowadays cheapest type of service also includes the MS Access desktop version.

This costs less than around 10 bucks for one month of services and gets a one-month free trial with Microsoft account.

Like the same, you have several other options also to run the Access database without having a licensed MS Access application in android.

Can Microsoft Access Be Used Online?

One can use Access and its Services, a component of SharePoint to build web database applications. All in all, this helps you to:

  • Gives secure and flawless access to your data.
  • Easily share data over the internet or all over an organization.

Note:  One user account should be required to use a web database. Well, anonymous access is not that supported.

  • Make such a database application that doesn’t need any proper MS Access application for usage.

Apart from this, you can read the following article to get an overview of how to create Access database web app.

Wrap Up:

I have given ample information regarding how to Access database in Android applications. So try them all and do share your experiences with us.

If you have any more queries to ask regarding this particular topic or any other Access database issue then ask it freely on our social FB and Twitter accounts.

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